Why The Outdoors is Great for Toddlers

Did you know that your backyard (or just about any other outdoor location) is one of the most intellectually stimulating environments that you can spend time in with your toddler? There are things outside that encourage the development of toddlers in every way, and yet many toddlers spend very little time outdoors. Part of the reason for this is that toddlers must be closely supervised while they are outdoors because of their tendencies to put everything in their mouths and to climb whatever they can find to climb on. Providing constant supervision takes time, and for busy parents it can … Continue reading

Unhealthy Behaviors and Emotions

Does psychology play a role in the ability to lose weight?  For some people, the battle to shed extra pounds requires more than a good diet and exercise plan.  There could be something much deeper going on. In fact, some experts believe that in the majority of cases where people struggle with their weight, there are unhealthy behaviors and emotions involved.  If that’s true, then the best plan in the world won’t be able to conquer the problem. So it comes down to the heart of the issue.  It may go beyond the lack of willpower to stop eating when … Continue reading

Viewer Discretion is Advised

As the parent of a toddler, you might look forward to spending the occasional afternoon or evening snuggled up on the couch with your little one, watching a movie that you remember enjoying during your own childhood. That is not a bad thing, as even the most active toddlers occasionally enjoy a little down time. As you think about what movies you may want to watch with your toddler, it is helpful to take your toddler’s temperament into account. We do not watch a lot of television at our house, nor do we watch many movies. Interestingly enough, there are … Continue reading

Analyze This

You know that dream where everyone in the world hates you, but somehow you gain an invitation to compete on Iron Chef America where the secret ingredient is barley and one of the guest judges is Anderson “I love me some Crack Pie” Cooper, and you burn fish so badly that it looks like chicken until you pull back the skin and a sea of pin bones are revealed, and suddenly the entire kitchen goes up in flames… What do you mean you don’t remember that one? I get that one all the time, which probably explains why my 8-year-old … Continue reading

How to Talk to Your Kids about the Economic Crisis

“How can I talk to my kids about the economic crisis?” It is a common question that most parents face today. As prices on consumable goods rise, from food and gas to the cable bill, and families feel themselves pinched, even the youngest children are starting to notice that things around them are changing. Neighbors and friends may be moving away, favorite stores and restaurants may be closing, and everyone seems to have to sacrifice something they enjoy just to get through this time. Parents should see this time in our history as a teaching moment, but the lessons should … Continue reading

The Difference Between Friendship and Marriage

Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between friendship and marriage.  Not casual friendship, or even good friendship, but really-close, best-friends, rely-on-each-other-for-everything friendship.  If we look to the media for answers, it seems to imply that the only difference is physical desire.  In movies and television, the only or at least primary distinguishable change in the relationship between two characters that are best friends, and then become something more, is that their relationship adds a sexual element. Those are usually my favorite types of stories (as opposed to ones where the characters aren’t friends but jump right to dating), only … Continue reading

Protecting Your Eyes

One of my favorite journalists – heck, who am I kidding? – my favorite journalist, Anderson Cooper, suffered temporary blindness this past week. Did he have some genetic condition that caused this blindness?  Did he splash something in his eye?  No, Cooper sunburned his eyes while in Portugal. Sunburned his eyes?  Just the mere thought of that makes my eyes squint in horror! Awakened by pain, Cooper originally dismissed it as sand in his eyes.  But, he realized when he was blind that it was something more serious.  Cooper lost his eyesight for 36 hours. That must have been pretty … Continue reading

Detoxing your Life

The other day, I was on the phone with my best friend. We were complaining about aches and pains and how we didn’t think it could be stress because we just didn’t feel stressed. Then, we proceeded to complain about different things in our lives for the next 30 minutes. She laughed and said, “But, we aren’t stressed about anything!” Stress can affect our health – both mental and physical. But how can we detox ourselves of poisonous stress? First, ask yourself some honest questions. Do you get irritated easily? Do you always feel like you are rushing from place … Continue reading

Unless You Are a Guy You Can Get Pregnant

Seven. That’s how many years it took before my kid asked the question. You know; the one that begins with “How” and ends with “do mommies get pregnant?” Before getting married and giving birth, I wondered how and when I would discuss the birds and the bees with my children. Well, I found out the when: July 2012. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite figure out the “how.” Sadly, I was not prepared to get into the nitty-gritty reproductive details with my second grader, so I mumbled something about God being in charge of giving the gift of life, blah, blah, blah, … Continue reading

Who Does Most of the Housework

Do you do the majority of the housework in your home? A recent study has reinforced what we all already know, women, including working mothers, do the majority of housework, cooking and childcare. Why are people surprised by this? Since the dawn of time women have been responsible for the majority of housework. The division seems to be, women take care of the inside of the house and men take care of the outside. As we raise our children we reinforce those roles. Little girls help fold the laundry and run the vacuum. Little boys help mow the lawn, fix … Continue reading