Hollywood Couples Update – October 10, 2012

Every week, Hollywood couples come and go – here are a few for this week: In what seemed like a surprising move to most, actors Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman split after 42 years together. The couple met when Devito was on Broadway in 1971 and moved in together two weeks later. But, it took Devito and Perlman a while to get married – 10 years to be exact. They have three grown children. During their marriage, the couple starred together several times. So, what could have gone wrong? Some tabloids, such as RadarOnline, are reporting sources saying Perlman was … Continue reading

Little Triumphs

As a parent one of the greatest feelings in the world is watching the little triumphs in our children’s lives. Today I got to witness one of those triumphs for my little Logan. Anyone that knows my 4 year old knows how shy he can be sometimes, especially in big groups. Today was our annual primary program at our church. This is a time when the children have the opportunity to share with their parents what they have been learning throughout the year in their primary classes. Each child was assigned a speaking part to memorize and all the children … Continue reading

The Who’s Who of Relatives and Relations

You may have attended one or more family gatherings over the past few days. Sometimes, it is clear who everyone in the room is. Other times, there are relations and relationships that leave you wondering what the proper genealogical term is to describe them. For example, my husband and I took our son to my aunt’s house on Christmas Eve. My dad was there, and his relationship to my son is easy to figure out – he is his grandfather. Three of my aunts and two of my uncles were there. These wonderful people are my son’s great aunts and … Continue reading

My Wedding My Rules

So when you were a little girl did you imagine planning your wedding? I never really did, I was not one of those girls who ran around with a pillowcase for a veil and dream of the day that my Knight in Shining armor came riding up on his horse to swoop me away to his castle. That was just a fairy tale and I wanted no part of it. My father passed away from cancer eight years before I decided to get married. I would not have my Dad to walk me down the aisle and give me a … Continue reading

William and Catherine Get Married

This morning was the royal wedding – the big event that some estimated was seen by over 2 billion people around the world. Good thing Kate, or Catherine as she has asked to be called now, doesn’t have to send everyone Thank You cards. The day went off without a hitch for the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The couple were given that title right before the wedding this morning. But, that wasn’t the only title they got. They also became the Earl and Countess of Strathearn and the Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus. It was grey skies in … Continue reading

I Need a Hero!

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoy going to the movies and watching the heroes run through flaming fires to rescue the children trapped on the third floor. Our hearts beat faster when the star leaps into the water, swims across a river, and then rejoins his fiancee on her yacht just in time for their engagement party. We might even think we’d like to find a guy just like that. Wouldn’t it be something to find a man who could fight his way through a crowd of spies, ride a horse like there’s no tomorrow, rappel down … Continue reading

Two Separate Lives

Sometimes listening to others talk, it seems that people view marriage very differently to the way Mick and I do. So often we hear stories where there are two TVs in two different rooms, so ’she can watch her shows and I can watch mine,’ one guy recently told us. I admit I don’t watch some things Mick watches. But they’re few. He tapes them and watches them on night when I am at music practice for church or some other activity. So no, we don’t spend all our tome together. We do spend the majority and that’s one of … Continue reading

He’s Got Her Wrapped Around His Little Finger!

Chase has been dating Amy, a 28 year old single mother, for over a year. Things are getting serious; they’ve even been batting around the “M” word. She is attractive, kind, funny, considerate, and they both love to fish and camp. In a nutshell, she’s everything he’s been looking for in a life partner…except for one little thing… a twenty-eight pound, 3 year old little thing, named Marcus. “Now don’t get me wrong, he’s really cute and everything” admits Chase, “but she jumps every time he cries! And I mean every time! He has totally got her wrapped around his … Continue reading

Joaquin Phoenix was only Joking

Last year, I blogged about one of my favorite actors, Joaquin Phoenix, who had apparently gone off the deep end. The two-time Academy Award nominated actor suddenly started appearing scruffy in public (maybe unwashed is a more accurate description) and acting strangely. He announced he was done with acting. That part, I wasn’t so surprised by. The Phoenixs have always struck me as a family that walks to the beat of their own drummer. But, his appearance along with the announcement he was beginning a rap “career,” caused me to fear the worse for Joaquin. After all, this was a … Continue reading

Living Together Before Marriage

Living together before marriage is very common in today’s society. It almost seems to be the expected thing these days. I’ve heard people say its better to try it first and see whether you’re suited. But living together is not as good a test as some people might like to think. In fact statistics show those who live together before marriage are more likely to divorce than those who don’t. I’ve had friends who have lived together before marriage and translated that to a successful marriage. I also know those who have lived together and then, as soon as marriage … Continue reading