Pregnancy and Last Minute Changes

Yesterday I found out that one of my two midwives left the practice.  Yesterday also happened to mark a calendar month before my due date.  As you might guess, in my hormonal state (and given that I’m also just kind of a worrier anyway), I found this all upsetting. Now that there’s only one midwife, there’s a chance I might have a regular obstetrician deliver my baby, if my midwife isn’t on call when I go into labor.  Not only that, it will be one I won’t know, because all of my prenatal appointments have been with my midwives.  It’s … Continue reading

Switching Doctors: It’s Never Too Late

It’s been said hundreds of times, but it always bears repeating: it’s never too late to switch doctors.  If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with your doctor, you can switch.  It doesn’t matter how early or late into your pregnancy you are, whether you mostly feel all right with your current doctor, if you can’t put your finger on exactly why you don’t feel completely comfortable, or if you’re just curious to see what else is out there.  It’s OK.  Shop around.  Meet with other doctors.  Switch if that’s what, deep inside, you want to do: you’re not being unreasonable … Continue reading

Wedding Rings and Gender Roles, Pt. 2

Last time I examined the discussion over whether or not men should have to wear wedding rings. Just about all of the arguments either for or against skipped one relevant consideration: whether or not women should have to or even enjoy wearing them. Only one article I found briefly acknowledged the idea: the author said that neither of her parents has worn a wedding ring for decades, for a variety of reasons. That’s all we’ve got: in the wedding rings debate we have in-depth considerations of male class traditions, shifting perspectives of masculinity, and a man’s role in a marriage, … Continue reading

Time For A New Car

Car problems, they are the absolute worst. Especially when you know nothing about cars. Recently my car has developed quite a few problems. It was getting older and starting to break down, a lot. Since I have to be able to get to work, my car was not a luxury, it’s pretty much a necessity. As a single mother it is even more of a necessity. I need to have a vehicle I can depend on, no one wants to broken down on the side of the road with their kids. Or even scarier, not be able to pick your … Continue reading

Building a Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship

Getting divorced is so much more complicated when there are children involved. The marriage may be over, but this person will continue to be a part of your life for the next 18 years because of the simple fact that you have children together. This is one of the most difficult things about divorce; you get a constant reminder that your marriage failed and that you now have to share your children. Like it or not, you are tied together for life. You now have to find a way to navigate your new co-parenting relationship, which trust me, is a … Continue reading

Sparkler Safety

The 4th of July, what fond memories we have of fireworks, sparklers, lots of good food and running around outside long after dark. It was always so much fun and I don’t remember any injuries. Things have changed and with all the fireworks that you can buy in any store now, the incidence of injuries rises. I learned today that sparklers burn at 2,000 degrees and are the number one reason for firework related emergency room visits. As a child, I didn’t know that, as an adult, I’ve experienced it first hand. When Hailey was little a group of us … Continue reading

Living Up to the Proverbs 31 Woman

Whether or not you are a fan of the Bible, you might be familiar with the Proverbs 31 woman. She is what some consider being the “ideal” type of wife, mother, worker and housekeeper. Many a woman has tried to live up to her standards. Not only is she a woman with strong character and integrity but she is quite industrious. She rises before the sun is up and works late into the night. She is considered to have great worth in the eyes of her husband, who trusts her with all things. She would never bring him harm, only … Continue reading

Hiring A Parents’ Helper

One way that home – based professional parents can get a little extra help with the kids from time to time is to hire a mother’s (or father’s) helper. A parent’s helper is different than a babysitter in that the parent is usually at home while the helper is helping out with the children and the household tasks. Selecting a parent’s helper is similar to selecting a babysitter, so be sure to choose someone that you know you can trust and who is reliable. As with any child care situation, it is often good to set up a trial run … Continue reading

A Baby Blessing

In the LDS church, we believe that we should be baptized when we are old enough to know right from wrong. As little babies, we don’t sin simply because we don’t know right from wrong. We also don’t believe that by being born we are born with sin. So, in our church, we do not baptize infants. But, having a new infant is still a very special time. That little life brought into a new home is so magical. You can’t help but feel how close they are to their Heavenly Father, and you can’t help but worry about the … Continue reading

Finding More Time To Work

Being a home – based professional gives me the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. Of course, for me, any time means any time that my son is napping, sleeping, or in the care of my husband or another loving relative. Anywhere does mean just that, though. Today I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the places that I have taken my trusty laptop in the interest of getting work done when the opportunity presents itself. Why today? Well, today I am sitting in the waiting room of the phlebotomy lab at a hospital an hour away … Continue reading