MyHeritage Mobile App Version 2.0 Released

Do you use MyHeritage for your genealogy research? If so, then you probably will want to check out their updated app. It was released on January 9, 2012, and is version 2.0. The app is free to download and some new features have been added. Genealogy and technology are two different things that are becoming more and more interwoven as time goes by. Genealogists of the past might have spent the majority of their research time visiting libraries and record archives. Today, the majority of genealogists go online to do research, to put together a family tree, and to blog … Continue reading

Check Out These Disney-Inspired Outfits

This season legendary jeweler Chopard has created a special Haute Joaillerie line just for Harrods of London, one inspired by Walt Disney Princesses.  The co-president and artistic director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, is quoted on as saying, ““The world of Walt Disney has often been an inspiration for a variety of Chopard [pieces]. I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to design the famous Princesses’ pieces of jewelry.” I’m not a fan of jewelry, I never have been.  I have no interest in wearing pieces myself.  But I think these are really pretty to look at, … Continue reading

Deals at Subway, Starbucks, Bakers Square, and Many Buffets!

What restaurants does your family enjoy dining at? It’s nice to be able to sit down and have dinner together without having to cook or do dishes. It is even nicer to take advantage of deals and coupons at restaurants, fast food places, and cafes, and save some money while enjoying your dinner. Firehouse Subs has a coupon for $10.00 off any catering order of $100.00 or more. This offer is valid through December 21, 2012. Au Bon Pain has a coupon for a catering order. Take $20.00 off your next catering order of $100.00 or more. When you place … Continue reading

Maine Genealogy Resources

The nickname for the state of Maine is “the Pine Tree State”. Pine trees make many people think of Christmas. Perhaps December is the most fitting month to work on researching your ancestors who lived in Maine. Here are some Maine genealogy resources that can help you. FamilySearch has a Wiki page that has lots of information about Maine. There are links to FamilySearch Wiki pages about each of the counties in the state. Scroll down for links to major repositories of archives in Maine. You can also check out several other FamilySearch Wiki pages about specific types of records … Continue reading

Kansas Genealogy Resources

Kansas is the “Sunflower State”. Do you have ancestors who lived in Kansas? If so, then you can take advantage of this list of Kansas genealogy resources. This is where to get started in your search for records, documents, cemeteries, genealogical Societies, and more! has a page filled with links to their collections of records from Kansas. To access the majority of these collections, you must have an membership. Sometimes, there will be a collection or two that is offered for free, for a limited time. Return to this page often! will make it clear when a … Continue reading

Deals at Caribou Coffee, Einstein Bros, Baker’s Square, and More!

Many families save dining out for a special occasion. Others make a quick stop at a fast food place in between running errands and dashing to after school activities. Either way, it’s nice to be able to save money while doing it! Here’s some great coupons and deals at restaurants, cafes, and fast food places that will help you save some money. Caribou Coffee is doing Daily Deals through December 14, 2012. There are three ways to find out about the deals. One is to go to the Caribou Coffee page and click “like”. Another way is to text BOU20 … Continue reading

A Year in Disney Fandom: D23 Events for 2013

Any D23 members wondering what will be on the official Disney Fan Club’s schedule for 2013 don’t need to wait any longer.  The official D23 website and the official Disney Parks blog have both posted announcements of the fan club’s 2013 events. The most exciting news to come out of D23 for 2013 is the announcement of a second year of Fanniversary.  The event, which is open to the public (but D23 members get first registration), is a must-attend celebration for any Disney fans.  It’s hours spent reveling in the best of Disney movies, history, park attractions, and more.  Special … Continue reading

How Accurate is ‘Lincoln?’ Part 2

I went to see Lincoln this weekend and it was a great film. But, how well did it really portray history? Be forewarned – this blog contains some movie spoilers! The film was about Lincoln trying to get the 13th Amendment passed in order to abolished slavery. As for the tension in the country as Lincoln was trying to get the amendment passed – that was accurate. I just didn’t realize all the political tension. Some in Congress still wanted the Emancipation Proclamation recalled and even those for the 13th Amendment didn’t seem ready to hear the specific words “equality … Continue reading

How Accurate is ‘Lincoln?’ Part 1

Like many people, we went and saw Lincoln this weekend. I had read nothing but great reviews and one even suggested you take your children. The person who wrote that review might want to change it to say “take your teen” because I took my eight-year-old and after about 15 minutes, he was asleep. And mind you, this is the child that stayed awake for the entire showing of The Conspirator, an equally slow yet historically interesting movie about the assassination of Lincoln. Actually, I can’t blame him – the first part of the movie was really slow and it … Continue reading

Deals at Friendly’s, IKEA, Del Taco, and More!

Welcome to the weekend of Black Friday! This is the busiest, most chaotic, most expensive shopping day of the entire year. After spending a day fighting the crowds, you probably don’t have the energy to cook dinner and do the dishes. Time to take your family out to eat, and to save some money while doing it! Daphne’s California Greek has a coupon for $5.00 off any purchase of $20.00 or more. This coupon must be used after 3:00 in the afternoon. The coupon will expire on November 25, 2012. Del Taco has a coupon for free Carmel Apple Crunch … Continue reading