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    How young do you think is too young to watch the new Narnia movie? Although it is for the most part a positive childrens type movie there are definatly parts taht could scare some small children. What age group do you think should be the cut off to watch it now that its out on DVD?



    I think it might vary depending on the child. For instance, my best friend’s niece loves the Lord of the Rings films while I was in one theatre in which a child had to be removed because it went into a fit of screaming.

    There are some great morals in Narnia and a great sense of adventure which kids love, but some scenes might still be disturbing. I’d say look over the films that the child enjoys and compare and contrast them with Narnia. There are issues of death and separation that might cause stress to one child, but might not bother another.

    I read the book as a child and loved it, but with a movie, it’s so much more visual and real.



    well i have just got it my daughter and she is 7 and she is watching it now will let you know her respnose



    Excellent :) I can remember reading some probably “inappropriate” books for my age level when i was five and six. It todays society I really am not sure wwhat “appropriate” is now.



    My four year old really enjoyed it. She likes “scary” movies or rather the thrill of slightly scary things. But Narnia really isn’t that bad, as far as scary goes. She also loves movies that are older than you would think. But she didn’t even act like she was scared during Narnia at all.



    hi i asked my 7 year old what the film was like said it was fab i asked her if it was scary her reply not really . she said the best bit was when the lion killed the witch (kids) i havent seen it yet but my partner watched it later on and said it was good



    I really enjoyed this movie. I was compleatly in love with the books when I was younger however, and still amm to some extent. I really liked te cartoon versions that had been made previously, theres something about putting it on the big screen thats great however.



    My 4 year old watched it at the theater when he was 3. He absolutely loved it. There are a lot of movies he found much more intense – like 8 Below, Ice Age 2, etc. I’m not sure he got everything there is to get out of Narnia but he absolutely adored the movie, was never scared or upset and is now asking me to get and read him all the books. I think it depends heavily on the child. If your child is sensitive, easily frightened or intense, it is always good to wait or at least watch the movie at home so you can fast forward through scary parts or take breaks.

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