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    hi my names pat
    i just have this on my mind and i need sum opinions.
    ok my gf and i are expecting a boy, Nathaniel-colton on may 19th,.2010.
    see we have a decent strong relationship now and i rly love my gf.
    i know we had sex one time, the end of her last period she had was july 29th 2009 ish… ok i know we had sex w/ out protection on the 8th of aug 2009,
    now today is Jan 21st, 2010 and we go to the dr. office for a follow up, and they say she measures 20 weeks… when from what we had thought given from the day we had sex would make her 23weeks instead so i kno its close and that kinda thing can be off.

    so id say like we wer in a fight from like the 14th of aug, 2010 until the 1st of sept ,2010 ish..
    an we didnt talk, this was before we made up and found out she was preg.
    well a month ago she comes and tells me that she hooked up with a random guy around the 23rd of aug
    so she also told me it was unprotected as well so im like wtf..
    now im like not sure if the baby is mine.
    i feel close to the baby and i feel attached now so i dont think i could just leave if it isnt mine. i did name him an love him ,
    the only thing is wen we concieved i had a feeling i may have got her preg, i mean that was just a premonition i guess. weird…. lol
    i also have always questioned my ability to have children as well like i have had alot of sex where i should have like 10 kids by now lol but also..

    um so now she is 23 weeks from our calculations, which doesnt exactly match the due date too.its off by a week or less which is possible

    but when i look at it the 23th of aug 09(aka. when she hooked up wit that random guy) matches the due date of the 19th better than the day we had sex that i kno of .

    -she didnt be up front with me about the other guy.
    -she could actually be 20 weeks rite now which would make the conception date the 26th…
    -then again she could just be measuring small, i accounted for the 2weeks that are added for the lmp.

    am i over reacting or what because i would be devastated if i found out it wasnt mine its like a 50/50 chance….

    i have done alot for her and been there
    i am also very successful and she isnt very much .
    am i wrong for thinking this ****.
    idk i want sum good opinions.?
    is the baby most likely mine ? or am i just trippin here ,
    she is worried too because she wants it to be my baby too. we are very much in love and i have forgave her for being with that guy its just if the baby is his that maybe a lil harder to forgive her for.
    looking into going to get my sperm checked to see my count. she wants me to go an im like just confused give me sum advice somebody please ?:eek:



    It’s impossible to say when your GF ovulated or when conception occurred, or who the father is. Only genetic tests can confirm that.

    My advice, forgive your GF, enjoy your time before fatherhood, and enjoy every minute of your baby. Regardless of the outcome of those tests.




    I agree. Only a paternity test can confirm. Due dates change as the pregnancy progresses. Mine changed 3 times. It went from April 17th, to the 12th to the 10th. He was born on the 8th. Best wishes. Take care of baby.



    i agree with the other girls that only a paternal test will truely tell whether you’re the father… but roughly, a woman ovulates about 14 days before her next period is due and can conceive, again roughly, about 3 days before ovulation to 2 days after… btw, it can take anywhere upto 18 mths for a health fertile couple to conceive, so just because this is the first time she has conceieve don’t mean there’s something wrong with you

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