The Worst Genealogy Blog of the Year

Many genealogists take time out of their research to work on their very own, personal, genealogy blog. While some of these blogs are entertaining, informative, and inspirational, others are a chore to try and read. Here are some tips to keep your blog from being deemed “the worst genealogy blog of the year”. Anyone can make a blog. There are several websites that will let you sign up and instantly start creating a blog about whatever topic you like for free. This is both good and bad. It allows every genealogist who desires to make a family history blog the … Continue reading

Homeschool Blog Focus: Brighton Park

  Brighton Park is a 2012 Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschool blog, a Siemens Top 50 Farm Blog, and was recently featured in the Jan/Dec 2013 issue of Hobby Farm Home Magazine. Meet Katie Katie is the face behind Brighton Park.   Katie is a pediatric speech language pathologist.  Her homeschool curriculum is a hybrid of Catholic/Waldorf, or as her kids call it “Crafty Catholic”. She is a mom of five beautiful children, including twins with special needs. In addition, she is a yoga teacher, crafter, gardener, decorator, and backyard chicken keeper.  She loves inspired homeschooling and artful homemaking. You … Continue reading

Clarification on Asperger’s Syndrome and Violence

By now, we have all heard the tragic news about the shooting that took place in an elementary school in Connecticut. Some say the shooter had Asperger’s Syndrome. Experts point out that there is no evidence of a link between violence like what happened and the existence of Asperger’s syndrome. A tragedy has occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. I do not have the words to express the grief and pain that the parents of the children who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut must be feeling. Lacking that, I will instead quote part of what President Obama … Continue reading

Random Resources for Genealogists

Today, while I was procrastinating and playing around on the internet, I found some really interesting stuff for genealogists to check out. It seems I accidentally fell into a treasure trove when I wasn’t expecting it at all. Unexpected good things can randomly happen with genealogy. Remember the Halloween family photo contest that MyHeritage held shortly before Halloween? Maybe you entered it with a photo of your family all dressed up for Halloween. Have you wondered who won? MyHeritage has announced the winner on their blog. Go check out the really cute photo that won! Want to make a calendar … Continue reading

November Courses from Family Tree University

Did you make a genealogical New Year’s Resolution to take a genealogy class? If so, your time is running out! Fortunately, Family Tree University has a bunch of online genealogy courses that will be starting in November. Sign up for one, and fulfill the promise that you made to yourself about a year ago. Family Tree University is not an accredited college. This isn’t the place to go if you are hoping to add a few more college credits to your official transcript. It is, however, a great resource for genealogists who want to learn something new about genealogy. There … Continue reading

Learning by Experiences

One of the questions I get asked the most as a blogger who writes on homeschooling, education, and preschool is “what curriculum should I use for my 4 year old?” Some ask about curriculum choices for 2 and 3 year olds as well. It is all understandable. We want to provide the best for our children. Education is extremely important in a child’s life. Parents want to make the right decision. Starting an education at a young age is not to be discouraged. However, our view on what education is should be discouraged. Education does not equal a textbook. Education … Continue reading

We Never Make Our Beds

After reading fellow blogger Carol Paxman’s “Make It Easier and It Will Get Done,” I couldn’t help but chuckle. She shared that she wanted to work on a habit, making her bed. I don’t know if this will shock her and others but no one in my house has ever made their bed…I’m not kidding. I hadn’t thought about it much until I read her blog. I had to ask myself, where did that bad habit of not making my bed come from? I realized it began when my husband and I were first married. He oftentimes worked second shift, … Continue reading

Does Elizabeth Warren Really Have Cherokee Ancestry?

The ancestry of Democrat Elizabeth Warren is still a topic that is raising questions. A few months ago, a genealogist determined that Warren did, really, have Cherokee ancestry. Shortly after that, there were blogs that stated that there wasn’t any credible evidence that this was so. Now, another genealogist says that Elizabeth Warren really doesn’t have Cherokee ancestry. In Massachusetts, the current Senator is Scott Brown, who is a Republican. Elizabeth Warren, who is a Democrat, is running against him for the Senate seat he currently holds. The winner will be decided in the 2012 election. It has become common … Continue reading

Not Your Ordinary Run-of-the Mill Job

I am sometimes amazed at the various opportunities there are to work from home. Take a conversation I had last week with a neighbor who lives two doors down from us. We have lived in our home for nearly 8 years now and although we are friendly with our neighbors, we haven’t had a chance to really get to know all of them. So I happened to be out front one day and another neighbor was outside. We ended up striking up a conversation about a cat that wanders around the neighborhood. That turned into a variety of other topics, … Continue reading

Family History Stories Are A Good Read

As I looked for an interesting topic to write about for today, I came across a wonderful story that was posted on a genealogy blog. The story was about how the blogger’s grandmother and grandfather met – a friend had given a young woman’s address to a young man, they began writing letters to each other, and eventually met and got married. I really enjoyed reading that story, and it reminded me of just how wonderful real life family history stories can be. Whether the story is a romantic story, a funny story, a story of a brave hero, or … Continue reading