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    I have a question… My step brother and his girlfriend are expecting a little boy, and I was invited to her shower. I’ve checked out the registry, but there are over 100 people going, and only like 50 things on there, so I’m pretty sure that by the time I go out to get something, everything will be taken… does anyone have any unique ideas as to what I could get for them? I’d really appreciate it :) Thanks!



    What about filling a nice wicker laundry basket with much needed things like receiving blankets, onsies, lotions & potions for the baby, socks, booties, perhaps a pacifier, etc. You could fill it with numerous odds and ends-things you know you valued when yours were babies. Cloth diapers are excellent for soaking up spit up & such.



    ive always thought thoes diaper cakes were so pretty and a cute way to bring something useful



    Both ideas are wonderful!! Thank you so much!!!



    i love the diaper cake idea it’s practical are you’re sure they will need it and i love also to give something for the mommy like massage oil or scented creme you know to pamper the mommy, i loved it when i got something for me..



    Well, I would try to buy something off of the registry first. You’d be surprised how many people don’t. When you go out to get your gift, check out the registry. If 50 of the 100 guests have already bought everything on the list, great. If not, you have the chance to buy something you KNOW the mother wants/needs. Those registries take a long time to put together so I think it’s best to try to start there. Ok, stepping off of my soapbox. :)

    As for alternate gifts, I agree with MissyChrissy. Cloth diapers are AWESOME as spit-up rags if nothing else. Be sure you get the ones that look kind of like cloth gauze.



    When we had a shower for my sister when she was expecting my nephew (1st grandkid), I ran into this problem. So I bought a tall wicker hamper, then I bought a package of onezies, socks, cloth diapers, soft rattle, little stuff animal and a little pair of booties (I color cordinated). Then I took a piece of twine (laundry line) and found clothes pins. I took everything out of the packets and pinned each item to the line and put in the laundry basket. So when my sister opened it she pulled out the rope and it came out looking like a clothes line with a bunch of little baby boy clothes and items on it…it was the hit of the party and really didnt cost me much.!



    Thank you all so much for your wonderful help!



    You guys all have such good ideas. Thanks for sharing:nods:



    I have just visited my sister in the hospital who just had a newborn baby,and she was showing me this wonderful hand made from one of her friends. This thing looks like a real bouquet of flower, but its actually baby clothings (socks, hats, baby-grows etc..) from Baby Blooms link removed. This is also a great idea if you wish to send mother and newborn baby a present at the hospital, because hospitals don\’t like you send real flowers (something to do with health and safety). The bouquets are so sweet and you can keep them as a keepsake, once the cloths has been used. For me this is the best gift ever!




    The things off the registry are okay, but after creating my registry, my best friend asked me, what about stuff for you? I was confused until she explained I didn’t put nursing pads or anything like that on there. If the new mom is planning to breastfeed, you might could get her stuff like that, a nice nursing shawl or nursing pads. Or you could even make her a nice little “new mommy” basket. I did this for my best friend and loaded it with quick and healthy snacks, her favorite drinks (hot chocoalte), coupons for diapers/wipes/etc, and bath soaps, massage lotions (for her feet and back).



    I really like the idea making a “new mommy” basket I think is a great idea,
    but if you are not that creative go and have a look [URL=""][/URL]
    great gift ideas on this website



    I usually get something for the baby that he will need later (six months or so). So many gifts are for the newborn but they grow so fast, the parents soon need all new clothing and supplies.



    Getting gifts for when the baby is older is great, mum and dad will have masses of new born clothes and supplies, then one day those little legs will be too long for everything, so having a back up supply for growth is always a good idea.
    Then something for mum and dad that aren’t baby related and if they already have children a little gift for them to make them feel included.



    I typically but a nice photo frame and get a gift certificate to a photo studio for baby’s pictures.

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