Medication and the First Trimester

At the beginning of the week I cautioned against going off medication when you get pregnant.  Now I want to write a follow-up, because it actually is important to know any potential dangers with medicine and the first trimester. As a rule I’ve avoided reading lists of dangers, side effects, and rare pregnancy and birth problems.  They’ll just cause me unnecessary stress, and since pregnant women usually see their doctors at least once a month, I trust mine to keep me informed about anything that will actually/is actually affecting me.  But it is important to know that the first trimester … Continue reading

A Coat for Your Pregnant Belly

If it’s more than just a little bit cold out where you live, and if you are having trouble zipping or buttoning your winter coat as your pregnancy progresses, you may be wondering what to do. Since there is quite a bit more winter still to come, you need something to keep you warm. However, maternity coats can be quite expensive. Even though you may get over heated more easily than usual now that you are pregnant, going out in winter temperatures with only a sweater may not be enough to keep you warm. Trust me – during both of … Continue reading

Baby Buying On A Budget

Now that you are pregnant, you are probably thinking about what you will need to have on hand to take care of your baby’s needs once you bring him home. If you are on a tight budget, you may wonder if you will be able to meet all of baby’s needs because there is so much advertising out there that could lead a person to believe that they need to buy many different items in order to be ready to care for their new arrival. The truth is that babies, especially brand new ones, need very little in the way … Continue reading

We Finally Found an Adoption Agency

So after we came out of the shock of the business aspect of adoption, and it is a huge business, we finally found the type of agency we were looking for. The agency we used was Homes of Saint Mark located in Houston. We live in Dallas and Houston is about 4 hours away but they did not treat it like a way to make money. Homes of Saint Mark placed infants that were given up, they placed children from CPS, they also matched birth moms who want to give their babies up through private adoption. We thought we were … Continue reading

Boy or Girl? Can Your Symptoms Tell You?

All the time you hear people say things like, “I can tell you’re having a girl by the way you are carrying.” or “Heartburn? Oh it must be a boy!” Can you really guess the sex of your baby based on your symptoms? I have had a girl and a boy. My pregnancy with my daughter was pretty uneventful, but uncomfortable nonetheless. I had nausea during the first trimester, but no vomiting. My sickness always came on during late afternoon. Never in the morning. I was starving when I woke up in the morning, and had no problem eating breakfast, … Continue reading

Caffeine Alternatives for Pregnant Women

Whether or not a pregnant woman should consume caffeine, particularly in her first trimester, is up for debate. Most doctors will tell you that one cup of coffee a day is just fine. But if you are one of those women who say “better safe than sorry,” you might be struggling with giving up your daily buzz. It’s hard to give up caffeine when your body is used to it. Personally I think it’s easier to do before you are pregnant, while you are trying to conceive, that way you can slowly wean yourself off. Once your body gets used … Continue reading

Three Reasons to Get a Shopping Buddy

Grocery shopping presents new challenges in the third trimester. Walking up and down each aisle is a little more tiring that usual. Pelvic pain can make a shopping trip miserable. Reaching items on the top shelf or squatting down to pick up items off the bottom shelf becomes embarrassingly difficult. Lifting a case of water seems impossible. And just when you think you’ve gotten through the worst part, you arrive at the checkout and realize you can’t reach the items in the bottom of the cart because your belly is in the way! The solution? Enlist a shopping buddy. Call … Continue reading

Advantages of Pregnancy

There are many advantages to being pregnant, and I’m not talking about the adorable bundle of joy you get out of the deal. For the six months or so that you are visibly pregnant, that belly is like a free spin, the wild card, a “get out of jail free” card. You can get through crowds. Pregnant woman can part the red sea (or a crowd) simply by saying “excuse me.” As soon as one person sees you are expecting, it’s a domino effect and everyone gets out of your way. This is particularly useful when you are trying to … Continue reading

Moms-to-Be: Work Stress Can Be Harmful to Your Baby

A Dutch study published in the American Journal of Public Health took a look at work stress in the first trimester of pregnancy — and the impact it can have on an unborn child. More than eight thousand pregnant women participated in a survey focused on employment and working conditions — they were asked about the number of hours worked per week and their stress levels (among other things). More that seven thousand women continued in the study, and were in contact with researchers again after giving birth to report the weight of the newborns. The results? Women who worked … Continue reading

Pregnancy Stages: The First Trimester

The first trimester is an exciting time for the expectant parents. This is when you learn you are pregnant and begin imaging, and planning for, a new baby in the family. This is a time of big change and growth, for mom and baby. During the first trimester, women typically begin to experience the symptoms of pregnancy. Common symptoms in the first trimester include fatigue, breast tenderness, increasead urination, nausea and vomiting. Not all women experience all symptoms and there is great variation in how women respond to pregnancy. You will choose a health care provider and begin prenatal visits … Continue reading