Getting Your Home in Order After the Weekend

You can always tell that it is Monday at my house because of the visible chaos that is spread throughout the house, especially on the first floor. Toys, books, jackets, dishes, you name it, collects in odd places, as the family runs in and out of the house on various errands. Home projects, such as organizing a closet or de-cluttering books or toys don’t always get completed, since there is a yard sale or the farmer’s market or a softball game to go see instead. Sometimes when life gets in the way, it isn’t just the weekend that has caused … Continue reading

Traveling With Your Baby This Weekend

Perhaps you’re taking a road trip to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend or going somewhere out of the ordinary? Traveling with a baby can be tricky and maybe you’re thinking that you can’t quite figure out how that’s going to work. The trick is to plan ahead and around baby’s schedule as much as possible! Be Prepared You can never have too many snacks when you’re traveling with an infant. Along with that, you can never have too many wipes or too many toys. Simply bringing more than enough things to keep the baby entertained as well as keep the baby … Continue reading

Like Weekends Off? Don’t Open Your Own Business!

Since opening my marketing company I have worked with a lot of people who are opening a company. Many of these people are mothers, as I tend to market toward this crowd and since I write for several venues that deal with mothers and mother owned companies it is only fitting that the majority of my clients are mothers who are starting their own companies. Today I was speaking with a mother that I met recently at the library. Two young children in tow, she was talking about how she had to make a decision: Go back to work teaching … Continue reading

What To Do With Your Extra Hour This Weekend

Daylight savings time ends November fourth — so we’re headed back to Standard time. Spring ahead, fall back. That means we’re getting an extra hour in the day on November fourth. What are you planning to do with the time? Many people choose to snooze away the extra hour. If you’re a little behind on sleep, November fourth may be a good day to try to catch up. Make a point of contacting someone you haven’t heard from in a long time. Use your extra hour for some phone time or to send a few e-mails. Enjoy breakfast in bed … Continue reading

It’s Conference Weekend and Time to Rotate Your Emergency Kits!

A great time to rotate your emergency kits is conference weekend. Many of the supplies that you store in your emergency kit are best rotated every six months. You can use the snack food as treats while you watch conference. You can also use the time to rotate the clothes from clothing for warm weather to clothing for cooler weather. While you are looking at your food supplies, check to see if your medication and first aid supplies need to be updated. This is fairly easy to do. If you do not have your entire kit together you can add … Continue reading

Friday Adoption Funnies: A Little Humor For Your Weekend

Well, it’s finally Friday. A busy week here at our home, as our three youngest returned to school yesterday. Between school supply shopping, getting new outfits for the first day of school, meeting teachers, and getting back into the routine of school, I’m exhausted. I’m ready for a weekend of no stress and some fun times with my precious family. I thought I’d share a couple of cute jokes and stories with you to start your weekend off on the right foot – with loads of smiles. Have a terrific weekend! A married couple went to the hospital together to … Continue reading

How to Help Your Kids Fall Asleep

Sleep is important. We all know what it feels like to have to get up and start the day after not having enough sleep. Before parents can turn in for the night they need to make sure their children are asleep. What can you do if your child is resisting bedtime or getting up at night? Here are some ideas that could help your kids to fall asleep. How much sleep do kids really need? The National Sleep Foundation has some recommendations that are based upon the age of the person. Adults need less sleep than children and babies do. … Continue reading

Advantages of Extended School Days

Would you like your children to attend school for eight hours straight, five days a week? It may sound a bit excessive to some parents. However, there are some school districts that have implemented an extended school day. It turns out that there are several benefits to doing so. Extended school days, which are also called extended learning time, have gained popularity within charter schools. Some charter schools may have a bit more freedom about how long their school day runs than some public schools do. That doesn’t mean it would be impossible for an extended school day to be … Continue reading

Ways to Help Your Child Understand Business

Do your children understand the value of a dollar? Many kids do not. There are things that parents can do to help their children, and teenagers, to get a basic grasp of money. They can also learn a little bit about business. Forbes has a really interesting article titled “13 Ways to Help Your Children Understand Business”. It was written by Dan Matthews, and posted on May 30, 2014. He gathered tips that will help parents to encourage their kids to become interested in finance and business. Each tip came from someone who is involved in business. One of those … Continue reading

Things You Should Do For Yourself Right Now

Are you someone who makes an effort to help, comfort, and pamper your loved ones? It has been said that many people take much better care of their friends and family than they do of themselves. Typically, there are more women than men that have this tendency, but it does include both genders. Now is the time to start taking good care of yourself, too! Here are some things you can start with right this minute. LifeBuzz posted an article that contained 30 things that everyone should start doing for themselves. You can view it as a guide to better … Continue reading