Bravo’s “Extreme Guide to Parenting”

How would you describe your parenting style? Some parents will answer that question by stating that their parenting style is traditional, or conservative, or “old-school”. Others might explain their parenting style as “eclectic”. They take some ideas from how their parents raised them, and add in some new concepts that have become popular in the years since they were children. No matter what your parenting style happens to be, it is unlikely that it matches up with the parents on Bravo’s new TV show “Extreme Guide to Parenting”. Season one featured 10 different families whose parenting styles have been described … Continue reading

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year. Many people consider the creation of Earth Day to be the moment when the modern environmental movement began. There will be events held, all around the world, that are intended to demonstrate support for environmental protection. John McConnell was the founder and creator of Earth Day. In 1939, he was partnering with chemist Albert Nobell in the Nobell Research Laboratory in Los Angeles, California. They built a factory that manufactured plastic. John McConnell learned about how the manufacture of plastic polluted the Earth. This is where his concern about the environment … Continue reading

Save $200 This Month on Groceries!

How much do you spend on groceries per month? $400, $500, more? Wouldn’t it be nice to chop that bill down to size and still enjoy all of the food that you love? You don’t have to be extreme; you don’t have to be obsessed. All you have to do is follow a few tips and watch the monthly savings add up. Save $50 You can automatically save at least $50 off of your monthly grocery expenses when you make a grocery list. It is that simple! Planning your meals in advance, writing up a list of ingredients you need … Continue reading

More Treasury Fun

When was the last time you got a whole lotta fancy on a frugalista’s budget? Right now you can gift your favorite young reader with a double dose of Fancy Nancy treasuries without breaking the bank. Best-selling author Jane O’Connor teams up with ultra-talented illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser to once again take youngsters on a resplendent ride to Fancyville. At the helm of the grandiose getaway is the one and only Fancy Nancy.  The girl with the vibrant vocabulary and whimsical wardrobe is back in Fancy Nancy Storybook Treasury.  The sturdy hardcover book features six stupendous stories filled with teachable … Continue reading

So Tired of Washing Glasses

I grew so weary of having four kids and 6 to 7 glasses on tables with no one to claim them.  The kids could never remember whose glass was whose.  The solution was to get another glass.  Now, I ask you, why would a family of 6 have 10 glasses to wash at the end of the night? I developed my own solution.  I purchased disposable cups.  In a moment of weakness, I thought that would solve all the cups around the house. It did cut down on glasses but now I had disposable cups all over the place.  Each … Continue reading

Summer Adventures in Asheville

For many, summer means visits to theme parks, beaches and baseball stadiums.  However, if you are looking to travel to a family-friendly place that offers more than coasters, crabs and Cracker Jacks, head to Asheville, North Carolina. Stroll through the picturesque downtown and you immediately sense that very few people have been able to resist the pull of this Blue Ridge beauty.  After all, it’s not every day that you can immerse yourself in a city that boasts an eccentric hodgepodge of architectural styles that change from block to block. Asheville features everything from traditional southern homes with grand sweeping … Continue reading

Why The Outdoors is Great for Toddlers

Did you know that your backyard (or just about any other outdoor location) is one of the most intellectually stimulating environments that you can spend time in with your toddler? There are things outside that encourage the development of toddlers in every way, and yet many toddlers spend very little time outdoors. Part of the reason for this is that toddlers must be closely supervised while they are outdoors because of their tendencies to put everything in their mouths and to climb whatever they can find to climb on. Providing constant supervision takes time, and for busy parents it can … Continue reading

Part 2 : Take It Back, Use It Up, or Pass It On

Don’t let the excess in your life prevent you from living. Gather it from around your home and make it work for you. I am talking about all of the things that you purchased or were gifted but are not actually using. Clothing with tags still on them, cabinets full of health and beauty products, etc. These unused items are a waste of money and space, but they don’t have to be. Yesterday, I talked about ways that you can recover some of the money spent on these items. Today, I’l cover how you can put them to good use. … Continue reading

Freebies from Nescafe, Redken, John Frieda, and More

Freebies are fun! There is no better way to be frugal than to figure out how to legally get something for free. Sure, it’s usually a small sample of a particular product (instead of the full size). That’s ok! It is a good way to try out something new without having to invest actual money into it. Here are some freebies that you can go get right now! Disney will give you a free Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD. This is great for families who are thinking about taking a Disney vacation this summer. To get this freebie, you must … Continue reading

Even More Mother’s Day Deals

You are running out of time to purchase the perfect gift to give to your mom on Mother’s Day. The sales and Mother’s Day deals started a while ago. Fortunately, there are some that are still valid. Check out these ideas for Mother’s Day gifts (and save some money at the same time). JC Penney has a 25% off sale on Liz Clairborne & Worthington clothing. They also have a jewelry sale where select items are 20% off. Does you mom need some comfy, new sleepwear? JC Penney has it for 40% to 50% off the regular price. JC Penney … Continue reading