USCCB Sent Letters to Congress About Birth Control Mandate

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sent letters to all 535 members of Congress in regards to the birth control mandate. The content of the letters urges lawmakers to allow for-profit religious businesses to be exempt from having to offer employer sponsored health plans that cover contraception. Recently, the Obama administration provided clarification about the birth control mandate. It makes it very clear which employers will be exempt from the requirement that they offer employer-sponsored health plans that cover the cost of contraception, and which employers will not be exempt from the law. In short, it works like this: … Continue reading

Clarification on the Birth Control Mandate

The Obama administration has released a clarification on the rules regarding the birth control mandate. It is the portion of the Affordable Care Act that requires health plans to cover contraception. Do you understand what changed and what stayed the same? This blog will give you the facts. The birth control mandate is part of the Affordable Care Act. As of August 1, 2012, all health plans are required to cover women’s preventative health care without charging for a co-pay, coinsurance, or deductible. It includes coverage for all forms of contraception that were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. … Continue reading

School Brunch

What time does your child eat lunch at school? The answer to that question created quite a stir among parents in cyberspace last week. Several media outlets, most notably NBC’s Today Show and Nightly News with Brian Williams decided to shine the national spotlight on the fact that some kids eat school lunch as early as 9:30 a.m. Thankfully, my daughter is not one of them. Rather, she dines in the school cafeteria at a more socially “acceptable” hour of 11 a.m. However, she attends a small Catholic elementary school which houses kids from preschool through fifth grade only. If … Continue reading

The Other Side of the Vetoed Voucher Bill

There are two sides to every story. A Special Education bill in New York recently got vetoed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. He felt the bill would place an undue burden on taxpayers. The other side feels that this bill was “misunderstood”. Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have required public school officials to consider the “home life and family background” of a Special Education student when making decisions about placement of that student into a school. Right now, federal law allows a student who is enrolled in the Special Education program of a public school to be assigned … Continue reading

Ave Maria University Considers Dropping Student Health Insurance

Ave Maria University, a Catholic university that is located in Florida, is considering dropping their student health insurance plan. Unlike Franciscan University, which is located in Ohio, Ave Maria University is concerned with how their students will be affected if they drop health insurance coverage. Recently, Franciscan University decided to drop their student health insurance plans. This will take affect for the upcoming fall semester. The university doesn’t appear to be particularly concerned about how this will affect the health of their students. Their website tells students: “We encourage you to decide how you are going to provide for accidents … Continue reading

Oklahoma Judge Rules School Vouchers are Unconstitutional

In Oklahoma, there has been an ongoing battle over school vouchers. It is specifically over the Lindsey Nichole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Act. The public schools aren’t complying with it. A series of lawsuits followed. Now, a judge has ruled that the special needs scholarships law is unconstitutional. There isn’t one, federal, rule that defines precisely how each state is required to deal with issues relating to school vouchers for students who have special needs. Therefore, each state must figure that out for itself. Sometimes, things work well. Other times, things result in a series of lawsuits. In … Continue reading

School Options

As the preschool years end and parents look toward Kindergarten they begin to evaluate their educational choices. With so many choices you are certain to find a fit that is suitable to your child and your family. Traditional School: A brick and mortar school you send your child. The child will be taught by certified teachers. If the school is private the teachers may not have to be certified. Options: Public School: Check your local area for the school your child would attend. If you live in a failing school district you may have the option of opting out for … Continue reading

USCCB Responds to White House Blog about Birth Control Coverage

The White House posted a blog that described the facts about birth control coverage, insurance, and religion. Now, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has responded to that blog, by giving their interpretation of what it says, and their opinions about it. Clearly, the battle about birth control coverage is continuing. Recently, the White House posted a blog called “Health Reform, Preventative Services, and Religious Institutions”. This blog provides the facts about insurance coverage for birth control. I believe that this blog post was intended to give clarification to the rumors that people have been spreading across the internet … Continue reading

The Battle Over Birth Control Coverage Continues

Two religious colleges have sued the federal government over birth control. This stems from a law that requires employers to cover the cost of birth control in their employer sponsored health insurance plans. Many religious groups feel this law forces them to go against their religious beliefs. If you haven’t been following this story, let me catch you up with a little background. Last year, the federal government included all FDA approved forms of birth control under the category of preventative care. A previous law requires all health insurance companies to cover the cost of everything that has been defined … Continue reading

Skirting the Issue

Growing up, my school uniform consisted of a white Polo shirt, a navy blue skirt that hit right below the knee and long white socks whose cuff absolutely, positively could not dip below the lower thigh. Basically, female students couldn’t show even a strip of skin below the waist. Yes, I attended Catholic school. No, it wasn’t in the 1930s. As for the school’s cheerleading uniforms… wait, what cheerleading? Actually, the high school did have a few girls, who were allowed to shake some pom poms (the plastic versions), at basketball and football games. However, they did so in our … Continue reading