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    Hi there,
    are there any moms who are studying? Maybe we could exchange about how studying and caring for the baby works out. I am enrolled in the 2nd semester now. It seems to work out for me but I have a very supportive grandma who takes care of the little one as long as I am gone. Only learning for exams and preparing seminars is the big bottle neck.



    Hi. Im taking up my master’s degree but I stopped when I got pregnant to my 2nd child. Hopefully I’ll finish it next semester. I already have 27 units on “Family Science”, 9 more plus 6 for thesis. Its hard taking care of the family while studying but its fun and rewarding.



    Yes I have 2 quarters left until I have my degree Applied Science, Married and raising a family it gets difficult but I just know the time to study and that is when it is bed time.



    i’m in college to get my history major so i can move up from elementary education to high school. then i’ll be certified everywhere which will make it easier to find a job when we move.



    Wow, you ladies got pretty far. I hope I will be there some day, too. I’m 2nd semester pretty soon and 7 more to come (at least)
    Yes, study time is at night with me, too. ;D or at least after anyone is sleeping. Sometimes going to uni is like being free again. Gives me time for myself and I appreciate it even if I am using it on my studies.



    I was working on getting an Associates degree in Nursing to become a Registered Nurse, but I have put it on hold as I really don’t have the time right now to go to school.

    Basically, I studied at night when I got home from school or I would stay at school to study, do homework, ect. I would take my homework to work and do it on break. I have 3 kids, pg with our fourth and yes, its hard to do it, but it is and will be so worth it to finish. Good luck, it can and will be done.



    Nursing Student here!!!!! Will hopefully in four and a half years be a registered nurse……Am going to uni part-time this year as childcare is so difficult to get…but never mind i’ll get there anyway…….
    Good luck with your studies ladies…i hope you find them enjoyable and furfilling :)



    Well I am going to school 3/4 I am taking 9 credits this term and in semmer I am signed up for 7 credits. I am not sure about the fall anymore since I will be delivering around exam time…I probably will attend and just make arrangements. But I will only go half time for about 6-7 credits. The in the spring go back full time. I am applying to the nursing program after the summer and I can’t wait to get the show on the road..but the wait is 2YEARS!!! So I might end up doing something else. Oh well. I enjoy going to school and being a mom it is very rewarding. I study during nap time and night time.. I have a very supportive DF and step-dad that help watching matthew when they can. So it helps a LOT!!



    Once yo get into the hang of things you find it quite easy….i’ sneak in and play the games while i’m meant to be doing online assessments and stuff :D like now :D :D



    Yup. 4 year old and work full time and study. YAY for me. Okay so I am not going to uni or college to study, more study via correspondence. :) I am studying automotive mechanics.
    Been a bit slack over my holidays though. :( need to get back into it. ;)



    I’m really considering going back for my doctorite. I have a journalism degree, a writing degree, and a socialism degree (two BS’s and a BA) and I have a Masters of Communications and a Masters of Socilism, I think I want my doctorite in Socilism. My boyfriend has his in music history, I don’t really have a reason behind wanting it, I just want it to have it!



    I work a full-time job in a dentist office as a secretary(my job- and I am satisfied with it for now. I find it to be a nice job) when I’m not on maternity leave :D . I graduated from WSU in ’04.



    If all my classes go well in the fall, I should be getting my BA in Mass Media Communication and in Media Art (dual major) in December! I’m very excited.



    I have 3 daughters (13, 11, and 7), am pregnant with my 4th child, work part time as a medical receptionist, and am a full time student :) Of course, right now I’m on summer recess, but I’m enrolled full time at the same time that Conner is due to be born. I plan on taking 1-2 weeks off & jumping right back in.

    It’s tough. but manageable. Look at how many of us are doing it! Good luck to all!




    I am a college mommy. I hav ebeen going to college for 7 years now. In 2003, I found my calling…. broadcasting. I also meet my hubby that year too. Then we got married in Spring 2004. I took the Fall 2005 semester off when I was about to have my baby. Now I am only taking 2 classes a semester because I want to be home with baby. We hope to graduate in May 2008.

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