Is there shame in quitting homeschooling?

Due to the strong feelings toward homeschooling it is often looked at as some sort of exclusive club. The club that lets you in but will never let you out unless you defect and that my friend is like a good old fashioned Amish shunning. At least this is the feeling I get from moms who email me for encouragement when their homeschooling days come to an end. For some reason or another they can no longer homeschool but they are told by others not to give up, they can do it, or they are harming their children by sending … Continue reading

Income for Single Moms

For many women going through a divorce or death of a spouse, starting over as a single mom is tough. Although challenges include running the household and supporting the children emotionally, there is always the financial aspect. Considering that some single moms have not been in the workforce for years, this challenge becomes even greater. If you are now a single mom but you have no idea what type of job to look for, I recommend you first consider your skills. Even though you may have been a stay-at-home mom without any skills to offer, the truth is that you … Continue reading

Single Moms Going Back to School – Part One

I remember after going through a divorce, feeling as if something were missing. Sure, I was still a great mom to my kids and I worked full-time but I also remember thinking I wanted to do something so I could provide a better life not just for my kids but myself too. At first, I thought the idea of going back to school was ridiculous. After all, I had concerns over having time, being able to afford extra daycare and not spending quality time with my children – and so on. What I discovered is that the opportunities were outstanding … Continue reading

Single Moms Going Back to School – Part Four

I truly hope you feel encouraged to move forward with college – I know from firsthand experience that being a single mom is hard. Although it is not impossible, being a single mom puts a strain on your time, finances, and patience. If you think about it, finishing your college degree so you can earn a better income is exactly why I want to recommend you do everything possible to better yourself One of the biggest decisions you will have is where to attend school. Now, you might be interested in attending a traditional school, you know, the brick and … Continue reading

Tiger Mother Parenting Can Lead to Problems

What’s your parenting style? Many parents use the same parenting style that they were raised in. It is comfortable, familiar, and fits their cultural background. Parents also strive to raise their children in a way that will teach them to become successful, self-sufficient, adults. Sometimes, it turns out that a particular parenting style is not as advantageous as people might assume. A study found that the “Tiger Mother” type of parenting is not helpful (and might do more harm than good). What is a “Tiger Mother”? The Macmillian Dictionary defines it as: a very strict mother who makes her children … Continue reading

When Your Child Doesn’t Want to go to Preschool

Your child has been happily attending preschool for a while now. He or she always comes home with a smile and a story about something fun that happened that day. Now, suddenly, your child has started to resist going to preschool. What happened? Here is a quick checklist for parents who are baffled by their child’s declaration of “I don’t want to go to preschool!” Keep in mind that it is totally normal for a child to decided that he or she no longer wants to attend preschool. There are days when you don’t particularly want to go to work, … Continue reading

Importance of Living Books

I have heard many moms say that any books that gets a child interested in reading is a good book. Although I understand the sentiment, I disagree with the concept. I think that what a child reads is as important as getting a child to read. Filling a child’s head with books that are devoid of imagination, use poor grammar, contain poor imaginary, are only surface and not mufti-faceted, do not educate or inspire but serve as empty calories in the world of food for thought. Reading can open a world of imagination, fantasy, inspiration, and experience. A book allows … Continue reading

Logic of English {Review}

  Product: Logic of English, Essentials By:  Denise Eide Published by:  Pedia Learning Ages:  7 to Adult for remedial readers Use:  Struggling or remedial readers Homeschool Method:  Any Cost:  Varies as you will created your own Essentials Kit.  Products are available in print or by PDF download. Basic Costs: Teachers Manual:  $95 (full program in print) $75 (full program PDF) Student Workbook in Cursive or Manuscript: $25 (full in print) $15 (full PDF) Spelling Journal:  $8.00 for PDF or print Basic Phonogram Flash Cards:  $18.00 (Listed as a supplement but I think you won’t want to miss it.) Features: Program … Continue reading

Virtue Lessons Made Easy

  Product:  Virtue Flash Cards, Handbook, Butterfly Award, Coloring Pages, and Character Assessment Company:  We Choose Virtues Use:  To teach character development from a biblical or secular point of view. Grade Recommendation:  3rd-5th (older children can help teach and younger children will enjoy the lessons as well) Homeschool Method: Any Rating:  5 out of 5 golden apples Highlights Simple program with minimal prep and maximum results Can be used with to enhance current character or biblical lessons or as a stand alone Takes minutes a day Adaptable to large families with multi-aged children Great for Sunday school or co-ops Affordable What is … Continue reading

App-Schooling: New Tech Trend in Homeschooling

Computers and other forms of technology are no strangers to homeschooling.  Homeschool moms learned a long time ago that computers can aid the homeschool experience for both the student and the teacher.  If laptops gave our techie homeschool feet than the tablet gave it wings. Homeschool students and moms are finding the value in app-schooling.  App-Schooling is when a student uses a tablet and applications to study, reinforce lessons, or house lessons.  With tablet in hand, a homeschool student can unlock the door to the world one application at a time.  Homeschool moms can record, store, and plan, lessons. Homeschool portfoilos can … Continue reading