Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Three

I’ve been talking about my Friendship Album I started last year and never finished. I seemed to get frustrated with it, and I’ve undergone some serious research to discover why.

But first, let me show you some of the additional problems I was facing.

Because of the size of the album (6X6), I couldn’t use the photographs I wanted. Most of the letter’s or journaling that I had, were so big they almost took up the whole page. This left very little room to see the papers that I had chosen specifically for each friend.

When choosing the papers for each friend, I sat and stared at my paper stash for hours. I went through bins of paper at the stores, and kept my friends in mind. Every once in awhile a piece would jump out that was perfect. For instance, for my dear friend Chris, a fun, colorful paper with building blocks was perfect. She was my assistant teacher when I was teaching preschool. We became fast friends and most of our friendship centered around my teaching years. Then, for my girly girlfriend Wendy, a cute purple paper with butterflies that almost look like fancy “W’s” all over the paper was perfect.

Friendship Theme Album Layout

Friendship Theme Layout Incomplete

But you see, this is where I went wrong. The album really had very little uniformity except my journaling style. And honestly it was at this point I think I became frustrated. I shut the album literally, many pages incomplete and left it.

When I picked it up recently the first thought that came to mind, is that in order for me to do this right, the album must be bigger. A 12×12 album is really too large for this project, and I’m not sure an 8×8 is big enough for the project. So I’ve now settled on an 8.5×11 album. I will start with the changes I’ve made tomorrow.

Please read the next installment, Friendship Theme: My Personal Album – Day Four by continuing to visit my blog each day. I will be adding an entry a day about this album, until it is complete.

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