Things to Know About Attachment Parenting

Do you practice attachment parenting? This type of parenting has become somewhat controversial. Those that practice it seem happy with it. Those that don’t often choose to share their opinion that this parenting style will somehow harm children (years later). Ultimately, it is up to each parent to decide what parenting style works best for them and their kids. Attachment Parenting is a parenting style that has eight principles to it. Each parent has a lot of leeway in how they interpret those principles and how they put them into action. Prepare for pregnancy, birth, and parenting – Parents remove … Continue reading

Praise for Playful Parenting

Yesterday, I mentioned that I have been reading a great parenting book. “Playful Parenting” by Lawrence J. Cohen has reminded me of how much my boys need me to play with them. They need me to play with them much more often than I have been playing with them. They need me to be involved directly with them much more than they need me to be spending a great deal of time concerning myself with household tasks like dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning. Of course, the fact that my sons need me to play with them and focus exclusively on … Continue reading

Toddlers and the Time Change

Toddlers are notorious for bedtime battles, so the twice yearly time change for Daylight Savings Time can be a sore spot for parents. It can be difficult to predict whether the change will have any effect on your particular child or children. It can also be difficult to decide whether you should try to orchestrate any changes to your evening routine and bed time in the days leading up to the switch. Since we are due to spring forward in a few hours, I decided to start our evening routine an hour earlier than normal. I made sure to include … Continue reading

CurrClick: Curriculum for Dyslexic Children

Curriculum and Resources for Dyslexia from CurrClick FREE  Description:  A very useful check list that you can go through if you have a feeling that your child is having problems with reading. REMEMBER! This is not a diagnosis. If you check many of the factors then it indicates a possibility of dyslexia and that you need to make an appointment with a registered educational psychologist. FREE Description: So you have done the check list and your child ticks many of the boxes. Here are some more facts to help you with your research into the condition. Armed with these facts … Continue reading

3 Tips for Parents When It Comes to Chores

As I near the end of January’s focus on cleaning, I want to address chores.  It’s important that housework isn’t put on the shoulders of just one person. My thinking is if you live in this house and help make it dirty, then you need to help keep it clean.  This should start at an early age. Before I get into the whole concept of chores and charts, there are some tips I would like to offer parents.  The first is, don’t look at chores as something for older kids. The younger you start a habit with a child, the … Continue reading

Working at Home While the Kids are Sick

When you work from home, there are some things that can throw a wrench into even the most carefully planned work schedule. Even if you think that you have allowed for plenty of “wiggle room” in your schedule so that you can move things around if you have to, there will be things that arise which use up all of your planned for “wiggle room” and then some. When one or more of your children are not feeling well, it can be very difficult to stick to whatever work schedule you had planned. I used to think that the “sick … Continue reading

The Bedroom TV

My father just offered to purchase a television for my daughter’s bedroom. I’m still waiting for John Quiñones to pop out of my hall closet because there’s no way my dad’s proposition can be legit. He’s testing me right? Like Quiñones does to all those unsuspecting individuals on “What Would You Do?” A new flat screen TV for my 8-year-old’s bedroom… riiiiight. From a guy who refused to allow me to touch our family’s TV, which didn’t move from its spot in the living room.  The same dad who mandated that an egg timer be set each time me and … Continue reading

Splat Says Thank You!

How do you know if your child understands the true meaning of Thanksgiving? Before digging into their Turkey Day spread, many families go around the dinner table and share moments of gratitude. Kids are then put on the spot and forced to share one thing they are thankful for while a gaggle of extended guests stare them down. The end result: Typically, a long stretch of silence followed by a string of “ums,” “ers,” “ahs,” and more silence. If you are lucky, you’ll hear a barely audible, “toys” or a regurgitation of whatever the person ahead of your shy child … Continue reading

How to Tell a Cold from an Allergy

The Fall weather is upon us, and Winter weather is on its way. This is the time of year when many children catch a cold. If your child has allergies, it might be difficult to figure out if their symptoms indicate that they have a cold, or, if they are having an allergic reaction. Here are some tips to help you to tell the difference. Is that sneeze due to a cold, or is it an allergy symptom? Parents of children who have allergies may have trouble differentiating between the two possible answers. Colds and allergies have some symptoms in … Continue reading

Are You Sleeping?

I’ve struggled with getting a good night’s sleep from the time I was a young teenager. When I became a single mother the problem only intensified. As a single parent it felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I had so much to worry about and was finding myself up at all hours of the night unable to get the sleep that I needed. I had tried all kinds of sleep aids, but to no avail. As the problem continued I found myself more exhausted than ever. I was unable to do the things that … Continue reading