Summer Jobs For Your Teen

It’s almost summer time and for our teenagers that means summer jobs. As a single mother the decision to allow your child to get a summer job is a big one. If you need their help at home with younger siblings it may be out of the question, but is that fair? One of the huge expenses of all parents but particularly single parents is daycare so when you have a child old enough to take care of their younger siblings while you work, it can seem like a financial boon. The downside to that is that your older child … Continue reading

Priceless Christmas Gifts for Parents

I smile every time I see the sign that reads: “Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy.” You can usually catch the tongue-in-cheek threat hanging in stores, doctors’ offices and auto repair shops. I love kids to pieces and I firmly believe a baby is one of the best gifts a person can receive during the holiday season… or any time of the year. However, the cute creatures aren’t problem-free. They enter the world following the shedding of blood, sweat and tears, and the work that goes into raising them doesn’t miraculously dwindle when they reach … Continue reading

Caring for Your Aging Parent

Watching your parents grow older can be heart wrenching at times. They not only change physically, but their personalities may change as well. Many will develop health problems. You may notice that their eyesight or that their mental sharpness is declining as well. Our parents took care of us and guided us when we were young and now it is our turn to be there for them. Being a caregiver to your aging parent can be stressful at times. If you are in the position of being the sole caregiver it is especially trying. If you have other family members … Continue reading

Help For the Single Mother

The costs of raising our precious children are staggering. Over the years it has increased a great deal and this will only become more monumental in the years ahead. A two-income parent family is almost a necessity these days for most families. The two-parent family that has only one parent working outside the home is rare these days. You will usually find the other parent doing something anyway from home to contribute in some financial aspect when this is the case. You can then imagine how difficult it is to survive on one income as most single parents do. You … Continue reading

Toddler Language Development

Language development explodes during toddlerhood, with new words being acquired daily. For example when your your reaches eighteen months, his or her vocabulary should increase up to five times the amount that it was when he or she was only fifteen months old. First words The first words that a baby says are usually mama and dada. We see this across cultural lines, and it isn’t surprising that these first words are usually reserved for the baby’s parents. After that, the first word could be anyone’s guess. The word “more” is a popular first word, as is the name of … Continue reading

Start a Baby Book Club

If you are looking for a fun play date activity for the little kids, then this might be your idea. Start up a baby book club. Not only will the kids (and the adults) have a great time, but there will also be a lot of learning going on. A baby book club is a great way to introduce children to the love of reading, logical thinking, and some socialization, too. 1. First determine who will be in the club. Ideally, children should be near the same developmental level. You can start a club for children that are as young … Continue reading

Four-Year-Old Mile Stones

As a parent, you probably want to make your that your child is right on track with developmental milestones. From speech and language to physical milestones, knowing what she should be doing can help identify any potential issues that require intervention, or just give you a reason to brag. While every child develops differently and at his own pace, here are the things that you child generally should be doing by the time she reaches the age of four. Socially, she should be able to interact and play with other children and even make friends on her own. If she … Continue reading

Going Green on Halloween

Did you know that you can go green for Halloween? No, I’m not talking about dressing your kids up as compost, but by making more environmentally conscious decision around your home and for your family this Halloween. Did you know that Americans are likely to spend more than 5 million dollars this year on Halloween stuff, from decorations to costumes to candy? This is according to the National Retail Federation. Many of those purchases will later go on to find their way into the landfill. Some of the biggest offenders are plastic decorations and costumes, and all of that packaging … Continue reading

Why Did You Have a Baby?

Women have babies for lots of different reasons. Some women have wanted babies since they were quite young children themselves. Others have no interest at all in having children, but as time progresses they decide that they do want a child of their own. Some people deliberately choose to have a child and plan the birth accordingly. Others find themselves pregnant through a mistake or have a baby at a time that they haven’t quite planned. Some babies are wanted and others aren’t. I recently encountered a 39-year-old woman who told me the she was desperate to have a child. … Continue reading

Are You Taking Care of More Than Just Your Child?

While some of us may be single parents taking care of our children, others of us have parents, grandparents or other people for whom we have become responsible. When I think about how busy and overwhelming my life can be just taking care of three children, I have nothing but awe and respect for those who are taking care of others as a single parent too! Everything I write here about time management, self-care, and getting help goes double (or triple) for those who are sandwiched in between caring for children and caring for aging parents, grandparents, or someone with … Continue reading