Tiger Mother Parenting Can Lead to Problems

What’s your parenting style? Many parents use the same parenting style that they were raised in. It is comfortable, familiar, and fits their cultural background. Parents also strive to raise their children in a way that will teach them to become successful, self-sufficient, adults. Sometimes, it turns out that a particular parenting style is not as advantageous as people might assume. A study found that the “Tiger Mother” type of parenting is not helpful (and might do more harm than good). What is a “Tiger Mother”? The Macmillian Dictionary defines it as: a very strict mother who makes her children … Continue reading

What’s Holding You Back?

Logan and I both went to the doctor today. We both have Influenza Type A, which basically means we both have this tiny microscopic germ that has taken over our bodies and left us feeling rather miserable. Not only are we both feeling a little miserable, we’ve also been banned from going back to school for the rest of the week. Logan’s not too concerned about this of course, but I know it will leave me trying to play catch-up in the weeks to come, which as a single mother is rather daunting in and of itself, but to be … Continue reading

Bad Habits to Break

We all have habits; some are good and some not so much.  Many of these habits are ones we’ve developed in our marriage, which means that some need to be broken and others need to be developed. Let’s consider some bad habits that can creep up in a marriage.  The first is criticizing.  Isn’t it funny how the things you once found endearing have suddenly become an annoyance?  Or ever notice how after being married for an extended length of time, you only notice the negative qualities in your spouse? Both of these can cause a critical spirit to rise … Continue reading

Take a Deep Breath

I have a confession to make. I give great advice, but I haven’t been following it lately. I’ve been letting the stress of life get to me. So much so that I had a major melt down last night which in turn led my body to tell me to quit it. How does my body tell me this you ask? I woke up with a cold sore. I had never had one of these until I met my ex-husband, one of the many negative things he passed along. But now, whenever I let the emotional stress consume me I inevitably … Continue reading


I found out my ex-husband is getting remarried tonight. What’s worse, he didn’t have the nerve to tell me himself, I found out through Facebook. At first I was in shock. Wasn’t it only a few months ago that he told me he wasn’t getting married again anytime soon? Wasn’t it only a year ago that he was trying to get back together? While I am thoroughly convinced that getting divorced was the best decision in the world for me, it is hard to watch my former husband become somebody else’s. Not because I want to be with him, but … Continue reading

Parents of Kids with Autism Worry About Stigma

Parents of children who have autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome, are concerned. They worry that their child will now be stigmatized because of all the talk that indicated that the shooter in Connecticut had Asperger’s Syndrome. Autism Speaks has some helpful advice. Let me briefly summarize the background of this topic, for those who are unaware. First, there was the tragedy in Connecticut that happened when Adam Lanza went into an elementary school and started shooting. Following the tragedy, there were many responses. The President made a public speech. Several bloggers (myself included) wrote about some aspect of what happened. People … Continue reading

Homecoming King Wins by a Landslide

If there is going to be a homecoming, then there must be a Homecoming King. In California, a student with special needs decided to run for Homecoming King. His fellow students made certain that he not only won, but won by a landslide. Finally, a happy story about this year’s homecoming events! The selection of Homecoming King, and Homecoming Queen, is a very big deal. I’m not certain exactly what these two titles were intended to represent, but I do know that it generally comes down to a popularity contest. The most popular teens win because they are able to … Continue reading

Finding The Good In Today

I was about to sit down and write something about toddlers and testing limits. After all, there was a whole lot of that going on around here today. It seemed as if Dylan and I went from one tense situation to another as he pushed and pushed and pushed some more. Of course, the fact that I went to bed late last night did not help matters any, because it is much easier to deal with typical toddler behavior when one is well rested. While my day did contain plenty of fodder for an article about why and how toddlers … Continue reading

Stop Hurting Your Children

Why can’t we all just get along? Words made famous for a different battle but apply just as much to people after a divorce. Divorce is one of the worst things you can go through, for you and your children. Even worse though are the battles that often continue after the divorce is final. Every day I see people who have turned completely against their ex’s and are trying to drag their children with them. How is it fair to a child to talk negatively about their other parent. I’ve heard parents tell their children that their father doesn’t love … Continue reading


One of the tenets of good parenting is teaching children about consequences. But what happens when kids see adults act inappropriately and not have to suffer a penalty for their negative actions? Well, you get a situation similar to the one described in my fellow blogger Stephanie Romero’s post about her son’s recent high school graduation ceremony. In her blog, Stephanie detailed the frustration she felt when several parents blatantly defied the principal’s plea to remain silent while the graduates’ names were being announced and diplomas were being handed out on stage. From what I gather from reading Stephanie’s post, … Continue reading