Cthulhu AllSpark is not a Good Baby Name

How did you decide upon the perfect name for you son or daughter? Many parents choose names that have been handed down in their families from one generation to the next. Others pick names that are popular in the year the baby was born. One couple decided to break with tradition and ask “the internet” to select a name for their baby girl. Poor thing almost got named Cthulhu All-Spark! How did this very unique name get suggested? It didn’t come from either of her parents! Stephen McLaughlin, a software developer, decided to ask the Reddit community to suggest some … Continue reading

Target Coupons for LifeSavers, Kraft, Arm & Hammer, and More

Target puts links to special coupons into its weekly online ad. I’m not sure if you can get the same coupons by picking up a copy of their sales paper. Here is a quick look at the coupons that are featured this week, as well as some that are not quite as new (but still good). Nicorette has a coupon that will save you $5.00 when you buy a “select smoking cessation item”. The ad that goes along with this coupon has information about how Nicorette’s smoking cessation program works. Tidy Cats has a coupon that will save you $1.00 … Continue reading

Beachy Keen

Don’t let your family getaway go undocumented this spring.  If you are planning to escape to the sun, sand and surf, be sure to take plenty of pictures, collect a bunch of mementos, and then create eye-popping scrapbook layouts to preserve all of the good times. Beach-themed page designs are fun to make.  Use the opportunity to flex your creative muscle by incorporating items you collect during your vacation with the myriad of scrapbooking embellishments available in stores and online.  For example, consider bringing home a small container or Ziploc bag of sand from the beach and adding it to … Continue reading

Clive Davis Irks Kelly Clarkson

Yesterday, I blogged about Clive Davis coming out of the closet at bisexual at the ripe old age of 80.  He has actually been bisexual for years, just didn’t let the public know until he revealed it in his recent memoir, “The Soundtrack of My Life.” It seems that he revealed something else in the memoir – something incorrect according to client Kelly Clarkson. In the book, Davis said Clarkson has “a decidedly independent streak” (Hello?  Her first single was  “Miss Independent”) and “often speaks in public before she realizes the implications of what she’s saying.” He also said Clarkson … Continue reading

Clive Davis Comes Out

In the recent past, many celebrities have come out of the closet.  It seems that as each opens the closet door, the fanfare drops further and further.  Just a few weeks ago, Jim Nabors, at age 82, married his longtime partner. Music exec and record producer Clive Davis has worked with such musical greats as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Kelly Clarkson, Carlos Santana, Barry Manilow, Jennifer Hudson, and Christina Aguilera.  And this week, he came out as being bisexual at the ripe of age of 80. Davis admitted in his new memoir, “The Soundtrack of My … Continue reading

Life Skills: Cooking

The kitchen provides a wonderful opportunity for learning.  A child can see first hand how to divide, add fractions, and cut something in half.  Science in the kitchen is always a highlight of a homeschool day.  The kitchen often serves as a lab for homeschoolers.  Yet, there are times a kitchen needs to be a kitchen.  Sometimes cooking for the sake of learning to cook is valuable. As parents it is our duty to teach our children life skills.  One such life skill is cooking, safety in the kitchen, and safe food handling and food prep.  Often these skills are … Continue reading

Be Gentle

There was a woman I knew growing up who lived at the end of our street. I remember another woman in our ward talking to my mother about how much she wished that she had this other woman’s life. On the outside she appeared the have the perfect life; married, with three beautiful children, a nice house in a nice neighborhood. To this woman it appeared that she had it all. Little did she know that this was her second marriage. Her first husband beat her and her son on countless occasions. She had been through a nasty divorce and … Continue reading

Kids Gain Even More When They Lose

Look at that million dollar grin. And by a million I mean nearly 50 bucks. The Tooth Fairy has been very, very generous to my daughter. Since this picture was taken, roughly three weeks ago, my 8-year-old has pocketed an additional $20 from the Fairy who pays for falling enamel. That’s way, way more than the average kid makes experiencing this normal rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, but that’s mainly because the Tooth Fairy’s generous grandparents also add in several dollars to sweeten the pot. Take the Fairy’s parents out of the mix, and most kids these days … Continue reading

Literature Study: Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley: Brief Biography Mary Shelley was born in Somers Town, London, on August 30,1797. Her mother was a feminist and philosopher who died 11 days after Mary was born. Her father, William Godwin, raised her and her older sister. William Godwin was a political philosopher that firmly believed in the rights of the individual. In 1814, Mary began a romance with a political follower of her father, Percy Shelley. Percy was married when he and Mary, 17 at the time, travelled through Europe with Mary’s stepsister. By the time they returned to England Mary was pregnant. The shame followed … Continue reading

Phyllis Diller Dead at 95

The world lost a truly iconic comedian yesterday. Phyllis Diller died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Los Angeles yesterday at the age of 95. (This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0) Diller was a pioneer for women comedians. She set the way for all of today’s female comedians, even Joan Rivers, who Diller called her protege. Rivers paid homage to Diller yesterday saying that Diller was the first to compete with male comedians and taught her something important – to be “very simple.” Much of Diller’s comedy centered on home life – something many … Continue reading