Kids Eat Free, Free Movie, and Tons of Coupons

Who doesn’t like to save money on their family expenses? Check out this week’s deals and take advantage of some good things that will make your budget happy. Chili’s Coupon: Kids Eat Free  I love kids eat free deals, because they help me take my family out for a meal, while still making it affordable. (Okay, really, I love it because it is a night when I don’t have to cook.) Now through October 2, 2013, Chili’s is offering a Kids Eat Free Coupon This coupon is valid for one free kid’s meal for adult entrée purchased and is valid … Continue reading

Ziplist: Making Grocery Shopping Easy

I hate grocery shopping. It is falls only second to laundry on my list of household duties I would rather not do. I never know what I am buying because I never have a well planned list. I try looking up recipes to find fun new ideas and form lists based off of that. Yet, I am always forgetting something at the store. It doesn’t help having a family who is picky about what they eat so the question, “What’s for dinner?” is never pleasant to answer. What I end up doing is spending more money on buying foods I … Continue reading

Where to Get Free Product Coupons

Getting free coupons or coupons for free items can really reduce your grocery bill. People who practice extreme couponing know where to get and how to use these coupons that get them free groceries. A free item coupon is one that you can redeem at the grocery store for the full cost of the purchase. There are many different ways to get free item coupons. Just make sure that you get them in legitimate ways. There are many counterfeit coupons out there. Sunday Coupon Inserts You can sometimes find free product coupons in the Sunday inserts. They don’t come around … Continue reading

Waste Less Time With These Tips

All home – based professionals have one thing in common, no matter what type of home – based business they have. All of us could use more time. There always seems to be a shortage of time, and we often feel like there are not enough hours in a day. While we can not create additional time, there are things that we can do here and there throughout the day to help us reclaim some of the time that we waste. Some of the things that we think are our greatest time savers can actually be big time wasters. For … Continue reading

The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

When it comes to frugal living, fresh inspiration is often hard to find. Oh sure, we do what we can, from attempting a budget to washing out baggies in order to save money. Often, the problem, though, is that we aren’t armed with a solid start to finish plan. Crystal Paine’s book, The Money Saving Mom’s Budget gives you that plan, and explains the importance behind each step. I haven’t seen anything this good since Amy Dacyczyn’s The Tightwad Gazette, a book on frugal living that has now pretty much obtained cult status. Paine’s book, however, is updated with more … Continue reading

The Dirt on the Dirtiest Surfaces in America

If you are a parent, the following news may come as a huge relief to you, or it may send you running to the nearest soap dispenser: According to a new scientific survey, play areas at fast food restaurants are not the germiest places in America. Rather, that dubious distinction goes to gas stations. Specifically, gas pumps handles. Given that we are a third of the way through the annual cold and flu season, it seems fitting that we’d get the first look at test results that feature the nation’s most highly contaminated surfaces. Thanks to the folks at Kimberly-Clark … Continue reading

Combating Isolation When You Work from Home

If there is one detriment to running a home business it is isolation. You can easily find yourself isolated from the world around you. I have no co-workers to talk to (or contend with). I don’t really have a “boss.” I have an editor but she works several states away so our conversations take place through email. And now that my children are back in school, the house can become eerily quiet. It is as if I am cut off from the rest of the world. Now some people (myself included) thrive on working independently. Although this can be a … Continue reading

Maybe it Should be Called World Schooling

Quite some time ago I wrote a post on my personal blog called Sometimes. I received comments and emails about how it encapsulated what most homeschoolers feel about education. Briefly, I took pictures of a school day I spent with my children at our local botanical garden. The pictures reminded me of the joy of opening up the world for my children. There are many different types and methods of homeschooling but most share the common thread of cracking open the world and giving our children a glimpse inside. This is one of many joys of homeschooling. I have been … Continue reading

Getting Things Done…With a Preschooler

I got the Bad Mom Award yesterday. My daughter nominated me for it after I’d been trying to get a workshop organized for 2 hours, with a total of about 30 minutes work achieved. I work from home part of the time – writing, editing, and creating workshops about environmental education. Today I got the Bad Mom Award because I’d asked my husband to play with my daughter for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, Sunday afternoon was the only time he had available, and my daughter was tired after a busy day. I badly needed to get work done – … Continue reading

Free Samples

Giveaways have always been popular, in good economic times and bad. Now they are really popular! Go to any grocery store, especially during the middle of the day, and you will find many samples being given out. Everything from cheese on a new brand of crackers, to a new sauce on meat, to fruit salads and juices can be sampled. Sometimes you can graze your way through the aisles! And don’t forget the bakery counter! Supermarket bakeries will sometimes put out samples of their cookies, cakes, or broken pieces for you to try. Walmart has been promoting samples for quite … Continue reading