Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money? {Part 2}

In part 1 of, Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money?, I covered how to create a blog posts that attract readers.  Creating good content is the first step to creating a quality blog.  I cover this in Blogging Tips and Tricks as well.  Today, I want to cover a few more background areas before discussing opportunities, so hang in there.  When I say profitable with regards to your homeschool, I do not simply mean financially. Let’s start by exploring what makes a good homeschool blog. The competition is fierce.  While you need to be aware of what your competitors are … Continue reading

Reflections on the Past School Year

Now that school year is over with, you may have seen Facebook posts from friends about how fast the year has gone by. Many parents will proudly declare that their child is now in such-and-such a grade. My own children were excited on that last day of school to announce they were now officially in the next grade…10th and 8th grade. And of course, there is the joy of my oldest son finishing high school. Every year it feels the exact same way…as a parent, you can’t help but ask, “Where did the time go?” I can still remember that … Continue reading

Cook Book for the Homeschool Mom

Book: Don’t Panic, Quick, Easy, and Delicious Meals for Your Family Authors: Susie Martinez, Vanda Howell, and Bonnie Garcia Published by: Revell Book Description: We’re all busy, but that doesn’t mean we have to eat like we are. You don’t have to settle for feeding your family commercially packaged meals full of sodium and preservatives or fat-laced fast food. Quick and healthy meals from your very own kitchen are easy with delicious recipes like Southwestern Baked Cheese Dip Thai Chicken Wraps Walnut Spinach Salad Homestyle Mac & Cheese Slow Cooker Pork Chops Oven Roasted Orange Chicken Grilled Flat Iron Steak … Continue reading

Play is Good

The clock is counting down the last weeks of summer. Already, back-to-school sales have begun. It seems like they started in June, actually. It’s almost time to start preschool, school, and college. In the midst of the flurry of notebook-buying and debates over brands of colored pencils, there is a deeper debate about back-to-school. Especially in the preschool and early elementary grades, it’s a debate about how children should best spend their time. Play is formative in so many ways. When small children learn how to play alone, they learn how to use their imagination to keep themselves entertained. They … Continue reading

Classics and Small Children

Now, to me small children do not scream “classical education.” At the same time, I have an interest in classical education that does not always mesh well with our interest in play-based learning. I believe that learners need to learn how to create for themselves, whether this is in play or in rhetorical discussions. Perhaps it is because I am so supremely illogical that I value classics education. My husband is the step-by-step, logic-driven one in our family. I am the one who invents creative but often illogical solutions. Inspired by The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at … Continue reading

The School System and ADHD

While, this is the homeschooling section, I think it’s important to keep up on what goes in the school system. I believe what goes on outside our homeschool world can have a direct effect on our homeschool. We should always be informed on new educational laws, requirements and controversial topics. The topic of ADHD is relevant in today’s school system since many children have been given the diagnosis after a teacher recommended a child be seen by a doctor. These children are more times than not put on drugs. This may alleviate the stress this child puts on a teacher … Continue reading

My Favorite Adoption Book Reviews of 2009

Last year, I wrote about my favorite books I reviewed in 2008. Here are favorites from the children’s adoption books I’ve reviewed this year. (These are books which I’ve reviewed here in the Adoption Blog in 2009. They may have been published in prior years.) In My Heart, by Molly Bang, is a wonderful book for any child. It’s a story of her mother telling her child that throughout the various activities of their separate days, he is always in her heart—and his parents, friends and teachers are in his heart too. The child pictured looks Indian or Latino and … Continue reading

Activities Fostering an Appreciation of Other Cultures in Elementary and Middle-school Students

My last blog discussed activity ideas for helping young children become comfortable with racial diversity. Here are some ideas for teachers of elementary and middle school students: –Make sure they know the science of skin color. A good book is All the Colors We Are: The story of How We Get Our Skin Color. This is a bilingual (English/Spanish) book with photographs and simple explanations. –I like to follow or precede a discussion of the science of skin color with an artistic or aesthetic look at the beauty of different skin colors. I like All the Colors of the Earth, … Continue reading

Book Review: Children of Open Adoption and their Families

Children of Open Adoption and their Families, by Kathleen Silber and Patricia Martinez Dorner, is an important read for adoptive parents, whether their adoptions are open or not. Other books describe the process of adoption. This book explores how the children in open adoptions actually feel and think, and how the adoptive and birth family members feel. These stories of children and their parents are a gold mine for those of us who’ve always wondered, “But how does open adoption work, exactly?” This book was written in 1987, but open adoption had already been in place in some agencies for … Continue reading Homeschooling Blog Week In Review

This has been a fun week for at the homeschooling blog. I returned to after a long absence and was welcomed back with open arms by Valorie Delp who will still guest blog for as she has time. Meanwhile she is busy with the baby blog and food blog. I have wasted no time jumping back into my work as the homeschool blogger. Sunday 09 Mar 2008 Edventures Online by Valorie Delp This is one of the best kept secrets of the kid-friendly website world. It is a subscription service, but I have to say I think … Continue reading