Do You Employ High-Tech Sitters?

What do you use to keep your children occupied while waiting for your food at a restaurant, driving to grandma’s house or zipping through the aisles at the grocery store? I doubt the answer is dancing, unless you’re doing it on a video that you posted to YouTube and can be viewed on your kid’s favorite electronic device. Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of parents admit to using a tech toy to entertain their children, and experts predict that number will likely rise in the next decade. In other words, iPads, handheld video … Continue reading

Are We Reliant on Techology to Parent?

When I first got my iPhone I was amazed at all the apps for children. There are hundreds of thousands of games and educational apps for children as young as three. I thought it seemed illogical to have a cell phone with so many apps for a child too young to have a cell phone. Now, I realize these apps are also on the iPad but again how many children need an iPad? Before I go on I must say that I recognize that the educational apps on the iPhone and iPad can greatly benefit children with learning disabilities. My … Continue reading

Animated Doesn’t Always Mean Appropriate

I have a confession; I actually saw two of the movies that were nominated for a 2012 Best Picture Oscar: “The Help” and “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.” So, yeah, I guess pigs do fly from time to time. That monumental accomplishment hasn’t happened since giving birth to my daughter more than seven years ago, so you’ll have to excuse my forgetfulness. What can I say; parenthood = memory loss. Typically, if I recognize any title nominated for an Academy Award it’s from the Animated Feature category. That’s where I really connect with Oscar since becoming a parent. In fact, … Continue reading

Mister Rogers Returns

Sure I loved Trolley, the fish tank, Mr. McFeely, and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, but as a kid, the part of “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” that sent me to the edge of my seat each day was the ritualistic sneaker and sweater swap. I held my breath daily wondering if Mr. Rogers could change out of his blazer and dress shoes and into his trademark cardigan and canvas sneakers before he hit the last note of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Unfortunately, my young daughter would never get to experience the same heart-stopping thrills. Fred Rogers and his award-winning PBS program … Continue reading

The Importance of Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

With all of the technological innovations that have come into common use in recent years, it’s easier than ever to run a business from home. While technology is an essential part of any home based business, the 24/7 instant access that it provides may leave you feeling like you can never completely “unplug” from your business. The question is, what effect does being on-demand, all the time have on your business and personal life, and how can you balance being available for your business with being available for your family, yourself, and your life. An unfortunate consequence of the instant … Continue reading

Caregiver Danger Signs

Whether you are looking for full time care for your baby or just an occasional babysitter, here are some signs you can look for that may tell you that your caregiver isn’t right for you and your child. Your baby is your most precious possession. I once heard the advice that you should never leave your baby anywhere you wouldn’t leave a million dollars. And of course, your baby is priceless and much more important. Here are some danger signs that warrant a closer look at your caregiver. She doesn’t follow standard safety advice If your caregiver puts your newborn … Continue reading

Church Announces a Training Meeting

The church announced that a worldwide leadership training meeting is scheduled for February 9, 2008. The time will depend on your local area. The training meeting is for all members age eighteen and older. This is the first time that all members are invited to attend a leadership training meeting. Worldwide leadership meetings are broadcasts that are used to reach leaders around the world. They address specific leadership needs and questions. I had the opportunity to attend two several years ago and I was impressed at how well the church used this format to teach principles and still convey the … Continue reading

Concerns of Public Education: A = Attitude

This is my first article in a series of A to Z concerns of public education. I am very passionate about my job and would choose no other career. However there will always be imperfections and things that we would like to change. My first concern that I would like to address is the attitude of the general public in my community toward education. A is for attitude. In my area the attitude toward public education is not as supportive as I would like it to be. Actually it is not necessarily the attitude toward public education that is not … Continue reading

Should Television Be Used in the Classroom?

We all know that schools, daycares, babysitters, and preschools allow children to watch television at some point to some extent. The question is should they? I am guilty. My kindergarten students do not watch television in my class on a daily basis. However, I have used the television for several different reasons. I have shown videos pertaining to our lesson as an instructional method. I have also used television as a treat for students during our daily snack time. In addition to these reasons, yes I have used it as a babysitter. Please let me explain!! Kindergarten children do not … Continue reading

Home Monitoring Systems—Good or Bad Christmas Gift?

Home monitoring systems are often touted as being one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Think about it: the devices let you keep track of your home and family while you are away, and with the latest technology integrated in the systems you now have the option of keeping tabs on your home and your children (when you leave them alone or with a babysitter) via your cellphone. Advances in technology allow you view what’s going on at home when you’re gone by providing live streaming video 24/7. Can you imagine… leaving your teens home for a night … Continue reading