Understanding the Language of Birth

Throughout your pregnancy, you will likely be reading about birth. You will encounter some words and phrases that will be unfamiliar. Learning some of the common language used during birth will help you feel more confident and prepared. Active labor is the phase of labor when your cervix reaches four centimeters until it is fully dilated. These contractions are more intense than early labor contractions. Analgesic medications are used to help dull the pain of labor. Some of these medications are given intravenously through an IV and others are injected into the muscle tissue. Back Labor occurs when the mother … Continue reading

Positions for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is best for you baby, but it’s not always easy. Some problems, such as improper latch and sore nipples, can be corrected by trying different positions. Learning about the different ways you can hold the baby will really help. The best time to learn about breastfeeding is during pregnancy. You will be tired after the baby is born, so arm yourself with knowledge now. Cradle Hold The cradle hold is the position you probably imagine when you think of breastfeeding. This position is most often shown in pictures of nursing mothers. The baby is held at the bend of … Continue reading