Sometimes I Still Need My Mommy

Mother daughter relationships can sometimes be a minefield, especially after you are an adult with children of your own. You may feel that you are walking a tightrope between being an adult and being your mother’s child. At no time is this truer than when you become a single mother. Everyone wants their mother to be proud of them so you may already feel like you’ve let your mother down by getting divorced. I know the guilt I feel for being divorced makes me want to be perfect at everything else. Perfect mother, perfect daughter, and perfect friend. Sadly, no … Continue reading

Realistic Splurges

I recently read an article about things that moms should splurge on. I eagerly read it, I’m always looking for ways to splurge without feeling guilty and breaking the bank. Unfortunately this list was for married moms or at least moms in a better financial position than most single moms. It was great advice but really didn’t apply to me. One of the suggestions was a really nice, all purpose purse. Since Hailey started school my purse is more function than fashion, after all, kids backpacks aren’t cheap and have to be replaced fairly often so there goes the money … Continue reading

Preventing Meltdowns…For Both of You

I don’t know about you, but when my son starts throwing a tantrum, I know it won’t be long before a mommy meltdown. Being a parent is overwhelming, and doing it without someone there by your side, to share in your grief is just plain hard. There are times when I have just sat down on the floor and cried right along with him because I just didn’t know what else to do. Usually after we’ve both cried it out we can give each other a hug and move on with our day, but trust me, it can be exhausting. … Continue reading

You Are Not Alone

When you are a single parent sometimes, you feel alone. You don’t know what to do or where to turn for help. We all have friends and family that we can talk to but will they understand? If all of your friends and family are raising their children in two parent households they may not understand how you feel or be able to understand the challenges that come from being a single parent. Often we feel like people will judge us for our choices, even if they don’t say it out loud, we are afraid they are thinking we did … Continue reading

Marrying Young

If you support your child’s decisions does that mean that you agree with them? My daughter is getting married, she is only 18. We all think she is too young, they are both too young, does that mean we refuse to participate or do we support them but let them know that we wish they would wait? This is where I am right now. My only child has decided to get married. I tried to talk her out of it, not because I don’t like her boyfriend but because at 18 and 20 I feel that they are too young. … Continue reading

Super Mom? Not So Much!

As a single mom, I sometimes have to stop and remind myself that I am not Super Mom. I cannot do it all by myself. I do not have all the money in the world. I do not have enough energy to keep moving all day, nonstop. And I need to remind myself many times that this is all ok. This recent frustration comes from my daughter’s new softball schedule. This is her first year playing softball (although she has played basketball and soccer in the past). She has two games each week, some of which are almost an hour’s … Continue reading


I read this tweet the other day and couldn’t stop laughing: “Had an argument with my 7yo today and she threatened to film me with the flip camera and put it on YouTube. And she totally would.” Thankfully, my 5-year-old is still figuring out how to manipulate her Fisher-Price digital camera, so any potential photographic evidence she plans to use against me is currently relegated to still images only. Be that as it may, her photo experiments have already been the subject of raised eyebrows, concerned stares, and whispers between teachers at her school, all thanks to her voyeuristic, stalker … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: Why Can’t You Breastfeed a Baby on a Schedule?

Question: I always hear about how you’re supposed to breastfeed on demand but I have a problem with this. First of all, I feel like the baby needs to work on my schedule, not me being a slave to the baby. Second of all, I don’t think it’s healthy for babies to “snack” like that. Doesn’t that just set them up for bad eating habits later? Thirdly, I think it spoils a baby to respond every single time they cry. And finally, if my baby is on a schedule won’t he sleep through the night better? In responding, I have … Continue reading

The Sunday Evening Review–December 17

We have been busy here in the homeschooling blog, and despite the upcoming holidays, we have been writing up a storm. Here’s this week’s Sunday Evening Review–in case you’ve missed something. Last week Andrea started what I hope will be a regular feature: the vocabulary word of the day. This week she shares four new words with us: syncretism, autodidact, extreme and mediocrity. Not sure how to use one of those in a sentence? Then you must check out the blog!! In Homeschoolers Control Their Children’s Environment, Andrea shares with us some things that we as parents can “control” such … Continue reading

Going Back to Work after Placement

Many times nowadays, mothers find themselves having to return to work when their maternity leave is up. Sometimes this is due to a desire to continue in their career or, in some cases, moms feel they just need a break. More often I hear there is a need financially for the mother to return to work in addition to her husband. With single parent adoptions, there is commonly no other option than to work. Returning to work after placement of your new family member is a very debatable subject. When you give birth to your child, it probably won’t have … Continue reading