Passion’s Place in A Marriage

Maybe I should stop expecting television to accurately portray life or romance, but I can’t help it. Media has a subtle yet powerful influence on our thinking, especially on younger folks, that just makes me want to address the issues it raises. Fox’s trendy new sitcom “New Girl,” starring Zooey Deschanel, just wrapped up its freshman season. In the last few episodes Deschanel’s character Jess breaks up with her boyfriend after having dinner with him and his ex-wife (something that was a bad idea in the first place). At the dinner she observed the formerly-married couple at each other’s throats, … Continue reading

Getting Away With Your Spouse

It has been a very long time since my husband and I have gotten away together…without kids. So a few months ago we began planning for our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary. Our destination was Maine. We looked at cottages to stay in, entertainment (such as whale watching) and thought about eating our favorite food, seafood (only much fresher). We dreamed about stepping into the ocean. It was going to be a very romantic getaway. We even planned the dates we would go and my husband began looking at airfare. But then as the months began to pass by, medical bills … Continue reading

Co Habitation

I read an article that said co habitation is becoming the norm. As a society we are so afraid of divorce that we don’t make the commitment in the first place thinking that if it doesn’t work out it will be easier if we are not married. Yes, in many ways not getting married makes it easier if you split up, but maybe it also makes it easier to split up. Where is the determination to make this marriage work? Our children suffer when their parents separate whether they were married or not, there is no difference to the child. … Continue reading

Can You Really Put Your Spouse Before Your Children?

Have you ever been told that your spouse should be put before your children? Do you think that is even possible? I used to believe that was impossible. I looked at my relationship with my children as being so much more connected because they had come from me. Yet I had forgotten that I wasn’t alone in the process of creating life. My husband is just as much connected to them. I also thought that because they were so little for so long, what they needed from me couldn’t possibly be less than what I would give to my husband. … Continue reading

Beware the Boogie Man! (part 2 Estate Planning for Blended Families)

Why do we tend to procrastinate when it comes to estate planning? The answer may be deeper than you think. On the surface it appears to be a conversation about money; in reality, it’s a conversation about death. And we’re not talking about dying in general, but about our own death, and that of our spouse. No wonder the process tends to be fraught with emotion. That said, like most of the difficult things we endure in our lives, it has great potential for enhancing growth and intimacy in your marriage. More about that later; but let’s start with first … Continue reading

Estate Planning and the Step Family

For too many of us, estate planning is the thing we’re always going to get to but often don’t. It’s like flossing, but with exponentially greater potential for harm. I understand why we procrastinate, believe me I do, but a failure to act in this department can have a devastating effect on your family. Our financial planner had been after us to create an estate plan for a year; as we began preparations for an extended trip through Mexico, it seemed irresponsible not to have something in place. We contacted an attorney who came highly recommended, and blithely scheduled an … Continue reading

He’s Got Her Wrapped Around His Little Finger!

Chase has been dating Amy, a 28 year old single mother, for over a year. Things are getting serious; they’ve even been batting around the “M” word. She is attractive, kind, funny, considerate, and they both love to fish and camp. In a nutshell, she’s everything he’s been looking for in a life partner…except for one little thing… a twenty-eight pound, 3 year old little thing, named Marcus. “Now don’t get me wrong, he’s really cute and everything” admits Chase, “but she jumps every time he cries! And I mean every time! He has totally got her wrapped around his … Continue reading

Disney World Bridal Studio Upgrade

It seems everything at Walt Disney World is getting a facelift these days. First come plans for a major Fantasyland expansion, and next we hear that popular destination for Disney fan couples Franck’s Bridal Studio has undergone a technological renovation. Stitch Kingdom reports that Disney’s one-stop shop for weddings has added two new planning rooms, updated its furnishings, and most importantly, upgraded its technological capabilities. Before, couples would travel to the Franck’s in person to meet with their wedding planner to iron out all the details on their upcoming Disney-themed nuptials. While it’s still necessary for couples to meet with … Continue reading

Cats and Dogs Really Can Get Along

They’re as universal an example of opposites as up and down, day and night, right and left. Even the line “cats and dogs getting along” is sometimes used as a turn of phrase for unbelievable events. Thus there’s an idea out there that one has to be either a cat person or a dog person. One can’t love both equally, or one certainly can’t have both as pets without inviting a fur-flying frenzy into the home. At best they’ll get along by avoiding each other for the most part, and at worst they’ll need to be separated. Except that simply … Continue reading

Ts for Two

After a few diversions, I am back to my alphabetical blog on marriage. Several things stand out to me that should be incorporated into any marriage. True The first one is true, that means true to your marriage vows and your spouse not only in your actions but your thought life as well. All our actions result from what we think about. So no, it’s not okay to be thinking and day dreaming about the new guy or woman at work or that you see somewhere else. Think about and daydream about your spouse instead. Trustworthy This goes along with … Continue reading