Alicia Silverstone Wrote a Controversial Parenting Book

Babies (and children) do not come with an instruction manual. Sometimes, parents wish their children did come with one that would provide inspiration and the answers that parents need. This is likely why so many parents seek out books on parenting. As such, there are plenty of them to choose from. Alicia Silverstone (the actress from the movie “Clueless”) has written a parenting book that many people consider to be controversial. The book is titled “The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful, Beginning”. It was published on … Continue reading

Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

Will this be the school year when your child begins attending preschool? That can be a tough decision for many parents. Some feel that preschool is very important in helping a child with social skills and to learn how school “works”. How can you tell if your child is ready for preschool? Here are some signs that indicate that he or she is ready to give preschool a try. Your Child is in Good Health. Preschool can be an exciting and fun growth experience for every child. Unfortunately, being around a lot of other children can expose your child to … Continue reading

Potty Learning Happens – Eventually

When I became a mom, I had no idea about the amount of judgments that people make about moms every day. It does not matter whether the judgment comes from another mom who does things differently than you do or from your parents, or even from random people at the grocery store – it does not feel very good. Even worse, people make judgments about things over which you have no real control, like when your child becomes potty trained. Since every child is different, every child potty trains in his or her own time. This is such a simple … Continue reading

Learning the Alphabet Part II

Learning should be fun and self propelled.  I had witness my son easily find interest in learning abouts of things that he came in contact with.   I had yet to determine definitively whether or not I should take a more active and forceful role in my son learning the alphabet. By the time my son had turned two his interests had grown exponentially but he still seemed to lack an interest in learning the alphabet. I did not push.  We were getting ready to welcome our second child and I was focused on getting things prepared for her birth.  I … Continue reading

Is Home Day Care the Work at Home Option for you?

I know a woman who provides home daycare.  I would often see her sitting on her porch relaxing.  To my surprise, she was not enjoying a day off but a short respite from the children in her care.  Screaming and an incident of a toddler biting a baby would be what jolted her back into her work day.  She would feed them the same meal daily with a watered down drink.  The watered down drink was not to limit sugar consumption but to stretch her own budget.  She once told me of a day care provider that gave the kids only … Continue reading

Getting Road Trip Ready

I just realized today that in just a couple of weeks, my husband, the boys, my parents, and I are going to embark on the biggest adventure that we as a family have ever had. In the past, I have pretty much been a seat of the pants type of girl when it comes to travel. I am not sure if that is such a wise approach to take on a road trip from Vermont to Florida that involves four adults and two kids, so I am beginning to do a little bit of planning. There once was a time … Continue reading

The Potty Learning Journey Continues

Today, Dylan took another step in the direction of declaring his independence from diapers. The way that we are approaching potty learning with Dylan is to let him lead the way. Yesterday I casually mentioned to him that we would be going shopping for clothes soon. He asked me if he could get real underwear. I told him that since he was doing well with learning to use the potty, we could get some underwear because we do not go shopping that often and we would want to have the underwear close by for when he was ready to use … Continue reading

Potty Progress

If there is one thing that parents of toddlers should know about potty training, it is that each child will follow his or her own unique path to potty independence. There are many ways to approach potty training, and each method works well for some children. The question of when to begin potty training is as big of a decision as the method that you will use. At my house, we are employing a laid back, no pressure approach to using the potty. We bought Dylan a potty when he was about two years old. He was curious about it, … Continue reading

I’m A Big Kid Now

Potty training. Are there any other words that can make a parent want to throw up their hands in surrender? Some kids are so easy to potty train, they practically come out of the womb wearing Barbie panties, others, we wonder if they are going to school in pull ups. As a single mother diapers are an extra expense, and the sooner you can get rid of them, the easier it is on your wallet. However, being a single mother makes potty training more difficult. Usually your child spends time with people other than just you, and not everyone is … Continue reading

A Busy Guy

My son is a busy guy. His day begins when ever he wakes up (like most kids) usually around eight in the morning. Sometimes he will climb into our bed with some toys and play which always involves playing with his baby sister. Rousing us (the parents) at eight in the morning is sometimes difficult given how late we end up going to bed, but he does a fairly good job by climbing on us and typically putting his feet, knees, elbows, or hands in our faces. Now that he is potty trained, he will need to use the potty … Continue reading