Is It Right for Babies to Have Pierced Ears?

Whether or not to get your baby girl’s ears pierced remains somewhat of a controversy in the United States. Some parents, especially those from a Latin culture, believe it is not only customary to piece a baby’s ears as soon as possible (in Latin American, it is often done moments after a daughter is born) but less painful. Ear piercing, is painful, though, no matter when it is done. Anesthesia isn’t usually given, even when the piercing is done by a doctor. Some doctors will agree to a topical pain numbing medication, but this usually has limited results. Personally, we … Continue reading

Moving On From The Baby Stage

Three days ago, my baby took his first steps. We were all thrilled. And, so was he. He was just on the floor playing with us, as usual, and decided to let go, and start walking. Of course, he only took a couple of steps and then fell down. But, he wanted to do it over and over again as we squealed with delight. My four-year-old said, “I’m so proud of him!” Moments like these are what make having a baby magical. When they are first born, and you are suffering from lack of sleep, and a bewilderment with being … Continue reading

Super Climber

My daughter loves to climb things.  Even before she was able to walk, she would climb on small things.  She quickly mastered the feat of climbing the stairs and has recently learned, with great efficiency, who to go down the stairs as well.  I knew that she would climb the stairs and that she would probably climb on things, but I never could have anticipated the extent to which my daughter has learned to climb. Unlike her big brother who was not much of climber at all, my daughter is very adventurous when it comes to height.   Beyond stairs climbing, … Continue reading

Learning the Alphabet Part VI

My husband and I talked about our son’s recent progress with letters and discussed what would be the best way to begin a more focused study of the alphabet.  We wanted to do something that was just another fun activity that we would do every day without making the learning feel forced.  We came to the conclusion that we should study one letter of the alphabet every day for the month of February.  What this letter of the day would look like, I did not know, but I felt like it was a good way to start.  It would also … Continue reading

Don’t Let Baby Crowd Your Marriage

When a baby enters your family, the whole world seems to change. There is a lot of joy and happiness to go around. Each new day is beautiful and special, and as a mother, you look at life in a whole new way. It truly is miraculous. But, there is something else that comes along with babies that you have to be careful about. It is letting that baby control the world in which you and your husband now live. There is always an adjustment period that comes along with each new life you bring into your family. For a … Continue reading

Learning the Alphabet Part V

Part of his seemingly sudden interest in the alphabet is due to my obsession with writing names but also in part due to his one year old sister’s recent interest in his fridge phonics toy.  He could not have cared less about until she showed some fascination with it and now he thinks it is one of the best toys in the house. It is unnerving how that seems to work. The two of them would stand in the kitchen and he would put the letters into the toy and she would press them so that the toy would start … Continue reading

Learning the Alphabet Part IV

Once my son was able to identify the first letter in his name, he then conquered the task, unbeknownst to me, of writing the first letter in his name.  I was in the kitchen cooking something or other and he said, “Look mom, I made a “C” because “C” is for me!” Even though his “C” was backwards, it was clearly a “C”! I was impressed and very pleased that he took the task upon himself.  I started to think that he might be ready to learn the alphabet. We have all kinds of toys and books that are all … Continue reading

Learning the Alphabet Part III

  We eventually got to the alphabet workbook. My son was really excited about having this special little workbook just for him, but he was not able to grasp what a workbook was. I showed him how to use it but he was not interested in forming letter, he just wanted to draw spiders and vampires. So I put the alphabet workbook away until he was ready. Instead his interests jumped from musical instrument to musical instrument. He appreciated music more than anything else. after he turned two even though reading sheet music will be a long way off for … Continue reading

Learning the Alphabet Part II

Learning should be fun and self propelled.  I had witness my son easily find interest in learning abouts of things that he came in contact with.   I had yet to determine definitively whether or not I should take a more active and forceful role in my son learning the alphabet. By the time my son had turned two his interests had grown exponentially but he still seemed to lack an interest in learning the alphabet. I did not push.  We were getting ready to welcome our second child and I was focused on getting things prepared for her birth.  I … Continue reading

The Sleep Puzzle

The past couple of nights have been difficult for me and my little one. He has not been sleeping well because he is sick with a cold virus. It is always difficult for the mom when your baby isn’t sleeping will. Sometimes, it can make you feel downright crazy. Well, lately, his naps have been a challenge, too. Yesterday, he spent almost two hours fighting his nap. I went in there several times to figure out what to do to  help him. I even offered a second bottle. Yet, he wasn’t hungry. I’m not sure what he needed exactly, except … Continue reading