Hot Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets, just as other aspects of the home, feature new trends and must have styles. If you are building a new home or just looking to do a remodel or a renovation, consider the following hot kitchen cabinet styles. Plain and simple cabinets are becoming the most wanted look. I am glad I learned about this style, since our old cabinets are plain, and we were considering adding some trim. Smooth cabinet doors without any detail is the style that is becoming most popular. Door and draw pulls that are either absent or small and clean are being featured. … Continue reading

Cabinet Refacing: Veneer and Edge Banding

Two excellent cabinet re-facing products are wood veneer and edge banding. While you can hire someone to re-face your cabinets, the avid do it yourself homeowner should be able to achieve professional results with these materials. The process is pretty straightforward, you’ll save a lot of money, and you’ll avoid the stress of remodeling, while still achieving the look and feel of brand new cabinets. It’s clear why wood veneer is a very popular choice when it comes to updating cabinetry. Veneer is not just a covering with the look of wood. There is nothing “faux” about it. It is … Continue reading

More Work than Simple Staging, but worth it

Staging a home tends to revolve around simple, less permanent tips, tricks, and ideas. While many of these ideas are great and really will help sell a home, sometimes a little more effort is required. While you may not be able or willing to engage in a complete renovation, there are some updates you can do that will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home, the sale price, and the length of time your home is on the market. The key is to make things seem as fresh and new and possible. Outdated items scream … Continue reading