Wednesday’s Weekly Challenge-Winter Wonderland

It is so cold here in Utah this winter. I can’t seem to warm up. The kids have cabin fever, as do I, and you can only go so many times to the library without going crazy. But, I do love the snow, although this winter, it seems a little ridiculous how cold it has been. My many friends and family in the south have even gotten a considerable amount of snow this week. So, since I don’t see a warm up in my future anytime soon, why not embrace what is all around us? Winter!! This weeks challenge will … Continue reading

Where Are Max and Ruby’s Parents?

“Is Ruby Max’s mommy?” asked my 5-year-old, as we watched yet another episode of the animated Nick Jr. series, “Max and Ruby.” “No, she’s his big sister,” I replied. “Then, where’s their parents?” she retorted. It’s a question that has launched a thousand ships… okay, the vessels may still be in port, but the subject has apparently bothered enough people that there are now multiple Facebook pages dedicated to answering the question every parent (who has ever had to sit through more than one episode of the preschool series) has asked themselves: “Where are Max and Ruby’s parents?” I’ve pondered … Continue reading

When Nightmares Attack

I’ve always had rather vivid dreams — or at least been very good at remembering my dreams. Sometimes, this is a good thing. A dream inspired my first published piece of fiction. Sometimes, this is a bad thing… like when I have a nightmare that makes me turn on all the lights, afraid to go back to sleep. According to the National Library of Medicine, nightmares are more common in childhood than in adulthood. (So are night terrors!) However, as much as fifty percent of adults (mainly women) still experience occasional nightmares. Tips to help prevent nightmares: Make a bedtime … Continue reading

Celebrity REAL or RUMOR: Jessica on the Mend, Love’s Baby Bump and NKOTB Ready to Rock NYC

JESSICA ON THE MEND Just in case you care… singer Jessica Simpson is out of the hospital. The former reality TV star was reportedly taken to the hospital late Friday after suffering a fever (yes, a fever). According to reports, the 27-year-old actress was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was later diagnosed with a kidney infection. In Touch magazine is reporting that the singer didn’t want to take any chances with her health since she just returned from Iraq where she performed for the troops. (Wonder if she thought she caught a foreign illness from American soldiers?) And Simpson … Continue reading

Author Interview: Sandra Grey, the Conclusion

Thank you for joining us for our third and final installment of our interview with LDS author Sandra Grey. If you missed parts one or two, click here to get caught up. Sandra, you just released your first novel, “Traitor.” How long did it take you to write this book? I wrote the first draft in six months. But of course the first draft is not the entire process. I began writing in the middle of September 2005 and “Traitor” was finally ready for publication (including several months of rewrites, edits, waiting for cover design, title decisions, and reviews, etc.) … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: Baby’s Illness and Breastfeeding

Question: My 3 month old is sick. She’s congested and she keeps throwing up the milk that I give her. The nurse in my pediatrician’s office said I need to stop breastfeeding her and giver her pedialyte. What do you think? I can’t totally answer that without knowing more information. I think that you should speak to your pediatrician. Severely dehydrated babies could benefit from pedialyte but honestly, my doctors office would push IV fluids for a severely dehydrated baby. So I’m not sure what the nurse’s intention was, if she realized your baby was as young as she is … Continue reading

Toys R Us Black Friday Deals (3)

Shopping on Black Friday this year? Check out the Toys R Us Deals for 2007! Toys R Us opens at 5 am on Black Friday. This is page 3 of the deals. Nintendo DS Bundle with Zelda: $149.99 Early bird special ALL Thomas Wooden Railway Engines: B2G1 Free Early bird special Fisher-Price Collector’s Edition Dora Doll: $12.99 Early bird special New Bright – 1:15 Scale Hummer H3T: $34.99 Bob the Builder R/C Follow Me Scoop: $14.99 Early bird special Cabbage Patch Kids Color Change Doll: $12.49 Early bird special All LeapPad Book: $14.99s Fisher Price Grow to Pro Basketball: $29.99 … Continue reading

Getting Rid of Negative Thinking

No one would argue that being a parent is not a hard job but sometimes we make the job harder by “catastrophizing”. In her book, Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juicebox author Ann Dunnewold says that catastrophizing is the tuning in to danger and thinking about the worst that could happen. It’s always imagining the worst-case scenario and never looking on the bright side. Parents who catastrophize worry constantly about “what-if’s”. We all worry about the safety of our family but these parents worry all the time and this worry hinders healthy family relationships. I remember when Tyler was … Continue reading

How To Prevent Mouth Injuries

Mouth (and tooth) injuries are all too common. The majority of all dental injuries — around eighty percent — involve the front teeth and soft tissues, like the tongue, lips, and the insides of the cheeks. For adults and older adolescents, sports are the usual cause of dental injury. In young children, tooth and mouth injuries often come when learning to walk. Though you can’t protect your children at all times, vigilance when your toddler is taking her first steps can help. Even bigger kids can learn to play safe and protect their mouths. Here are some tips for preventing … Continue reading

Dad’s Losing It: Oh What a Week!

The new baby has been sick with a terrible cold. She is barely able to breath through her nose. It is frightening even for experienced parents. My toddler has had her own issues recently as well. She’s enjoyed a middle-of-the-night fever and has had trouble sleeping through the night. Needless to say, the last 6 days have been a struggle. My eating has been atrocious, which is aiding my drowsy mental state. I have really been out of control, snacking constantly, picking up candy bars at the grocery store checkout lane, buying a ½ gallon of Chocolate Peanut Butter ice … Continue reading