Homeschooling Week in Review June 9, 2007 – June 15, 2007

Last week on the homeschooling blog, I continued the glossary of books homeschooling parents should read. Stay tuned, there is more to come. In addition, I answered a great deal of questions from people curious about homeschooling. Here is the homeschooling blog week in review June 1, 2007 – June 8, 2007 09 Jun 2007 Homeschool Glossary (Books Parents Should Read) B-C by Andrea Hermitt New homeschooling parents should learn as much about homeschooling as possible by reading many different sources. Here continues my Homeschool Glossary of books parents should read. 11 Jun 2007 Homeschooling Week in Review … Continue reading

What are Prep Schools?

There are several different titles for what most of us call a prep school. Some of you may have heard them called university preparatory schools, college preparatory schools, or just preparatory schools. Many shorten the name to simply prep school. No matter what you call them they serve the same purpose. These schools are private schools that are designed to prepare students for college. Most are a secondary school. However some do include a junior high and an elementary section. The title prep school is mainly common in North America. Other locations such as Europe often call their preparatory schools … Continue reading

Steps to Enrolling Your Child in a Boarding School

There are some required steps to take if you plan for your child to attend a boarding school. The recommendation from most schools is to start planning one year in advance. You need to gather the proper paperwork and complete the admission forms. Many boarding schools have an admission cut-off date at the beginning of the year either in January or February. Refusal or acceptance letters are usually mailed out sometime in March. International students must meet vaccination requirements. These students must also complete international traveling guidelines such as visas and passports. Many boarding schools require students to take an … Continue reading

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

In a previous article, I discussed the characteristics of a boarding schools. I also wrote an article that described the various types of boarding schools that children may attend. In this article, I will discuss a different type of boarding school. While boarding schools are for all types of children with all types of parents, many of us think of troubled children with bad behavior being sent to a boarding school. This is true of some schools. There are special boarding schools for troubled children. The children are typically in their teens. Parents with children that struggle with behavior and … Continue reading

Types Of Boarding Schools

In my previous article, I discussed the basic characteristics of a boarding school. In this article, I will address the various types of boarding schools that students may attend. All Boarding Schools The most common type of boarding school that comes to mind is the all boarding school. In all boarding schools, all of the students are boarders. All students live on campus. Boarding Day Schools At a boarding day school, most students live on campus. However, students who live nearby or in a nearby neighborhood may choose to travel on a daily basis. Five-Day Boarding Schools At a five-day … Continue reading

What Are Boarding Schools?

After hearing my husband jokingly comment that we needed to send our children to boarding school, I began thinking about the term boarding school. What is a boarding school? I had a basic idea in mind but I had never researched the topic. Therefore I decided to put some time into the characteristics of boarding schools. According to dictionary terms a boarder is somebody paying for food and bed: somebody who pays for a room and usually for daily meals, in a private home or boarding house. In my research I found several different types of boarding schools. The traditional … Continue reading