Sitting Can Kill You

Just when you start to feel pretty good about your health, a new study comes along to smash it all to smithereens.  Apparently, exercising isn’t enough if you sit on your bottom for more than six hours a day. After doing some quick calculations I realized this is the case for me.  Like millions of others, I have a desk job.  So I am pretty much forced to sit. Not only are they saying it’s bad for your health.  It could even be killing you! Why?  Our bodies go into shutdown mode when we are sitting.  Doing this for long … Continue reading

Scheduling Tips

Any endeavor that requires organization and scheduling on a regular basis is fragile in the hands of a flawed human. Homeschooling is one such endeavor which can turn from calm sunny skies to a thunderstorm with little warning. The storms come to every homeschool family at one time or another. Yet, a state of chaos should be the exception and not the rule. If you are living in a chaotic homeschool situation, it will frustrate everyone involved, and that is does not make for a proper educational atmosphere. Homeschooling is busy, crazy, fun, exhausting, amazing, and full of ups and … Continue reading

What is Your Six Month Old Up To?

My little guy is 6 months old today! Six months!! To me, it seems like yesterday that he was born, and now, he’s been a part of our family for half a year. This stage is so much fun. As far as mobility, he has mastered rolling over, and loves to bounce his legs. When you hold him on your lap, he just wants to stand up and bounce. This is the stage where the bouncy chair comes in very handy! He can easily get any object into his mouth, and he is quick. So, he has been nicknamed grabby … Continue reading

Whiz Kids

Tweens and teens get a bad for being irresponsible with their finances. Often, kids blow through cash like there is no tomorrow purchasing items that nearly always end up trashed, forgotten or consumed within a very short period of time. What’s more, in most cases, the money teens bleed through is earned by mom and dad. Instead of shedding blood, sweat and tears to earn a buck, many kids these days simply beg, whine or threaten their way to financial gain. Fortunately, not all teens perpetuate this stereotype. In fact, one 14-year-old is breaking the mold by making wise financial … Continue reading

Encouraging Your Child to Keep Going

We sign our children up for activities and sports because of the fun and the education. Often we allow the child to pick a sport or instrument to gage their interests. Some parents get discouraged when a child seems to have a lack of interest in any extra-curricular activities. The reason is simple. A child does not have the experience or knowledge to know what he may like. The same way we make them try different foods or know the right Christmas gift even when the child gave no direction is how we guide extra-curricular activities. Yes, you simply pick … Continue reading

ADHD Symptoms Get Clearer as a Child Ages

Does your child have ADHD, or is he just “active”? This can be a difficult question to answer if your child is a toddler. As your child ages, however, certain symptoms of ADHD become easier to identify. This could be why some children are not diagnosed as having ADHD until they reach junior high. Symptoms of ADHD include an inability to sit still for long periods of time, a difficulty with being quiet, a tendency to have problems focusing on a specific task, with following directions, and with listening to a person that is speaking to the child who has … Continue reading

How to Cope With Your Child’s Diagnosis

Your child has just been diagnosed with a developmental disorder, or with a mental disorder, or with a serious health condition. This is going to be a traumatic experience for any parent to go through. Here are some suggestions about how to cope with this knowledge. Perhaps you always had a “feeling” that something was “different” about your child. Maybe you have taken your child to see doctors and specialists, in order to confirm or deny your suspicion. You might have visited with a psychologist or other mental health practitioner who observed your child. After all this, you finally get … Continue reading

Tennessee Insurers Must Cover Hearing Aids for Kids

As of January 1, 2012, health insurance companies in Tennessee are required to cover the cost of hearing aids for all children who need them. This will help parents of children who have hearing loss to be able to afford new hearing aids when their child needs them. The new law connects to a previous law that involves determining how well children hear. Health insurance is strange. In the past, some health insurance companies were refusing to provide coverage to children who had a pre-existing condition. Recently, regulations were made into law that requires all health insurance companies to cover … Continue reading

Does Arthritis Run in Your Family?

When genealogists put together their medical family tree, they tend to include information that points out which ancestors had certain kinds of cancer, or who had heart issues. You might also want to make a note of relatives who have arthritis. If it runs in your family, CNN has a quiz you can take that will help determine how likely it is that you have it. Arthritis is something that seems to run in my family. I can remember my grandmother telling me when her arthritis was bothering her. As far as I can tell, it seems to have affected … Continue reading

Curriculum Favorites and Disappointments: History

As the school year comes to a close it is time to reassess what is working and what needs to be expelled from my homeschool. I will be taking the time to list curriculum that I loved and curriculum which led to disappointment. Some of the curriculum was sent to me for review and some I purchased. Nothing I reviewed has been given favor nor was I required to review it for this site. I will start off by giving you my assessments of History programs I have become familiar with over the past few years. I apologize if anything … Continue reading