With Less Clutter, We’re Saving More

One of the lovely consequences of doing a huge de-clutter of our home and living with less is that we are actually saving more money! That is right, there is more money at the end of each month, despite rising food and gas prices. How is this possible? Well, analyzing things lately, here are some of the contributing factors and the connections that I can see from our budget since we have been de-cluttering, including some things that will be with us long-term. Bigger Tax Refund All of the donations that we made were itemized and served as charitable deductions, … Continue reading

Combining Working From Home With Small Children

The past few nights have been interesting, to say the least. My eleven month old son has been waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to get out of bed and play. I like to play with him, but of course, night time is when I do my work. My initial reaction was to be annoyed, because work is important to me. Whether I was annoyed or not, I still had to attend to my son. As I played with him, I realized that he won’t be a baby forever. He does not wake up to play … Continue reading

Four Ways to Downsize the Gimmies

Don’t let the “Gimmies” take over your home. Use the following advise to downsize the constant requests for stuff from your kids. Limit Media Exposure The number of commercial ads that our kids are exposed to on a daily basis is staggering. All of those ads have just one purpose, to sell us stuff, our kids included. The more ads our children are exposed to, the more things they will believe that they have to have. These ads are very clever at manipulating our children into never being satisfied and always wanting more. Limiting the media exposure our children receive … Continue reading

Bedtime for Devices

I was always one of those parents who had a bag full of “nevers.”  You know what I mean.  “I will never allow my child to…”  Fill in the blank. It’s so easy before you have children to say what you will never do.  And it’s just as easy when they are young to say what you will never do when they get older. Sure, some of my “nevers” I have stuck to.  But there have been a few I tossed to the side.  And in all honesty, at times it was a matter of not wanting to battle. One … Continue reading

Top Pick: 100 Pound Loser {eBook}

Book:  100 Pound Loser Author:  Jessica Heights Format:  Kindle, eBook Cost:  $4.99 Book Description: Witty and candid, 100 Pound Loser is a motivational weight loss tool written by a mother of four whose jaw-dropping 100 pound weight loss story and practical advice will inspire, encourage, and motivate readers to conquer their weight loss goals and appreciate their bodies, regardless of the numbers on the scale. From the text: “I wrote this because I’m just like you…I’ve been where you are: feeling tired, sluggish, and out of shape. Wanting to make positive changes for your health, but overwhelmed by the enormity … Continue reading

A Much Needed Family Outing

Family outings are few and far between in my family.  Even though we try to do things together as a family more often, it always seems like there is something more important and dire that needs to be done instead.  As our small family struggles to find the balance between job work, dissertation  work, house work, and play, we are often too exhausted to make our much needed family outings happen.  However, the opportunity for a family outing arose rather spontaneously and we jumped at the chance to get out of the house and do something fun with our children. … Continue reading

Baby on a Budget

Your new bundle of joy could make more than a significant dent in your finances. Establishing a solid budget for your baby can help you keep everything under control and leave you with enough money for your baby’s future. You might be interested to know that according to the US Department of Agriculture, it can cost up to a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child through age 17! This doesn’t take into account children living at home past age 17, college costs or significant medical expenses that could arise. That is why it is important to establish … Continue reading

Live Longer

Most of us would probably say that we’d love to live as long as possible. I would have said that as a teen, in my 20’s and in my 30’s. But now that I am in my 40’s, it has started to mean a lot more to me. Now I am looking closer to a time where my children will be getting married and starting their own families. Wanting to be there for that is a great motivation to do all I can to stay on this earth as long as I can. The “U.S. National Cancer Institute” just released … Continue reading

Can Caffeine Harm You?

I just put up a Green blog about natural energy drinks. My husband is an energy drink junkie, but I’ve never seen the appeal. Plus, if I have too much caffeine, my heart flutters and that’s no fun. But, can energy drinks be harmful to you? The Food and Drug Administration did an investigation into Monster energy drinks after five deaths were believed to be linked to them. The investigation comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by the mother of a 14-year-old girl who died after drinking two Monster drinks within 24 hours. Her autopsy showed a caffeine … Continue reading

Secret Shoppers for Churches?

I have to say that one thing I love about our church is the fact that members serve in positions in the church for free. No one is paid. While we do come from a very wealthy church, the clergy are not paid, and therefore, the money is being spent on things like buildings, spreading the gospel, and welfare. I heard about a recent program kind of like the secret shopper program. Mystery guests attend churches across the country for the first time and score them on various things in 15 categories like the sermon, pre-and post-service atmosphere, seating, etc. … Continue reading