Two by Two

The other night we went over a friend’s house for a party.  I was wondering where we’d all park, because there are 18 people coming, and I didn’t think many of us would carpool.  “We’re all going to be coming two by two,” I said.  I made myself laugh, but it’s true.  When you run in married circles, people tend to go places two by two. I already covered how I resent the idea that Jon and I are attached at the hip.  The group of friends I saw is the same from quiz night.  Most of us go to … Continue reading

Jim Nabors Marries in Seattle

As you know, same-sex marriage has been in the news – A LOT!  Gays are still fighting to be like regular couples while many heterosexuals feel that marriage should be reserved for males and females. Some oppose homosexuality because they say that lifestyle is more promiscuous than heterosexuality.  I beg to differ and here is a prime example. On January 15th, actor/singer Jim Nabors, best known for played the television character “Gomer Pyle,” left his home in Hawaii to travel to Seattle, but he didn’t travel alone.  No, Nabors took Stan Cadwallader with him.  Cadwallader has been Nabor’s partner for … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty: A Strange Fairy Tale

Charles Perrault’s “La Belle au bois dormant” (literal translation “the Beauty sleeping in the wood”) is a bizarre little tale. Some people might find Walt Disney’s adaptation of the story as soporific as the curse upon Aurora, but at least it has narrative consistency. So many of the things that happen in Perrault’s story leave (modern) readers scratching their heads, and that’s on top of the hefty dose of terrible messages for women, something that didn’t come as a surprise after I read the 17th century Frenchman’s take on Cinderella. Up until the point of the teenage princess’ pricking of … Continue reading

Who Does Most of the Housework

Do you do the majority of the housework in your home? A recent study has reinforced what we all already know, women, including working mothers, do the majority of housework, cooking and childcare. Why are people surprised by this? Since the dawn of time women have been responsible for the majority of housework. The division seems to be, women take care of the inside of the house and men take care of the outside. As we raise our children we reinforce those roles. Little girls help fold the laundry and run the vacuum. Little boys help mow the lawn, fix … Continue reading

I Wouldn’t Miss This For The World

It really is the simple things in life that make it all worthwhile. There is nothing better than the sound of Hailey’s laughter. Ever since she was a baby if she laughs too hard she gets hiccups. Now that she is all grown up she still does that. I wonder if her father remembers that about her. The hardest part about being divorced is trying to explain to your child why her father isn’t there. I’ve tried so many times, made a million excuses but inside my heart breaks for her. How can he not want to be part of … Continue reading

Young Adults Have Insurance and Medical Debt

One of the great things that the Affordable Care Act has put in place is the ability for young adults to be covered under their parent’s health insurance plans. This is one of the most popular parts of the ACA. The coverage is helping, but, many young adults are still struggling with medical bills not covered by their insurers. On September 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act required health insurance companies to provide coverage for young adults who are under the age of 26 on their parent’s health insurance plans. Previous to this regulation, insurers were able to drop coverage … Continue reading

Evil Spirits and Sword Fights: More Wedding Tradition Origins

Today I want to share some of my favorite origins behind wedding traditions. The traditions themselves aren’t my favorites, but I’m very tickled by their roots. These traditions have to do with the wedding party and originated in medieval Europe. It’s easy enough to imagine why a bride is surrounded by bridesmaids; they often spent the night with the bride before her wedding to make sure that she wasn’t visited by any men before becoming a wife. But that’s not the only reason for their presence. Centuries ago brides and their maids all dressed alike (which is why bridesmaids still … Continue reading

Small Business Focus: Avodah Coffee

Business Profile: Avodah Coffee Avodah Coffee is owned by Jordan Heights, married to Jessica Heights from the blog Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility. They not only make delicious coffee but raise four adorable children. You can see from the Avodah site that they are fun people that take coffee very seriously. I love a company that understands the seriousness of coffee. Most of us wouldn’t make it out of bed each morning without it. From clearing the fog out of our heads to chatting with friends coffee is a welcome companion. Avodah Coffee is a success because they simply … Continue reading

Friendship: the Foundation of Marriage

Last week my husband and I made cookies for breakfast. It is supposed to be healthier to eat a batch of cookies, or really any dessert, early in the morning rather than later at night. This way we have more time to burn off those extra calories. That’s not why we made them, though. We made them because the night before I’d experimented with making Pasta Puttanesca (not bad, though I think in the future I’d just swap the anchovies for tuna), and its smell still hung around the kitchen. I figured the best way to get rid of it … Continue reading

Unexpected Difficulties with Wedding Invitations

I had a hard time choosing my wedding invitations. I suppose you could say I was a stereotypical picky bride about them, though I never got angry or chewed anyone out. I just wanted something simple, and I couldn’t find anything on the market that fit. I did have an ideal wedding invitation, and it was totally possible to make. The idea came from a close friend of mine. He said it should just be a blank white card, with the words “We’re Getting Married” alone on the front. Opening the card would reveal the simple words “You Should Come.” … Continue reading