Journaling: Childrens Thoughts and Words

The Journaling Queen is at it again. My love of journaling has led me to find new ways to use it in my scrapbooking. Over the years, I have enjoyed doing layouts including thoughts, stories or words that came “out of the mouths of my own babes”.

Adding journaling to your pages in your children’s own thoughts and words is a nice way to commemorate the cute things they said or think.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Michelle Suave`

Toddlers provide an interesting challenge. Usually you cannot just ask them questions and have them answer you in nice lengthy journal worthy sentences. Instead, you should include word lists at this age. As toddlers, vocabulary is still very limited. When they learn a new word, we tend to get extremely excited. What better way to commemorate this special time than to do a words layout including the cute words they’ve learned.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Tami Floyd

Preschoolers are absolutely notorious for having words that don’t come out quite right. Often the begin to use words that are too big for them, or the word they are trying to say is not said correctly. It’s these adorable little quotes and words you just have to capture and include on a scrapbook page. Definition layouts are really cute for this. Or you can just record the word and how the child says it, but be sure to include an enunciation key. Sometimes that’s what makes it the cutest!

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Rose Brown

Grade-schoolers are ready for an interview. You can ask them prepared questions and let them answer you. This is a great age for lists of favorites, story telling and getting their own “words” to add to journaling particular activities that you do as a family. The interview can be very informal and you can just have them answer one word answers or you can have them answer nice full sentences.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Robyn Vickers

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Christine Ellis

Hopefully you can see how wonderful commemorating those special words, thoughts, and sayings that your child is probably well-known around your house for, is.
Words are an important part of our life and capturing the clever and witty things our young one’s say will help us to remember those moments for a lifetime.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Shannon Carlson

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