Home – Based Business Idea – Odd Jobs

If you would like to start a home – based business, but you do not want to be confined to providing only one type of service, you may want to start a business doing odd jobs. If you are handy and you can do many of your own home repairs, this is a great niche for you. It might be hard for you to believe (since you can do all of these things yourself) that not everyone can shovel their stairs, fix their leaking toilet, install curtain rods, or hang a door. Some clients are simply physically unable to do … Continue reading

Home Based Business Idea – Odd Jobs

If you enjoy variety and you are thinking about starting a home – based business, you may want to start a business doing odd jobs for people. Some people are just handy, and those skills that you have are very helpful to people who are not as handy as you are. Whether it’s patching a hole in a window screen, mowing a lawn, or taking the trash to the transfer station (yes, there are still places that do not have curbside rubbish pickup), people in your community could probably use some help with the things that they do not have … Continue reading

Home Based Business vs Home Based Job

Since there is more than one way to work at home, it may be useful for people who have never worked at home to understand the similarities and differences between two options that people can pursue if they wish to work from home. Owning and operating a home – based business and having a home – based job do share in common the fact that you work from your home instead of in an office or other type of facility. It is important for you to understand the difference between the two types of home – based work before you … Continue reading

Working a “Regular” Job and Running a Home Business—the Best of Both Worlds?

Starting a home business doesn’t have to mean going “cold turkey” and leaving the comfort of a regular paycheck behind completely. Many people find that “easing into” a home-based business by continuing to work part-time in a regular job helps to make the adjustment and keep the cash flow at a less shocking level. There are some real bonuses to holding down a traditional job while starting and operating a business from home. There are many tax benefits to operating a business out of your home, as well as potentially lower overhead, lower commuting time and expenses, and the potential … Continue reading

A Home Business *IS* a Real Job

I’ve heard many people ask, “How do you convince people that you really *are* working while you’re at home?” It seems that society has lately been reacting negatively to the “rat race” mentality, seeing those who do not necessarily have to leave their home all day as people who contribute nothing to the community. The misconception that people who run a home biz sit in front of the television or read books all day is so totally false, but unfortunately it is a view many hold. There was a recent discussion on a message board I belong to about how … Continue reading

Looking for a Business with at home jobs?

Many people get into a business at home jobs because they are looking for a way to make money without having to punch in at the office. But to choose the right business at home jobs it has to be something that will interest him or her. If it’s about sales, the business at home jobs must sell products that will sell well or at least have a great reputation. Those factors aside, the decision often rides on whether it will make money or not. The bottom line is about profit. More often than not, when the profit returned is … Continue reading

Ways to Help Your Child Understand Business

Do your children understand the value of a dollar? Many kids do not. There are things that parents can do to help their children, and teenagers, to get a basic grasp of money. They can also learn a little bit about business. Forbes has a really interesting article titled “13 Ways to Help Your Children Understand Business”. It was written by Dan Matthews, and posted on May 30, 2014. He gathered tips that will help parents to encourage their kids to become interested in finance and business. Each tip came from someone who is involved in business. One of those … Continue reading

Working From Home Could Save You Money

If you work outside of the home and you are considering switching to working from home, you may be wondering whether you can afford to make the switch. You know how to make your family’s finances work with your current income, at least most of the time. You are wise to be wary because many home-based businesses do take a while to start making money, but the transition may be more affordable than you think. The reason for that is that, simply stated, working from home cuts your expenses in a number of ways. For example, unless your home-based business … Continue reading

Home Based Work and the Freedom it Brings

It’s that time of year again, time for us to celebrate the incredible amount of freedom that is available to so many of us as far as when and where we do our work. Whether you have been working from home for years, you just started working from home, or you are still in the “thinking about it” phase, right now is a great time to think about the freedom that working from home brings (or could bring) to your life. This year, it is worth mentioning that I just gained an even greater amount of freedom through my home … Continue reading

A Simple Process For Finding A Business Idea

If you are wondering whether you could start a home – based business and you are not sure what your business could be, take some time to think about what you are passionate about. Write down a list of things that you love. Next, sit down with that list and see whether any of those things could translate into some kind of a business. Even if you don’t think that an idea will work, write down all of the potential business ideas that you can possibly think of. From your list of potential business ideas, choose three that seem the … Continue reading