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    Hi, i havnt been on in a while but i am in need of advice. we just had our 4th child in aug. ages 6, 4, 20 months and 4 months. We had decided that she was our last. well now im not so sure! I want another one very badly and hubby says no way, never. I dont know whats wrong with me, i feal like i should just be happy with the family that i have, i have been blessed with 4 healthy beutiful children, why do i want another? sometimes i wonder if its to replace the 20month olds twin that i lost in gestation, but why does that bother me so bad? and if i had carried to term, would we have had our 4 month old? I am supposed to be getting the iud as soon as i get my period, but a part of me doesnt want to, a part of me says, if i get pregnant it was ment to be, and if i dont it wasnt? has anyone else ever felt like this?:confused:



    Yep! I was quite happy with just the 2 older kids. Then once Emma came along in 2007 I have been reallllllly wanting another one (from the minute she was born). I keep telling myself it is because the older 2 (11 & 13) have each other and Emma needs someone her age. Sometimes I think it is just my biological clock banging around. I dunno but I know how you feel.

    DH flat out said NO WAY. But he won’t take the step to make that a permanent NO WAY LOL So we shall see…..



    I just turned 24, so very close to your age! We have a 3 yr old and a 14 month old and i find myself wanting more as well. My DH says no way, these two are expensive and stressful enough ha!

    We will see what happens as time goes on tho :)



    I know exactly what you’re going thru. I actually just posted a thread like this in “mommy talk”.
    I have 3 awesome kids. 5,3 &1. Dh says thats it, no more kids. And I want one more! I think maybe in 4 years or so dh will feel differnently. But in 4 years i will be 33 and do i really want to have a baby when I am 33?????

    GOOD LUCK comvincing you dh to have one more!



    I have three children right now and I would like to have my fourth. Nothing is wrong with you you just want a big family.



    I just had my third child, and all the way up til he was born, I was convinced he would be the last. But now, I also find myself thinking, Well, maybe one more. But we have unusual circumstances, so we’ll see.
    I think it’s completely normal and natural to have those yearnings. And men quite often don’t understand. I have no advice, but know where you’re coming from!



    thank you all so much for your replies. I told dh that i dont want one now, but maybe in like 3 or 4 years he says absolutely not, but is not making our bc permanant so well see. maybe by then i will be out of the baby stage and not want anymore. i can see where he is coming from, we have 4 kids in a 4 bedroom house, we are busting out the seems of this house and cant afford a bigger one. he says we cant afford another just because of the space issue, but i figure if its a boy, he could room with our son, and girl could room with the girl who has her own room. Other than that, what is there to afford, Till college anyways, i stay home and bf and cloth diaper, so really, what expense is there lol thanks again ladies, glad im not alone fealing like this1



    I have four and I feel like our family is complete. When I had my third baby, the in laws kept asking when dh would “get snipped”. It annoyed me because I strongly felt we would have one more. It sounds a little nuts, but I felt there was another soul out there waiting to join our family. When my son was born, I didn’t have that feeling again. He’s 2 and I still feel like he is it.



    I have 5 and still we are thinking maybe. I do feel like we are missing someone.



    i have three and we decided (mostly my dh) that it was enough but i do not feel complete, i’m not sure my wanting another will ever go away…



    I’m in the same boat as everyone else! We have two, ages 2 and 3 1/2 months, and I want one more and DH says No Way! I’m not saying I want one more tomorrow, but definately one more someday.

    I feel your frustration!



    Frank has been trying to convince me for number four for over a year, there is no way I’m going to change my mind.


    Tracey with 6

    Go Frank!!!LOL
    seriously though, I am probably not the person to ask about this, I knew I wanted a nother one when we fell with number 7, I love kids, all stages as much as they drive me to distraction LOL ( school holidays here) but my answer is to hte original poster , wait, you are only 23, give yourself time, i try for atleast 12months minmum between pregnanacies so my body can recover,, other than that good luck , oh BTW 4 is waaay easier than 3 !



    He is officially not allowed to read that!



    I only have one here and I have 7 angels in heaven. I know for a fact that I want at least two kids but I always wanted 4 or more. I told DH that I wanted that many and he says after three he wants to get snipped. Hopefully I can convince him not to. But with our circumstances it takes awhile for us to fall pg and I am high risk due to miscarraiges and preeclamsyia. So who knows. Maybe Ill get lucky and get preggers with twins and then I will only need to have one more pregnancy and DH will allow it LOL

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