Don’t Let Your Finances Hold You Back from Your Dreams

Stuck in a rut? Want to embark on a new career, become a stay at home parent, go on a fabulous vacation, buy a new home? Whatever your dream for yourself and your family, don’t let financial trouble get in the way. You can fulfill your dream despite poor finances if you stay focused, have a plan and spend your energy on working toward your dream. The first step is really make your dream a real goal. Write it down, tell others about it, find a picture that represents your dream and paste it in a prominent place. Next, figure … Continue reading

Learning Marriage from Your Parents

I was raised with somewhat progressive views on marriage.  It feels strange to even be typing that, and it’s certainly nothing I ever thought growing up.  I know that on the overall spectrum of views on marriage, the ideals with which I was raised would only be in the middle, and probably closer to the conservative side of the middle.  But it’s still so surprising to me how many people aren’t even that far. I’ve already shared my story about my college roommate.   The reason she and her boyfriend didn’t talk for years about division of labor in the household, … Continue reading

Summer Reading Series: Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote

The economy, job growth, health care, contraception, and foreign policy don’t mean much to first and second graders. However, give them the chance to vote on whether or not they can run in school hallways, eat ice cream sandwiches for lunch or take a field trip to the circus, and all of a sudden, learning about elections, voting, and democracy is cool, yo. Score another win for Amelia Bedelia. The pint-sized politico channels her inner activist in Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote. If you are looking for a light summer story that’s heavy on humor and will surely help prevent seasonal … Continue reading

Home Based Professionals, Hold Your Heads High

Sometimes I like to take a little time to think about what has changed from the time that I started my two home – based businesses a little over two years ago until now. Today, I realized that one major change that has occurred over that period of time is how I think about myself and my businesses. That has impacted the image that I present to others regarding not only myself, but my businesses as well. Believe it or not, I think that these changes are responsible from my transition from being not busy enough and looking for additional … Continue reading

Need Inspiration? Read About Other Home Based Professionals

Whether you are a home – based professional or you are thinking of becoming one, it can be very inspiring to read about other people who have made the transition from the traditional workplace to working on their own. Today, as I was taking a little time to have some fun and do some online window shopping on Etsy, I also took some time to look at the Etsy blog. As many of you know, Etsy is an amazing online marketplace where sellers can sell only handmade and vintage items. On the Etsy blog, there is an ongoing series of … Continue reading

Are You Qualified to Run a Home – Based Business – Part 1

If you are a stay – at – home parent, you may be wondering whether you are qualified to start your own home – based business. Let’s look at how your previous work experience, paired with the skills that you have acquired through the work of being a parent, could translate into a skill set that can enable you to start a home – based business. As an added bonus, thinking through this exercise may even point you in the direction of what your new home – based business could be. This is both a fun and practical thing to … Continue reading

Is A Home – Based Business Right For You?

If you are thinking about starting a home – based business, you may be wondering whether there is a way that you can know if starting that home – based business is the right thing for you to do. After all, you have heard that home – based businesses are not for everyone, so what exactly is it that makes some people suitable for home – based business and not others? Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to get started on thinking about this important topic. Do you like to be in charge? Before you blurt … Continue reading

Setting An Example For Your Children

One thing that work at home parents may not think about very often is the example that they set for their children. Whether you have started your own home – based business or you have a job where you work from home, your children are learning from your example. This is a very good thing. I grew up in a home where my dad worked outside of the home and my mom stayed home to raise my sister and I. As a child, I certainly enjoyed having a parent taking care of me at home. As I grew older, I … Continue reading

Giving Thanks for My Home Based Businesses

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I love the idea of dedicating an entire day to reflecting on things that we are thankful for and spending time with loved ones. In fact, one of the things that I enjoy the most about it is that the arrival of Thanksgiving gets people in a grateful and appreciative mood before the actual holiday as well as during and after it. Today, I would like to join my fellow bloggers Richele McFarlin and Stephanie Romero in expressing thanks for my home based businesses. My two home based businesses have given me the freedom … Continue reading

When Your Work Drops Off

Working from home, especially as a writer, you can’t always rely upon getting work. In my particular job, it is less about getting work and more about how much I get. Toward the end of each year, things definitely drop off and suddenly I find the income isn’t as good as it had been. Now I really try to stay positive about things. So yesterday when I got an email from my editor, forewarning me that the next few week’s things would slow down, I had a choice to make. I could get down about it, I could complain or … Continue reading