Ultimate Homeschool Planner

Is the Ultimate Homeschool Planner really the ultimate? Count your blessings while charting your family’s homeschool journey with this gorgeous day planner from best-selling author Debra Bell. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner will help you prayerfully prioritize your family’s lessons, assignments, and activities as well as academic and personal growth goals for each of your children. Includes teaching helps, record-keeping, and pages to document God’s faithfulness throughout the year. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner ~$28.00 I collect planners like Pooh collects pots of honey.  Like Pooh, the inside is normally empty.   You see, I know how to use a planner but … Continue reading

Have You Ever Kept A Scripture Journal?

These days it seems like we are living in a digital world. I have the scriptures on my IPod that I can easily pull out and read. In church, I frequently see people using their smart devices to read their scriptures in class. My primary chorister even uses her IPad to lead the music each week. While technology is a beautiful tool, I wonder about its effects on my own scripture study. No longer do we use red pencils to read our scriptures. And, are the days gone where your children might catch you reading your scriptures and be inspired … Continue reading

Interesting Copywork

Copywork is a necessary component to the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling. It may not always be a hit with the students, but it teaches more than penmanship. Although penmanship is sometimes improved by copywork, a student will develop skills to enhance narration, composition and writing. So, can we squeeze any more learning out of copywork? I have managed to use copywork time for bible memorization, math rules, language rules, and language lessons. I find the beautiful thing about using a Charlotte Mason approach is that you can tailor it to fit your family. Charlotte Mason is an applied method … Continue reading

Misconceptions – Part 2

Misconceptions can affect us in the Christian life. Misconceptions can even cause us to give up on our faith. As a child I made a commitment to Christ. Sadly, either no-one explained to me at the time that I once I became a Christian I would not instantly become perfect and sinless. Or if they did, I never heard it. The result was that even through I read my bible, went to church, prayed and tried to live a Christian life, in my eyes I failed because I still sinned. This led me to conclude that it obviously hadn’t worked. … Continue reading

Homeschool Curriculum Glossary Index

After spending the better portion of two months making a homeschool curriculum glossary, I thought an index page was in order. Click on the curriculum you are interested in and you will be taken to the page that contains the description for it. 10 Days of Multiplication A Basic History of the United States A Beka A Child’s History of the World A Child’s Story of America A Reason for Handwriting A Reason for Science A Reason for Spelling About Three Preschool Workbooks Accelerated Achievement Accelerated Christian Education Activity Math Add em Up Alpha Omega Lifepacs AmblesideOnline American Girl Books … Continue reading

Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (Hold-How Great)

Hold that Thought products come from a Christian Based Company that uses teachers, home educators, and artists to create materials for homeschoolers. The materials are designed to build reasoning, research and writing skills and are geared toward visualization and spiritual growth. Products include Timeline cutouts, History, religious instructions, and music. Home Science Adventures (homeschool science) are 1-year program science curriculum kits. This program is for grades 1-8. Available programs are The Astronmy Adventure, Discovering Birds, The Magnetism Adventure, Microscopic Explorations, Discovering Insects, the Wonders of light and more. Home Science Tools provides science and discovery kids for grates k-12. You … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Motivate Your Child to Read

Encouraging our children to read can sometimes be a daunting task. Although some of us are blessed with avid readers, many of us live with the child that would rather “wait for the movie to come out”. Listed below are ten strategies to help your child develop a passion for reading. 1. Build a Well Stocked Home Library. When the boys came to live with us, we had no children’s books in the house. Every book was geared for an adult. Since then we have added two bookcases and three very long shelving units above them to accommodate the books … Continue reading

Liken the Scriptures: David and Goliath

On today, Veteran’s Day, we pay tribute to those men and women who have given of themselves to fight for our freedom. I’d like to also pay tribute to those who fight for our religious freedom. David of the Bible did both. In the first Bible-based movie in the Liken the Scriptures lineup, Spencer has finished reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover, and he feels pretty good about it. But then he gets a phone call from the stake president, asking if he’ll give a talk in stake conference about his experiences reading the Book of Mormon. … Continue reading

The Hidden Job Market: Part Two

Research is the most important tool the Internet can provide on any subject. It is estimated that 59 percent of Net-hired employees were found through tthe company’s own website. Job boards were utilized some 14 percent of the time. The hidden job market has a far-reaching but invisible arm. Even a formidable magician like Houdini couldn’t find it without the help of research tools. The “underweb,” which goes beyond the scope of the more traditional search engines may well provide some answers for the active job seeker. The Usenet News Groups offer little chat rooms that attract people with like … Continue reading