What To Expect At Your Prenatal Appointments

A positive pregnancy test is the beginning of an exciting journey towards parenthood. Once you find out your are pregnant, you should immediately call your health care provider to schedule your first obstetric appointment, especially if your OB/GYN has a waiting list. If this is your first pregnancy, you may be wondering what will happen at your appointments. The following guidelines are based on a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor will adjust your care to meet your individual needs. How often will I visit my practitioner? How In the beginning, you’ll visit your practitioner about once per month. Your first appointment … Continue reading

Can What You Eat Determine the Gender of the Baby?

A recent news story in The Daily Mail has gotten a lot of attention in recent days. According to a story published in that paper, what a woman eats in the time before conception can influence the gender of the baby. According to the study, women who eat more food are more likely to have a boy. In particular, eating breakfast increases the chances of having a girl. The story gets even stranger. Eating cereal is the best breakfast food for women wanting to have a son. One or more bowls per day is said to produce the highest number … Continue reading

Reasons to be Surprised by Baby’s Gender

Technology now allows most parents the opportunity to learn the gender of their babies before they are born. Many parents take advantage of the opportunity and find out what they are having, but some do not. A good number of couples are waiting until the baby is born to find out whether it is a boy or a girl. The decision may not have been yours. Some babies keep their gender a secret by their position in the uterus. The technician may not be able to get a clear enough picture to determine the gender. In this case, you’ll have … Continue reading

Reasons to Find Out Baby’s Gender

Seventy percent of pregnant women have an ultrasound during their pregnancies. The ultrasound is a good diagnostic tool for certain problems in pregnancy. It also has an added benefit, you may get a peek at your baby. If you choose to have an ultrasound, the technician may ask if you want to know the gender. Some couples choose to find out and others prefer to be surprised. I like to know what I am having. I mean, the information is RIGHT THERE! It’s just too tempting for me. For us and many other couples, there are many benefits to learning … Continue reading

Would You Choose Baby’s Gender?

The advances in reproductive technology in the last generation have been astounding. Doctors are able to treat infertility in an unprecidented way. Many women who would not have been able to conceive just a few years ago now have renewed hope of holding a baby. Some couples are using the technology in a new way. They are choosing the gender of their babies. Gender selection is the process of choosing the gender of the baby. It is not limited to infertile couples. People with more than one child are now electing to visit the local fertility clinic in an attempt … Continue reading

Making Your Own Birth Announcements

Soon after your baby is born, you will want to announce his or her arrival to the world. Birth announcements are the customary way to let family and friends know about your little one’s arrival. You can make your own birth announcements on your home computer. It’s fun and will save you money. Once the baby arrives, life will get very busy. It may be months before you find the time to create the announcement. My baby is three months old and I just got his birth announcements out in the mail last week. To save time later, you can … Continue reading

Designer Babies Are Now Available

Well, we knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of when. I think diversity breeds beauty literally. Think of all of the high fashion models out there that have bizarre features that somehow come together in the exact right way to make them beautiful. Or think about your own baby and how he or she is a perfect mix of the best of everything. However, if that isn’t enough for you, a fertility clinic is now letting you design your baby to a limited degree. Dr. Jeff Steinberg, who operates fertility clinics in New York and … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Week in Review May 14-21

A variety of interesting topics have been covered in the pregnancy blog this week. If you’ve missed the blogs, or want to catch up with all the blogs in one place, check out our week in review. How Many Children Will You Have? This is a question that a pregnant woman will hear from the beginning of her first pregnancy to the end of her last. Learn how to handle comments and changing expectations in this blog. The second question after “When are you due?” is “What are you having?” More and more couples are learning the answer to that … Continue reading

Made to Order Babies

Ever since the first “test tube” baby was born, I have long since struggled with the ethics of fertility treatments, and prenatal testing. I certainly don’t judge anyone who has gone through extensive lengths to have a child. But I’ve struggled with the idea of where it all ends. At what point have we breached ethical boundaries and simply crossed the line? Such is the question surrounding the idea that you can pick your child’s gender. Some say that it seems unethical–you should just take what you get and be happy. But other parents feel strongly that they want one … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Pregnancy Intuition 2

Boy or Girl? I’ve been pregnant two times, and with both babies I chose to wait until their birth to find out their sex. I think waiting to find out is like unwrapping the ultimate present (and I also think that ultrasounds are dangerous – but that’s another article). Both times I crossed my fingers and hoped for a boy. Both times I was blissfully blind-sided with beautiful baby girls. During my first pregnancy, I wanted a boy because I was under the impression that they were low-maintenance and fun. I was sort of a tom-girl myself, and having to … Continue reading