Fun with the Pregnancy Diet

One of the assumptions I made about pregnancy prior to becoming pregnant is I’d have a diet-related Get out of Jail Free card.  I knew that there are certain foods it’s best to avoid, but I thought at least I’d have a free pass to eat, well, not quite as much as I wanted, but to feel a bit more guilt-free about evening ice cream binges. That turned out not to be the case at all.  First off, the whole “eating for two” thing isn’t true.  At most, you should eat for one and a quarter.  In addition to that, … Continue reading

Pregnancy Awareness Month (Part II)

With the support of “Healthy Child Healthy Word.” P.A.M. are getting the word out about healthy pregnancy. Today’s blog will focus on what P.A.M. has found to be the Five Things Pregnant Woman Complain About. Number One: Excess Weight Gain Pregnancy plays quite the number on the pregnant woman’s body. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes into storage mode. So that pint of ice cream you could eat pre-pregnancy and burn off with a good cardio, isn’t going to happen during pregnancy. The recommended weight gain for a pregnant women with a healthy BMI is 25-35 pounds. There are many … Continue reading

Pregnancy Discrimination Complaints on the Rise

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington D.C. tracks complaints of pregnancy related discrimination in the United States each year. The organization has reported a dramatic increase in complaints for the year 2007. In fact, the number of complaints has been gradually increasing over the past decade, despite the fact that discriminating against pregnant women has been illegal for 30 years. In 2007, pregnancy discrimination complaints increased by 65 percent, representing a significant increase over prior years. This information was released by the National Partnership for Women and Families on the 30th anniversary of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The Pregnancy … Continue reading

Going Past the Due Date wtih a VBAC

Women with prior c sections are beginning to question the logic that “once a c section, always a c section”. As a result, more women are attempting a VBAC delivery for their second pregnancy. In some cases, doctors may be hesitant to let the pregnancy continue past the due date. Some are going as far as recommending c sections up to a week before the actual due date. You may be wondering what to do in such a situation. It is really important for both you and your doctor to remember a due date is merely an estimate. There have … Continue reading

The Let’s Talk Pregnancy Blog in the New Year

In closing my very first month as a Pregnancy Blogger, I am closing out a year as well. I would like to say thank you to those of you that have read my entries so far. I’m having a wonderful time writing about a topic that is very near and dear to me. I hope you all are enjoying reading as much as I am writing. Here is a look-back on December 2006 and a look forward to the things I will touch on in the New Year: I talked about a lot of things that relate to the first … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Pregnancy Support Groups

Aside from proper prenatal care and nutrition, the most important thing a pregnant woman needs is emotional support. The obvious sources include husband, family, and friends. But very rarely are all these people going through what the pregnant woman is going through at the same time. It can be very rewarding to branch out to sources of like-kind, and the internet offers many. is one such source of pregnancy support. Visiting the Pregnancy Forums will lead you to other women to chat with about the many issues of pregnancy. These women are going through pregnancy just as you are, … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Calculating Your Due Date

The concept of a due date was first established in the early 1800s. At that time, Franz Carl Naegele officially declared that pregnancy was full term at 10 lunar months past the first day of a last normal menstrual period. These days, due dates are determined in much the same way, with the exception that 40 weeks is considered full term. Unsurprisingly, a lot of stock seems to be put on the Due Date. However, the calculations that lead us to a date can often be deceiving. For instance, several factors seem to play into a finding a correct calculation. … Continue reading

Swimming in Pregnancy

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are well documented. Women who exercise throughout the pregnancy are better able to maintain a healthy weight gain, have an easier time during labor, experience fewer complications and tend to lose the weight easier after the birth. Most doctors agree that low impact exercises are best for most pregnant women. Swimming is a great low impact exercise for pregnant women. Swimming has many benefits for pregnant women. When you swim, you use most of the muscle groups in the body. It is also a good cardio workout. Swimming increases circulation, improves muscle tone and … Continue reading

Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

Pregnancy discrimination isn’t supposed to happen anymore, yet thousands of women file complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission every year. The basis for these complaints include not being hired for a job, being fired for pregnancy, not being promoted and being denied benefits due to becoming pregnant. Although this still happens, it is illegal and there is something you can do about it. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Your rights under this act cover being hired for a job and protect your job after you become pregnant. Under the … Continue reading

Babies Having Babies

I had just crossed the threshold into teenhood when CBS ran a Schoolbreak Special called:  “Babies Having Babies.”  It was directed by Martin Sheen and starred my idol Lori Loughlin and Jill “The Love Boat” Whelan as pregnant teens who meet up at a group counseling session. The show was one of my first introductions to the relatively unknown world of teenage motherhood and a far cry from today’s mega-hyped MTV reality TV hits “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” Critics have long claimed that both series glamourize teen pregnancy and encourage young girls to procreate outside of marriage.  Meanwhile, … Continue reading