The Hankie Dress from Modest Goddess

Have you heard of Modest Goddess? Modest Goddess is an Etsy shop run by a very creative woman named Melissa. The clothing runs from baby sizes to toddler sizes and above. When I shop for clothing for my little ones I am looking for something which portrays their femininity, innocence, and sweetness. Where else would I think to look but a store called Modest Goddess? Sweet handmade creations which have a vintage yet bright and sunny feel are what you will find. I love handmade dresses and clothing for the unique style and promise of high quality. I was not … Continue reading

Author Interview: Michele Ashman Bell on Modesty

Michele Ashman Bell is a bestselling LDS author who has joined us in the past here on With the release of her new novel and its emphasis on the importance of modesty, I’ve invited her back to speak with us on this most important topic. Michele, thank you so much for joining me today. Can you tell us about your recent release? “A Modest Proposal” is about Lauryn Alexander, a fashion designer in New York, who is determine to design high fashion, but modest, clothing. She is convinced that not all women are built like runway models and not … Continue reading

Where Can I Find Modest Clothing?

We know we’re supposed to dress modestly, but it’s so hard to find modest clothing at the store. Most department stores carry clingy, tight, low-cut or high-cut styles that reveal more than we feel comfortable revealing, and sometimes it’s just easier to wear our old clothes than it is to find anything new. The Internet just may hold some answers for us. Mikarose is a relatively new company that specializes in modest dresses. Their sizes range from extra small (yeah, like anyone is really that size) up to 18. The dresses are chic, modern, and . . . modest. You … Continue reading

Young Women: Modesty

One common thing that many young women struggle with is dressing modestly. Often this is based more on a desire to fit in with the mold, then anything else. It is important to help your young woman realize the importance of dressing appropriately and treating her body respectfully. Here are five tips on helping your young woman with modesty. 1) It is important to begin young. If your daughter understands that she should not wear sleeveless dresses and tops at four, then it will be easier to enforce at fourteen. Also it is hard to set forth an arbitrary date … Continue reading

Teaching Modesty: Creating a “Private Zone”

All children are vulnerable to predators—people who might want to take advantage of their innocence. Children on the autism spectrum and those with developmental delays are obviously even more at risk because of their inability to understand what behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate. An adult or older child might confuse a special needs child with terms that seem harmless like “friendship” or “hugs” or “secret.” And even if our children are never put in a dangerous situation, they could inadvertently embarrass themselves by exposing or talking about their private parts at improper times and places. Especially as our children approach … Continue reading

Looking For Modest Clothes?

Well, like it or not summer is really coming. I happen to like it, but I was not expecting the 90-degree weather that hit today. So it is time to pull out all that summer clothing. I am tired of all of my summer outfits, and to be honest, not a lot of them fit. So I decided to go browsing and see if I can find some clothes that are modest and that fit me. I found a lot of sites. If you are looking for a modest swimsuit for you or your daughter you should visit This … Continue reading

A Moment on Modesty

This blog might end up sounding a little bit like a rant, so I apologize in advance. I have a four-year-old daughter, and I am appalled at the clothes that are available for her to wear. It is becoming more and more difficult to find clothes that are modest. I was excited that my daughter was going to be able to move out of the baby section, and up into children’s clothing. Well I was, until I walked over there. Everything I saw was either way too tight, or sleeveless or baring a midriff. It honestly makes me ill to … Continue reading

Where Can I Buy Modest Clothing?

As pants get lower and shirts get higher I shudder to think what clothes will be like when my own daughters are teenagers. As a mother I want my girls to dress modestly. I like John Bytheway’s analogy. He said a person is their face not their body. So we shouldn’t dress to call attention away from our faces to our bodies. We want people to look at who we are and that is found in our face and reflected in our eyes. Dressing modestly ensures that people keep their focus on your face, on you. As my husband and … Continue reading

How to Hide Clothing Stains

It is inevitable, isn’t it? That one piece of clothing that you decided to invest in seems to be the one that attracts the stains, while the worn out old comfy outfit seems to stay pristine. At least, that is how it seems to be in my house. Recently, we spent a little bit more money than we wanted on a couple of back to school dresses for my daughter. We still got them at a discount, but it was no where near the savings we were used to enjoying. We were desperate to find modest dresses, and unfortunately I … Continue reading

My Saturday Yard Sale Bargains

Yesterday was a good day for yard sale bargains for me. Our township was doing its annual yard sale day. Anyone in the town can register their yard sale, which was printed on a detailed map. That means that there were more than 30 different yard sales happening within just a few miles of our home. Because of yard sale day, many people in the town saw it as an opportunity to really clean out their houses for the first time since last year. This means that there are plenty of rock bottom bargains and a lot of interesting finds. … Continue reading