Understanding How the Law of Attraction Attracts Love or Loneliness

A few weeks back Woman’s World had an article about an over forty woman who thought her hopes of ever getting married were about washed up. I wished I had saved the article because I don’t exactly remember the whole story about how she finally found love, but it had to do with changing her thinking and using the law of attraction. Love Charms and the Law of Attraction I want to say a friend had bought something like a cake topper and held on to it with the unshakeable faith that it would help guide her true love to … Continue reading

Pea Pod Mates

Photo by Radoslaw Wyjadlowski You’ve heard the expression “peas in a pod” right? And probably the term “soul mates.” Who hasn’t? Pea pod mates are soul mates who have peas in a pod chemistry. They’re the best of friends and it’s impossible to think of the one without the other. They just naturally go together. Characteristics of Pea Pod Mates Their connection is eerily uncanny to that of twins. It seems like they know what the other’s thinking and can anticipate reactions effortlessly. They do things like end each others sentences, know when the other’s hungry (and what they’re craving), … Continue reading

An Ensign to the World

“Every member a missionary,” that’s the slogan we’ve heard since we were old enough to comprehend . . . anything. Indeed President Spencer W. Kimball admonished: ““Should every young woman, should every father and mother, should every member of the Church serve a mission?” Again, the Lord has given the answer: Yes, every man, woman, and child—every young person and every little boy and girl—should serve a mission. This does not mean that they must serve abroad or even be formally called and set apart as full-time missionaries. But it does mean that each of us is responsible to bear … Continue reading

Interview with Author, Julie Wright

Deseret Book author, Julie Wright, is an intriguing individual. With a fulfilled lifelong dream of owning a grocery store, she and her husband live in a small Utah town. From her website: “To give a little background on me, I was raised in Salt Lake City and attended Brighton High School where I met the love of my life. After a few detours at BYU and “dear-Johning” him while he was on his mission to Sweden, he came home and we got married. We moved to a little town in west central Utah, and opened up the only grocery store. … Continue reading