What’s Best for a Cat: Inside or Outside?

Did you know that attitudes toward cats are almost completely opposite in the United States verses the United Kingdom? Not the entire thought about cats, but whether or not they should go outside. In America a popular thought is that it’s better to keep the cat inside. Conversely, in Great Britain it’s often considered cruel not to give a cat the option of going outdoors. Our neighbors lived for a while in England. They applied to the RSPCA for a cat and were almost denied because they didn’t have a kitty door that would allow the cat to go inside … Continue reading

Designing Your eBook Cover

The cover design for your new ebook is very important. Take your time and do not be afraid to ask for opinions. I recently make three mock ups of an ebook cover and the one several friends chose was not my first choice. So, get some opinions but follow these tips to get the best start. *Your book will be judged by the cover. Fair or not, that is the way the book sells. You need your eBook to appeal to your target audience. Think about your audience as you chose a cover. For instance, if your book will appeal … Continue reading

Do You Take Medical Advice from the Internet?

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I made a beeline for my local book store where I proceeded to empty my wallet purchasing every parenting guide under $25. I voraciously consumed the stack of parenting advice books penned by so-called experts. Then, I gave birth and everything I read pretty much evaporated into thin air. Seven years later, I’m still learning how to raise a child. However, these days I rely more on instinct than other people’s opinions and experiences; which is not to say that I’ve stopped reading studies on what makes kids tick. Rather, … Continue reading

Kaiser Permanente Workers Strike Over Health Care

Contract negotiations have broken down, once again, between Kaiser Permanente and workers who are represented by the National Union of Healthcare Workers. This has lead to a workers’ strike. The central issue seems to be about proposed cuts to the worker’s health insurance coverage. A one-day strike took place recently in Santa Rosa, California. The workers who went on strike were those who were represented by the National Union of Healthcare Workers, or NUHW. This union represents people who work as mental health staff, and opticians, in hospitals. The strike was supported by Kaiser nurses, who were with the California … Continue reading

RootsTech and the Book Vendors

The organizers of RootsTech 2012 caused quite a bit of drama when they decided to ban book vendors from their exhibition space. Many genealogy bloggers have spoken out against that decision. Since then, RootsTech choose to revise its original decision, and allow at least some book vendors at RootsTech 2012. There are many genealogists who have taken the time to write a book about the things that they have learned in their years of research. These books could be about how to get the most out of a search through a particular archive, where to go to find records from … Continue reading

Frugal Practices You Won’t See Me Doing Any Time Soon

Once in a while I run into yet another frugal idea that I probably will never try for myself at home, either because it is impractical or it carries too much of a ew factor for me. I try not to judge anyone who practices their frugal ideas, I mean most people think that I’m being too cheap when I was out baggies, but some ideas I simply can’t get past. Here is my current list of frugal practices you won’t see me doing any time soon. Save on water usage by shaving only one leg at a time and … Continue reading

So far so good

As the end of the month of July gets near I started reflecting on what I have written this past month. This was my 2nd month writing for families.com and I thought it was time for some self-evaluation. Writing about mental health can be scary sometimes. I have worked in the field for awhile and developed my own personal thoughts and opinions about some things, but when sharing information with others I pressure myself to ensure current research is in the mix. It can get hard, partly because research is boring and partly because a single research experiment outcome does … Continue reading

Silk 10 Day Challenge

I love a nice tall cold glass of skim milk. Even so, for quite a while I have flirted with the idea of giving up milk entirely. My desire to give up dairy caused me to think of all the areas that I use it on a daily basis. I use it for cooking, baking, cereal, smoothies and in my coffee not to mention ice cream or frozen yogurt. The problem for me with dairy is the caloric intake, cholesterol, and the fact that dairy does not always love me back. For someone with sinus trouble, I have been told … Continue reading

Short Answer 2

Last week I wrote a post examining the joy of the short answer question instead of the mulitiple choice answer. I’ve always felt that limiting answers is a really boring way to demonstrate knowledge (particulalry in the digital age of answers at your fingertips). Multiple choice questions also don’t allow the student to demonstrate their own unique knowledge about a subject. While I’m certainly able to teach a class I’d be missing out if I only let my own ideas grace the classroom. The students have a way of keeping things up to date. How would I know if they … Continue reading

Resolving Conflict in Marriage – part 2

One of the biggest problems, where there is conflict in a marriage, is one person feeling they are not actually being heard. So it is important that you listen and acknowledge your spouse’s feelings. Even if you disagree or think they are misinterpreting events or comments, for the moment keep that to yourself. Just let them know firstly that you love them and are actually hearing what they are saying about how they are feeling. If you are too quick to jump in with your own opinions or own version of events, it will effectively shut them down and they … Continue reading