Insurance Blog Week in Review – July 8 – 14, 2012

Every week, the Insurance Blog Week in Review brings you a quick and easy way to “ketchup” on the blogs that have been posted here in the past seven days. There could be anywhere between twelve and fourteen blogs that appear. Which ones did you miss? Jan Brewer Wants to Take Away Health Insurance Benefits Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wants the Supreme Court to allow her to terminate health insurance coverage for the same-sex partners of state workers. An appeals court would not allow her to do that. The Insurance Podcast Roundup went up on July 9, 2012. This time, … Continue reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder

When I first got divorced I was sad. Not really depressed but probably more than just run of the mill sad. In the winter it was particularly bad, I went to work when it was dark and came home when it was dark. There were entire days I never saw the sun. When I wasn’t at work, I just wanted to sleep. I would come home from work, throw something together for dinner and then nap on the couch until Hailey woke me up for bed. After a few weeks I realized there was a problem, my house was a … Continue reading

Actor Ricardo Montalban Dead at 88

Ricardo Montalban, known to a generation as Mr. Roarke from “Fantasy Island,” died yesterday at the age of 88. Cause of death has not been released, but his son-in-law Gilbert Smith said Montalban’s health had been deteriorating over the last several days. Montalban was born in Mexico City, Mexico on November 25, 1920. He starred in many Spanish language films before making his American film debut in Fiesta in 1947 alongside Cyd Charisse and Esther Williams. (This work, Fiesta, is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977, inclusive, without a copyright … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: September 2008

Here are all of the Baby Blog articles that were posted last month. September 1st Baby Blog Month in Review: August 2008 Isn’t it crazy the way babies grow so quickly? It seems that you just get used to one stage and boom they are already into another. Tonight, were busy getting the household all set for my eldest child’s first day of second grade. My two younger ones are excited and want to start school, too. It will be a busy month. September 2nd Babies Are Built to Say “Mama” and “Dada” First! Do you remember your baby’s first … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for March 3-9

Aimee and I were busy beavers last week. In case you were too and missed any of our articles, here’s our Week in Review recap for your cheating (er, I mean catching up) pleasure… Monday, March 3 In Aimee’s first Diary of a Cat Care B&B entry for the week, she discussed her bulletin board she’s assumed responsibility for and asked for suggestions. Me and my crew presented “The Case of Who Cut the Cheese” after a stinky episode in our house Friday night. Aimee detailed the four most common worms in pets. Tuesday, March 4 Have you ever wondered … Continue reading

Seinfeld Seasons 1-7 Only $99.99 shipped

It was the show about nothing that captivated Americans across the nation. My husband still watches it several times a week; I can tell because the guffawing can be heard from one end of the house to the other. It’s humor for adults; sometimes wry, sometimes blatant, always funny. One of my favorite episodes is of George pretending to be a marine biologist. He figures it’s a safe enough lie and that he’ll never be found out. Of course a whale gets stuck on a the beach where he and his new girlfriend are, and he gets found out. Everybody … Continue reading

The West Wing – April 9 – Election Night Part II

Last December, John Spencer died suddenly from a heart attack. His death stunned and saddened his cast mates and fans of West Wing alike. His death also spawned a change, according to the writer’s of The West Wing for what would happen during the Election between Presidential Candidates Matt Santos(Jimmy Smits) and Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda) as the inheritor of the soon to be exiting Josiah Bartlett’s (Martin Sheen) Presidential office. The ramp up to this showdown began in Season 6 with Joshua Lyman being courted by several presidential contenders, including Senator Arnold Vinick. The campaigns, the primary elections, the … Continue reading

Bravo’s “Extreme Guide to Parenting”

How would you describe your parenting style? Some parents will answer that question by stating that their parenting style is traditional, or conservative, or “old-school”. Others might explain their parenting style as “eclectic”. They take some ideas from how their parents raised them, and add in some new concepts that have become popular in the years since they were children. No matter what your parenting style happens to be, it is unlikely that it matches up with the parents on Bravo’s new TV show “Extreme Guide to Parenting”. Season one featured 10 different families whose parenting styles have been described … Continue reading

“Mini Darth Vader” had Heart Surgery

Remember the Volkswagen commercial that featured a Mini Darth Vader? The seven year old actor who played that role is named Max Page. He recently had heart surgery to treat a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. Max Page has a life that is somewhat different from the typical seven year old boy. He has appeared in the soap opera “The Young and the Restless” playing the role of Reed Hellstrom. The character of Reed Hellstrom is the son of characters Victoria Newman and JT Hellstrom. He was in the show “Prime Suspect”, playing the role of Owen Webb in … Continue reading

Christmas Tree Shopping

It’s December. The last month of 2010 started this morning. Christmas is just around the corner. Next Tuesday is Glee’s Christmas episode, although the Christmas album was released weeks ago. ABC Family has been airing holiday movies for months and three children’s Christmas specials aired last night. Christmas lights have been glowing on houses all around and I know a number of people who have finished putting up all the Christmas decorations. The last year I fully decorated for Christmas was 2007 when we had Pumpkin and Gemini. I don’t remember why I didn’t deck our halls in 2008. In … Continue reading