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    im not due til the 19th but we are very anxious, does anyone have any suggestions to speed up this process. I have heard about walking and having sex and my friend even drank the castor oil but i want to know if any of it really works. Im still working full time and standing the full 8 hours, so that doesnt help, i believe he is used to that. But any other suggestions or expierences will be appreciated.



    Hi! Walking is good, sex and nipple stimulation. I’m not saying to try the castor oil, because I’m not a Dr., but, when my water broke with my first two pregnancies, I drank it to bring on the contractions. It was castor oil or the pitocin, which I hear brings on a painful labor, so I chose the oil. It worked. When I was prego with my third, I was so tired of being pregnant, I couldn’t bear it anymore, I took it and all I did was poop. No labor, no contractions, nothing. In labor I walked alot, it effaces and dilates you faster, plus it is very helpful in bringing the baby out faster. Good luck. Don’t do anything drastic.



    One of the girls i work with says have a glass of wine in the evening… just one… then have a hot bath…it will relax you enough for your body to do its’ thing naturally. She swares by this method, she says in her last week with all three of her children, a glass of wine and a hot bath started labour that very same evening :)

    I don’t know If i’d personally reccomend booze LOL but the relaxation tips have got to be a good thing :)


    Aiden&Alejandros Mommy

    Walking lots and lots of it…I excersied during my pregnancy..aerobics and walked a lot. I also was on my feet 6-8hrs a day due to work and at the end of the day my feet were HUGE. I didn’t go to the hospital right away either. I stayed at home for the first 5 hrs, by the time i went to the hospital the lady stated she would check me out but didn’t believe i was i labor! To her surprise I was already 3-4cm. I walked around the Labour and delivery ward and didn’t spend much time in bed. I let gravity help me out. I didn’t have any drugs..sometimes they can slow down labor..(but if you need them go ahead and take them!) 13 1/2 hrs after labor started i had my little boy..who isn’t so little anymore!

    I also came upon a site on Natural Ways to Induce Labor (talk to your doc about these first though)

    If the medical methods of jump starting labor sound a bit off putting, there are a number of home remedies for inducing labor naturally when you are past your due date. But remember: none of these remedies will start labor unless you have already begun to dilate. However, some methods can help you to tone and soften your uterus.

    1. Eat spicy foods or pineapple.

    2. Go for a walk or march up some stairs. This is thought to bring on labor because of the pressure of the baby’s head pressing down on your cervix. At the very least, walking can help get your baby into a better position for labor.

    3. Have sex. A favorite for many pregnant women, sex can help by releasing a hormone called oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract. Additionally, semen contains a substance known as prostaglandins, which will help soften the cervix.

    4. Nipple stimulation. For those who find sex just too uncomfortable right now, nipple stimulation may be a better choice. It helps to bring on labor in much the same way sex does, by releasing oxytocin. However, this method may take a bit more effort than sex to start labor.

    5. Stretching of the uterine opening membranes. This can be done by your doctor or midwife and has been found to increase the chances of labor starting within 48 hours.

    6. Complementary therapies. Acupuncture, massage, teas, herbs and homeopathic remedies can be helpful when it comes to inducing labor. However, make sure you go to a licensed practitioner who has experience treating pregnant women.

    One home remedy that is often recommended to pregnant women is castor oil taken either alone or with orange juice. While some women swear by this method, many experts and women who have tried it will strongly advise you against it. Castor oil may or may not bring on labor but it will definitely make you nauseous, cause you to vomit, have diarrhea and suffer severe cramps so just steer clear of this home remedy.



    I just heard of eating fresh pineapple, but then the heart of it. That bitter part you always take out. That’s what should start your labour. Or drinking bitter lemon ( there’s kinine in it – that’s what they call it here – ). I personally think that nothing really helps. Your baby will let you know when he/she is ready to come and that’s when labour starts. Good luck, you don’t have to wait that long anymore.



    I would highly recommend steering clear of castor oil… sometimes it not only cleans out mom, but baby will poop (meconium) while still in the womb and you don’t want to cause that. I would only use castor oil if I was over a week overdue, facing an induction etc.

    You still have a week until your due date and first time moms go to 41 weeks on average. Hang in there, not much longer!



    Well he is still in there refusing to come out, we have tried all the suggestions, even the oil which didnt do anything but make me poop. It did start some contractions but the went away. We have been walking every nite sometimes for 2 hrs. we even get up in the middle of the nite to go walk when we cant sleep. Havent really tried the pineapple, but im doubting that it will work. I talked to the dr. on thurs and let him know that i weighed 9 lbs and my hubby 8.15 when we were born and that he cant stay in there another week or else he’ll be huge, so he has already scheduled my induction on the 20th, which is good news, plus I knew the dr. really didnt want to be in the hospital on thanksgiving. Oh well thanks for all the suggestions, i was just making sure there was one i didnt miss. I guess ill just wait it out. Thanks!



    Take it from me pineapple doesn’t work. youngest DD was almost a week and a half over and i ate enough pineapple to clear out an entire plantation :rofl You’ve only got a week or two to go at the msot. Just enjoy it, he’ll come when he’s ready to make his entrance. He’s probably building up the courage to come out right now…….. :rofl



    orange tea is what my OB was telling me, I don’t know if it works or not because David came nautrally 4 weeks early. But if my OB was telling me about it, I’m sure it works. :)



    I read one of the posts here that said you were going to be induced! Please do not let your doctor talk you into an induction unless absolutely medically necessary. I work in labor and delivery and inductions are more painful (I rarely see people go without drugs), more dangerous and carry increased risks of complications(more likely to have a c-section, baby go into distress, etc.). Doctors do not care if you have an induction because it means they will be home for supper! Try the more natural methods of inducing labour-and if they don’t work than your baby is not ready to come out yet! good luck!

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