Ways to Prevent Your Baby Monitor from Being Hacked

We are entering the very beginning of “the internet of things”. The simplest explanation of what that means is that there are now several appliances and electronics that are constantly connected to the internet through Wi-Fi. The purpose is to make life more convenient. Unfortunately, sometimes this interconnectedness can cause security issues. A family discovered this in a very unpleasant way when their nanny noticed that someone had hacked their baby monitor. A stranger was able to talk to, and see, the room the baby was in, the baby, and the nanny who was caring for the infant. How did … Continue reading

Top Ten Baby Names of 2014

Is your baby’s name on the list of the top baby names of 2014? It might be exciting to find out. The most popular names in a given year tell us a lot about popular culture at that time. It also can “date” a name to a certain decade when it first became popular. Baby Center puts together a list of the most popular boy’s names, and a list of the most popular girl’s names, every year. Sometimes, a name makes the list because a lot of parents were influenced by something in pop culture. Or, a name might be … Continue reading

Your Child’s Name Could Impact His or Her Future

Would a Rose, by any other name, smell just a sweet? Perhaps Rose’s parents would think so. They obviously have very positive associations with the name that brings to mind a beautiful flower. Other people may not look upon her name quite so favorably. Research suggests that a person’s name shapes the course of his or her life. Parents have so many factors to consider when choosing a name for a new baby. Should you name the baby after a relative? Would a name that is currently cool be a good idea? How about a name that reflects your family’s … Continue reading

Top Ten Baby Names of 2013

Parents who are trying to select a name for their baby might want to visit the Social Security website. Every year, they gather data from Social Security card applications and use it to determine the most popular baby names of that year. This might help you to pick a popular name for your child. Or, it could inspire you to come up with something more unique than the names that are on the list. How does the Social Security Administration go about discovering the most popular names for 2013? They looked at 100% of their records on Social Security card … Continue reading

Cthulhu AllSpark is not a Good Baby Name

How did you decide upon the perfect name for you son or daughter? Many parents choose names that have been handed down in their families from one generation to the next. Others pick names that are popular in the year the baby was born. One couple decided to break with tradition and ask “the internet” to select a name for their baby girl. Poor thing almost got named Cthulhu All-Spark! How did this very unique name get suggested? It didn’t come from either of her parents! Stephen McLaughlin, a software developer, decided to ask the Reddit community to suggest some … Continue reading

Alicia Silverstone Wrote a Controversial Parenting Book

Babies (and children) do not come with an instruction manual. Sometimes, parents wish their children did come with one that would provide inspiration and the answers that parents need. This is likely why so many parents seek out books on parenting. As such, there are plenty of them to choose from. Alicia Silverstone (the actress from the movie “Clueless”) has written a parenting book that many people consider to be controversial. The book is titled “The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful, Beginning”. It was published on … Continue reading

Baby Advice Can Become Outdated

New parents are often overwhelmed with pieces of baby advice. Sometimes, the advice comes from family members who really do mean well by giving you a piece of baby advice that they used on their children. Other times, some random person at the grocery store feels the need to toss unwanted baby advice at you. It can become difficult to tell the good advice from the bad. One way to sort things out is to see if the advice you were given is in this list of outdated baby advice. All of the baby advice in this list started out … Continue reading

Is It Right for Babies to Have Pierced Ears?

Whether or not to get your baby girl’s ears pierced remains somewhat of a controversy in the United States. Some parents, especially those from a Latin culture, believe it is not only customary to piece a baby’s ears as soon as possible (in Latin American, it is often done moments after a daughter is born) but less painful. Ear piercing, is painful, though, no matter when it is done. Anesthesia isn’t usually given, even when the piercing is done by a doctor. Some doctors will agree to a topical pain numbing medication, but this usually has limited results. Personally, we … Continue reading

Moving On From The Baby Stage

Three days ago, my baby took his first steps. We were all thrilled. And, so was he. He was just on the floor playing with us, as usual, and decided to let go, and start walking. Of course, he only took a couple of steps and then fell down. But, he wanted to do it over and over again as we squealed with delight. My four-year-old said, “I’m so proud of him!” Moments like these are what make having a baby magical. When they are first born, and you are suffering from lack of sleep, and a bewilderment with being … Continue reading

Super Climber

My daughter loves to climb things.  Even before she was able to walk, she would climb on small things.  She quickly mastered the feat of climbing the stairs and has recently learned, with great efficiency, who to go down the stairs as well.  I knew that she would climb the stairs and that she would probably climb on things, but I never could have anticipated the extent to which my daughter has learned to climb. Unlike her big brother who was not much of climber at all, my daughter is very adventurous when it comes to height.   Beyond stairs climbing, … Continue reading