Your 18-Year-Old “Child” is Technically an Adult

In the United States, a person legally becomes an adult when he or she reaches age 18. This might be a shock to parents whose 18-year-olds are finishing high school and living under their roof. Parents need to be aware of certain things that change the minute their “baby” turns 18. Your child will always be your “baby”, no matter how old they become. However, legally speaking, that “baby” turns into an adult on his or her 18th birthday. Parents need to prepare themselves to accept this fact. An adult is not legally obligated to check in with his or … Continue reading

Tiger Mother Parenting Can Lead to Problems

What’s your parenting style? Many parents use the same parenting style that they were raised in. It is comfortable, familiar, and fits their cultural background. Parents also strive to raise their children in a way that will teach them to become successful, self-sufficient, adults. Sometimes, it turns out that a particular parenting style is not as advantageous as people might assume. A study found that the “Tiger Mother” type of parenting is not helpful (and might do more harm than good). What is a “Tiger Mother”? The Macmillian Dictionary defines it as: a very strict mother who makes her children … Continue reading

Protecting Preschoolers from Choking

Dealing with a picky preschooler at the dinner table may be the least of your concerns, according to a new study.  Instead of stressing about your child’s refusal to eat his veggies, researchers warn parents that they should be carefully monitoring four year olds while they chow down on classic kid favorites, like hot dogs, as the number of choking incidents among preschool-aged children is dangerously high. Researchers say a staggering 34 children a day are admitted to hospital emergency rooms due to choking.  That translates to more than 12,000 emergency room visits a year, though the study’s author notes … Continue reading

Quick Facts About Homeschooling

Have you ever wondered about the statistics that relate to homeschooling? How many kids are homeschooled? How well do kids that were homeschooled do in comparison to kids who attended public school? You may be surprised by what these quick facts about homeschooling show! For many families, the decision to homeschool their children is one that they feel is a calling. These parents are not going to change their mind no matter what. Other families choose to homeschool because they are dissatisfied with their local public school (and cannot afford to send their kids to private school). There are also … Continue reading

A Pen for the Teacher

Every year I buy oodles of school supplies.  A quirk about homeschool moms is that we love to buy school supplies.  In fact, we can get downright giddy for the right ones.  My shelves are filled with paper, binders, scissors, markers, crayons, pencils, pens, folders, and all the trimmings.  Even if my supply is full I still take advantage of school supply sales.  You can never have too many pencils or too much paper, right? While most of my school supplies consist of items for the kids, every now and again I like to keep up on teacher supplies.  I … Continue reading

Getting Fit without the Gym

I’m looking forward to school being out for all sorts of reasons, such as having time for daily adventures with the kids. I am also looking forward to school being out so I can get back to my morning walking/running group. Each morning, the group meets at 6am and walks or runs until about 7:30. One my oldest hit middle school (sixth grade here), I had to drop out due to his earlier start time. Once school is out, he can sleep in and I can go work out. Fitness groups are free, and working out with someone else often … Continue reading

Maximize Your Garage Sale Income

Need a quick $200, $300, $500 or even more? Why not hold a garage sale in the next few months? You’ll clean out your clutter and make some extra cash for the upcoming summer season! It is a win-win situation. To maximize your garage sale income, you’ll need to make sure of a few things: Your sale has a good selection of items You have a lot of traffic to your sale You make your sale easy to shop You price your items correctly. Let us take a look at the above factors in more detail. A Good Selection of … Continue reading

7 Ways to Save on Cereal

Cold cereal can be a quick and easy breakfast, not to mention nutritious, if you select it carefully. With less than a minute to spare, the first meal of the day can be on the table, and your morning can commence. Cereal can also serve as easy-to-eat snacks, packed in lunch boxes or available after school and on car trips. The problem with cold cereal, though, is that it tends to be on the expensive side for the amount purchased, plus it can be consumed very quickly. Depending on your family size and dynamics, a $4 box of cereal could … Continue reading

Disney Princess: Story Theater {iPhone/iPad App}

  App:  Disney Princess: Story Theater Cost:  $2.99 For:  Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Ages:  Preschool and up Category:  Education Description:  Little girls can practice the art of storytelling with their favorite Disney princesses.  They will be thrilled to record their own stories, move the characters around, and allow friends and family to see their creation. Features: Amazing artwork Ability to record your own voice. Ability to allow others … Continue reading

Off-Season Savings

Reset your season and save. Shopping against the season for goods and services is one of the best ways to save on practically everything. Why? Because when other people aren’t spending money on certain items or services, companies need to up the incentives to generate interest. One big example of seasonal savings is on travel. You’ll pay a lot less for travel in the off-peak seasons. For example, you can pay up to 80 percent higher for accommodations at Disney World during the Easter or Spring season as you will during the value or off-peak season. This makes sense since … Continue reading