Working From Home Could Save You Money

If you work outside of the home and you are considering switching to working from home, you may be wondering whether you can afford to make the switch. You know how to make your family’s finances work with your current income, at least most of the time. You are wise to be wary because many home-based businesses do take a while to start making money, but the transition may be more affordable than you think. The reason for that is that, simply stated, working from home cuts your expenses in a number of ways. For example, unless your home-based business … Continue reading

Timing Is Everything… Or Is It?

Racing against the clock is a futile exercise most parents endure while raising children. If time kicks your butt getting out the door in the morning, consider the consequences if you choose to ignore it when disciplining your kids. To be effective, discipline must immediately follow a child’s transgression… or so claims numerous childhood experts. Easy enough if you are dealing with a toddler whose actions are fairly simple to monitor.  Not so when your kids hit an age when they would rather you not be a constant presence in their lives. Or present at all. Parents of school age … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning for the Home Based Business

After a week or so of warmish weather, it has gotten quite cold again. It is also snowing. While I like winter, I am definitely ready for spring to arrive. Since I can’t have spring weather just yet, I am finding other ways to bring the freshness of springtime into my life. One way that I have been channeling the freshness and energy of springtime is spring cleaning. I have been making an effort to clean and de – clutter all over the house, and that includes the area where I do my work and the places where I store … Continue reading

Terms of Service

Updated 2/25/13 INTRODUCTION BY USING FAMILIES.COM AS A GUEST OR BY REGISTERING AS A MEMBER, YOU ARE INDICATING YOUR AGREEMENT TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS OF SERVICE. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, please do not register as a member of and do not use this website. is a service of, Inc, of: PO Box 426 445 1st Street Avila Beach, CA 93424, USA. MODIFICATION The Terms of Service may be modified from time to time. Please regularly check the update date at the top of this document to determine whether a … Continue reading

TENNderCare Covers Tots, Kids, and Teens in Tennessee

Every state has its own Medicaid program. Some portion of that program is typically designed to cover newborns, children, and teenagers. In Tennessee, this program is called TENNderCare. It covers tots, kids, teenagers, and those under 21 years of age. Medicaid is a public, or government run, form of health insurance. It provides health insurance coverage for individuals and families who are low-income and who cannot afford to buy a health plan from a private insurance company. Funding for Medicaid comes from both the federal government and also from the government of an individual state. In Tennessee, the Medicaid program … Continue reading

The Pet-Friendly Travel Planning Website

The time for summer travel may be over, but we’re still having gorgeous weather in many parts of the country. That means it’s a good time to get in those fall road trips. Think of it: windows down, hair whipping in the wind, your dog’s tongue lolling out the window. You may want to go on a road trip, but you don’t want to leave your beloved pet behind. Never fear: there’s a website for you that’s here to help. It’s called Pet Friendly ( This comprehensive site has everything you need to plan a trip with your pet. If … Continue reading

DIY Olympic Fun

The opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics get underway in just a few days. However, you don’t need to travel to London in order to get in on all the athletic fun. Kids, who are inspired by the mega-athletes they view on TV, can replicate the record-breaking moves at home. Here are a few ideas to get your children into the spirit of the 2012 Summer Games: Relay Races: Foot races are one of the oldest and most popular Olympic Games. What’s more, they are also one of the easiest for kids to participate in. Simply collect some small … Continue reading

Treating Your Pup’s Mosquito Bites

We have a mosquito infestation in our yard. It’s not nearly as bad as it was last year; our dry spring gave the pests less places to breed. Still, once the season’s started I can barely enjoy my yard, even on cool days, because sitting still out on the porch leads to multiple bites in minutes. I’m not the only one susceptible to mosquito bites; my dog gets them too. I think she got a bite sometime last week, because she’s been particularly itchy at one spot on her side. She chews it and scratches it all of the time, … Continue reading

Home Business Idea: Etiquette and Life Coach

What is a life coach? A life coach is a person who basically helps a person identify challenges and form solutions to get his life on the track he intends. A life coach is not a therapist by education or function. The relationship between a life coach and client is more balanced and more mentoring as opposed to healing and of course there is no administering of medication. Areas life coaches address: Relationships and Intimacy Stress Management and Balance Spirituality and Personal Growth Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development Career Planning and Development Motivation and Time Management Creativity for Artists, Writers, … Continue reading

Preparing for Pet Emergencies

When I prepared my house for Hurricane Irene last year I gathered all of the essential supplies. I had a plan for how to evacuate with my pets in case it was necessary, although I really didn’t think the flooding would get that bad in my area. Still, I was prepared. Another thing I did while I still had my power and access to the Internet was to make sure that I had the local emergency veterinary services number written down. We all know what number to dial when we have a human medical emergency, but do we have that … Continue reading