Deals at Panda Express, Spaghetti Warehouse, Black Angus, and More!

Sometimes, it is more convenient to dine out (or pick up some food) that it would be to cook a meal at home. Another advantage of dining out is that you won’t have to do the dishes after the meal is over! One disadvantage can be the cost. However, if you pay attention to the deals coupons, and special offers at a restaurant or fast food place, you will save money! This time, I found deals at Panda Express, Spaghetti Warehouse, Black Angus, and more! Black Angus has two coupons for you. Each one is valid through April 15, 2013. … Continue reading

Special Offers at Aulani, Disney’s Hawaii Resort

As winter approaches (or does more than approach, slamming some parts of the country with storms), we already want to turn our thoughts toward spring.  While there’s nothing we can do to make the months go by faster, perhaps what we can do is avoid the cold weather for a while by vacationing somewhere warm.  A dream vacation for many is Hawaii, and for Disney fans, that can mean one thing: Aulani. Disney’s Aulani Resort, located on Oahu, has recently joined the list of Disney destinations that get their own special offers page.  The resort is so popular that even … Continue reading

Black Friday Is so Tempting!

Every year, I have this little inner struggle with myself. Do I go shopping on Black Friday or not? I haven’t quite mastered the strategy of going in to buy one movie and not coming out with a HDTV. Black Friday is a real temptation. Take for example last evening. My sister-in-law mentioned a certain new Disney movie that my daughter has been asking and asking for. Normally, this movie sells for $30, but with Black Friday prices, I may be able to have it for $3.99. So, this morning, after I left everyone else asleep in their turkey comas … Continue reading

Even More Black Friday Store Hours – 2012

The most important information about the Black Friday sales is when the stores will open. If you don’t know when the doors open you might end arriving at the store after it has sold out of the item you wanted to buy. All the other shoppers will have gotten there first! Here are some more store hours for Black Friday, 2012. This is the third blog I’ve put together about store hours for Black Friday 2012. The first blog has store hours for Staples, Walmart, Kmart, and Target. The second blog has store hours for JC Penney, Sears, Lowe’s, Home … Continue reading

More Store Hours for Black Friday – 2012

Where will you head to first on Black Friday? The best way to make the most out of the biggest sales of the year is to have a plan. It helps to know when the stores will open their doors. Here are some more store opening hours for Black Friday of 2012. Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the Black Friday store hours for Staples, Walmart, Kmart, and Target. If you missed it, you might want to click over and read that blog, too. I’ve found more store hours since then, so here they are. JC Penney will open its … Continue reading

Black Friday Moves to Labor Day

And next year it’s moving to April Fools’ Day. No joke. Well, maybe. But, very few parents are laughing. News that several major retailers are planning to move the start of the Christmas shopping season to Thanksgiving evening rather than wait until Friday morning is no laughing matter for millions of parents who are employed by the likes of Sears, Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart. Those working moms and dads were the same ones who initiated a public outcry last year when their employers opened at midnight on Thanksgiving. You know, the holiday that is traditionally set aside for families to … Continue reading

Store Hours for Black Friday – 2012

It’s time to make your plan of attack for Black Friday. Several stores have released information about when they will open their doors and what some of their big deals will be. Here’s what I’ve been able to discover so far. Use this information to help plan out where you will go to first on Black Friday. Staples is opening it’s doors at 5:00 in the morning on Friday, November 23, 2012. Their Early Bird Specials will last until noon (or while supplies last). Walmart will start it’s Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, and will open its doors at … Continue reading

What Will Black Friday 2012 Be Like?

What kind of deals will you get this year for Black Friday 2012? How early will the stores open and will the bargains be worth fighting the crowds and the lack of sleep? Even though it is only September, some of the experts are already making their predictions. is reporting that things will mostly be the way that they were last year for Black Friday. The stores will be open early, some of them on Thanksgiving, as I already reported. There will be a handful of hot deals, but quantities will be extremely limited, making it unlikely for the … Continue reading

Stress-Free Black Friday with the Kids

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… and again: I don’t know what kind of parent takes young children shopping in the wee hours of Black Friday. Clearly, we can deduce that the parent is frugal, as he or she is willing to do whatever it takes to score a sizeable discount on Black Friday merchandise. In addition, it is probably safe to say that said parent is a law-abiding citizen, especially if the only other option she has is to leave her baby home alone or locked in an unattended car. Both could lead to an … Continue reading

Black Friday Store Hours for 2011

Black Friday shopping requires a game plan. You need to plan out your budget, figure out which items are on sale at what stores, and decide when you want to start shopping. Here is a quick list of the hours that stores will be open this Black Friday. Target will open its doors at midnight on Black Friday, November 25, 2011. The store is going to be closed on Thanksgiving Day, (technically), after being open until 11:00 at night on Wednesday, November 23, 2011. Best Buy is having a “Door Busters” sale. This store will open its doors at Midnight … Continue reading