Organization for a Half Bathroom

Our half bathroom, on the main floor gets a lot of use. It is one of the central hub of our home. The family, the kids’ friends, service people, even casual visitors wind up using it. Because of this, it has to be stocked with various items. from extra rolls of toilet paper and several hand towels, to band-aids and antiseptic, to tissues, combs and lotion. Not wanting to go all the way up or down the stairs, certain dirty clothing items, such as stray socks, hand towels and jackets wound up accumulating in the corner of the bathroom since … Continue reading

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I’m a bit of a recycling nerd. I like to feel like I’m doing my part, I haven’t quite figured out how to reduce the amount of trash we generate so I’m trying to recycle and reuse as much of it as possible. Sometimes this simply means looking at things in a different way. There are many things we toss every day that can help us keep our homes a little tidier. The first one being paper towel and toilet paper tubes. How many of these does your family go through in a week? Start saving them, they have many … Continue reading

Understanding Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is a very important component of conception. Without it, sperm has no chance of ever reaching the egg. Cervical mucus aids conception by protecting the sperm from your body’s acidic environment and providing easy transportation to the egg. There is nothing quite like it; it can’t be replaced with artificial lubricants. Cervical mucus changes throughout your cycle. As you approach ovulation, it becomes thick and white. You may notice globs of it on the toilet paper after you wipe or you may find it in your underwear as you approach ovulation. If you are trying to conceive and … Continue reading

Are You About To Ovulate?

When you’re trying to get pregnant, timing is everything. Trying to “catch the egg” is kind of like playing that penny pusher game at the carnival (you know, the one where you have put push coins through the slot to land on the conveyor in just the right spot to push a prize off the edge the next time the bar slides forward?). It’s easy to miss ovulation. You may not even get pregnant if you nail it, either. Sometimes, trying to get pregnant month after month feels like you are wasting your coins. Statistically speaking, you have about a … Continue reading

The Great Household Debate

Okay, here is one of the top debates in many households. Huge arguments have been fought over this one. Whole factions of people have taken sides one way or another. This issue can pit brother against brother and father against son. Some families have learned to adapt, with one person getting his way and the others paying huge therapy bills. Some lucky families see things the same way and grow stronger. Others fall. What is this great household debate? Ready for it? The debate concerns a personal issue: which way to hang the toilet paper (or bathroom tissue in polite … Continue reading

Frugal Living Month in Review: June 2008

What a happy month is June, filled with the renewal of spring and the promise of summer. In the last month, we have shared so many ideas for frugal living and saving money. This past month has seen some pretty big increases in food, gas and other items (look for an upcoming post about strawberries increasing more than 100 percent). Now more than ever, it is important to save money where we can. This is why I decided to do a month in review. June 2nd Frugal Living Review: May 26th Through June 1st Garage sale shopping has got to … Continue reading

Wal-Mart Freebies

In my previous blog, Freebies at Target, I stated that I am trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to spend 2-3 hours a week organizing my coupons. Can I really cut down our grocery bill by using coupons? In my Target experiment, I saved $22.95 when I bought cat food and toiletries with my coupons. Next, I went to Wal-Mart. I divided my groceries into two categories – food and household items. I bought $42.05 in household items for $4.20. I used 32 coupons. Here’s what I found: 10 cans of Meow Mix Cat Food for .46 … Continue reading

JetBlue’s “Toilet Man” Talks

You had to know this guy wasn’t going to stay quiet for long. Think your last flight on JetBlue Airways was bad? Well, I doubt it was as horrific as the one Gokhan Mutlu sat through a couple months ago. The New Yorker says his flight from San Diego to New York stunk—-literally. And, guess what? He’s now suing the airlines for more than $2 million because of it. “It” includes being forced to sit on the plane’s toilet for more than three hours during a flight from San Diego to New York. According to court papers, Mutlu maintains that … Continue reading

More Quick, Easy Staging Tips

Following yesterday’s article, here are some more quick, easy home staging tips: Freshen up the Bathroom Bathrooms (and kitchens) sell homes. You’ll hear it again and again, because it’s true. So, it is imperative that bathrooms feel fresh and clean. Before an open house, you will obviously want to clean the bathroom thoroughly. Then, add a few simple touches to make it feel even fresher and cleaner. A nice air freshener with a subtle, clean scent is a good idea. Also, switch out things like soap, towels, and even toilet paper. Put a new roll of toilet paper in the … Continue reading

Spencer and Heidi: A Case Study in Living Together

A couple weeks back I wrote about a show I watch on MTV called The Hills. It follows the lives of four girls as they deal with friends, careers, dating, and all the other stuff life throws at you in your early twenties. One of the girls is Heidi. Last season she hooked up with a guy named Spencer. They had a tumultuous beginning. He seemed to be two-timing her with one of her good friends, Audrina. (Someone else the show follows.) Then when Heidi was supposed to go out of town but a last minute change kept her in … Continue reading