D23 Expo Headed to Japan

D23, the official Disney fan club, just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Tickets are already on sale for the much-anticipated D23 Expo in August, and the club just announced another huge convention for 2013, this one abroad.  The D23 Expo is hitting the road, and will come to Japan on October 12-14, 2013. The D23 Expo Japan will not just be a carbon copy of the one held in Anaheim months prior.  Although there will be a lot of overlap, in merchandise and in smaller events, the Japan expo will be unique.  It’ll be held mostly in Japanese, with events … Continue reading

MyHeritage Mobile App Version 2.0 Released

Do you use MyHeritage for your genealogy research? If so, then you probably will want to check out their updated app. It was released on January 9, 2012, and is version 2.0. The app is free to download and some new features have been added. Genealogy and technology are two different things that are becoming more and more interwoven as time goes by. Genealogists of the past might have spent the majority of their research time visiting libraries and record archives. Today, the majority of genealogists go online to do research, to put together a family tree, and to blog … Continue reading

A Year in Disney Fandom: D23 Events for 2013

Any D23 members wondering what will be on the official Disney Fan Club’s schedule for 2013 don’t need to wait any longer.  The official D23 website and the official Disney Parks blog have both posted announcements of the fan club’s 2013 events. The most exciting news to come out of D23 for 2013 is the announcement of a second year of Fanniversary.  The event, which is open to the public (but D23 members get first registration), is a must-attend celebration for any Disney fans.  It’s hours spent reveling in the best of Disney movies, history, park attractions, and more.  Special … Continue reading

Alaska Genealogy Resources

The state motto of Alaska is “North to the Future”. Genealogists, however, find the past to be more interesting than the future. Do you have ancestors who lived in Alaska? If so, then this blog will be very useful for you. It has links to genealogy resources that are specific to Alaska. Cyndi’s List is an amazing resource for genealogists, no matter what state their ancestors came from. They have conveniently posted all of the links to resources that relate to Alaska into one place. You can find links to records to “birth, marriage, death”, “cemeteries and funeral homes”, “Census”, … Continue reading

What’s New at FamilySearch? – Week of July 20, 2012

One of the most popular genealogy websites is FamilySearch. It is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and is free to use. Genealogists of all faiths, or who have no religious beliefs, are welcome to use the website. They frequently add records and other useful information to FamilySearch. Here is what’s new at FamilySearch this week. This week, FamilySearch added 76 Million new records. All of them are free for genealogists to access. State census, naturalization, immigration, and vital records for 22 states were added this week. This includes Ohio, New Jersey, New York, and … Continue reading

The “Family History” of Archives.com

By now, you have probably heard the news about Ancestry.com buying Archives.com. Before this sale, Archives.com was owned by a company called Inflection.com. How much do you know about the “family history” of Archives.com? It is rather interesting! Inflection.com is the original parent company for Archives.com. Recently, they sold that portion of their company to Ancestry.com for $100 million. There is a very interesting infographic of a timeline on the Inflection.com website that talks about the history of Archives.com. The timeline starts, or perhaps ends, (depending on which way you are looking at it), with the date April 25, 2012. … Continue reading

Ancestry.com Buys Archives.com for $100 Million

Ancestry.com Inc., which has one of the most popular genealogy websites, Ancestry.com, is buying Archives.com. This purchase will allow Ancestry.com to reach a portion of the genealogy market that the Archives website was able to acquire. Are you using either of these genealogy websites? Ancestry.com started as a publishing company in 1983. They are now the world’s largest online resource for family history. They have more than 1.8 million paying subscribers worldwide. They have more than 9 billion historical records. There are more than 115 million photographs, scanned documents, and written stories on the website, and there have been 34 … Continue reading

Changes in Insurance Status Linked to Higher Use of ER

A study found that adults who had a change in their health insurance status were more likely to use the emergency department than were adults who had stable insurance coverage. This is one of those studies that confirms what common sense would have one believe. Even so, it’s nice to have some data that backs up what many of us suspected was true anyway. Every so often, I come across a health insurance related study that makes me question why it was done in the first place. This is especially true when a study does little more than attach a … Continue reading

Online Resources to Help With 1940 Census Research

Are you ready for the 1940 United States Census? It is the biggest, most exciting, genealogy resource that will be released in 2012. If you are new to genealogy, or, if this is the first census that you will be using as a resource, you might need some guidance. Here are some online resources that can help you to get the most out of your 1940 Census research. FamilySearch might be a good place to start. This website has enlisted the aid of volunteers who will be indexing the names that appear in the 1940 census. When the census is … Continue reading

Genealogy Podcast Roundup – Week of January 23, 2012

Every week, the Genealogy Podcast Roundup scours the internet for new and interesting genealogy related podcasts. This makes it extremely easy for you to find them all. It also is a convenient way to find out if your favorite genealogy podcast has produced a brand new episode. Genealogy Guys released episode number 230 on January 16, 2012. They go over some genealogy news such as: FamilySearch has released new records, GenSoftReviews announces the 2011 User Choice Awards, the Association of Professional Genealogists has back issues of its APG Quarterly available, and more. They also read and respond to listener email, … Continue reading