Potty Learning Happens – Eventually

When I became a mom, I had no idea about the amount of judgments that people make about moms every day. It does not matter whether the judgment comes from another mom who does things differently than you do or from your parents, or even from random people at the grocery store – it does not feel very good. Even worse, people make judgments about things over which you have no real control, like when your child becomes potty trained. Since every child is different, every child potty trains in his or her own time. This is such a simple … Continue reading

The Potty Learning Journey Continues

Today, Dylan took another step in the direction of declaring his independence from diapers. The way that we are approaching potty learning with Dylan is to let him lead the way. Yesterday I casually mentioned to him that we would be going shopping for clothes soon. He asked me if he could get real underwear. I told him that since he was doing well with learning to use the potty, we could get some underwear because we do not go shopping that often and we would want to have the underwear close by for when he was ready to use … Continue reading

Potty Progress

If there is one thing that parents of toddlers should know about potty training, it is that each child will follow his or her own unique path to potty independence. There are many ways to approach potty training, and each method works well for some children. The question of when to begin potty training is as big of a decision as the method that you will use. At my house, we are employing a laid back, no pressure approach to using the potty. We bought Dylan a potty when he was about two years old. He was curious about it, … Continue reading

Does Your Toddler Stall At Bed Time?

Sometimes it can be difficult to discern whether your toddler’s bed time requests for things like a drink or a trip to the potty are legitimate or whether they are attempts to push bed time later into the evening. If the requests are for real, of course you do not want your child to go thirsty and of course you want to support him in the process of learning how to use the potty. On the other hand, if he is stalling, you want to send a clear message that such behavior is not appropriate. If you are anything like … Continue reading

Potty Training

I admit that I find potty training one of the worst parental tasks I have encountered in 14 years of parenting. It always seems like an impossible task no matter how many times I have done it. Some moms are giddy with excitement updating their social media statuses telling the world that potty training will now commence in their home. I am never that excited. I always wish the child would some how magically potty train herself. I dislike the task so much that I offered to pay my teenager to potty train my last child. She decided she didn’t … Continue reading

Potty Time? Not Right Now

One of the big experiences that parents of toddlers encounter is potty training. This evening, I realized that Dylan really has not started potty training at all. He wants to wear training pants, but he does not want to stop playing outside or whatever else he is doing to let me know that he has to use the potty. He does not even tell me when he needs to be changed. It is probably a good thing that he has not started potty training, though, because I have not yet educated myself about how to do it. I want to … Continue reading

Potty Training Problems Solved!

For most parents the thought of potty training can be a little overwhelming to say the least. It’s hard to know where to start if you’ve never done this before. You may feel as if you have tried everything under the sun and nothing is working. Don’t worry, they will get the hang of it, it just may take a little time. I started potty training Logan when he was about two and a half, but when we got divorced he reverted back to diapers within a week or two. This is normal, but after a month or two I … Continue reading

Potty Training Our Son Part XIV

Before we began this potty training journey, I was positively terrified. I did not know what to expect and I did not know how successful we would be after several failed attempts. It seemed to be an arduous task that all parents have to tackle at some point in their child’s development. My only real experience with potty training was as a nanny. The parents did all the work, I just followed their instructions and never gave potty training another thought. It was quite different when I was faced with potty training my own child knowing that I would have … Continue reading

Potty Training Our Son Part XIII

Potty training continued into week four with great success. Sometimes our son would announce that he had to go pee or poop and sometimes he would just go by himself (very exciting). He continued to request gum for his rewards which I soon realized was a little too much since it is not entirely consumable. He would end up with a mouthful of gum that would become an obstacle to eating meals. Either way using the potty was not our son’s problem at this point. Our newest potty training development had to do with his clothes. He started telling us … Continue reading

Potty Training Our Son Part XII

After our grocery store adventures and visiting grandma and grandpa diaper free, we successfully reached another milestone of potty training. Our son continued to use the potty with relative ease for the rest of the week (he still required assistance wiping after a poop). He only had two accidents during the course of the whole week and woke up most mornings with a dry diaper (another hurdle to be conquered in the near future). We seemed to be well on our way to long term potty training success. Week three of potty train started out quite well. He was using … Continue reading